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  1. I believe that steps 6 and 7 in the Pommes Pont-Neuf recipe should be interchanged. That is, the second, optional vacuum cooling step or air cooling should follow, and not proceed, the blanching step. What I was trying to do was to improve on the traditional recipe for Pommes Soufflees, which I hadn't made for close to 50 years, by adapting the triple-cooking Pommes Pont-Neuf recipe of Heston Blumenthal. I sliced the potatoes (and my ring finger!), and trimmed the slices into nice ovals, and boiled them for 20 minutes as directed, but with the thin slices they did indeed fall apart, so I gav
  2. I tried the soy lecithin and xanthan, and that stabilized it quite nicely. The class (October 17) will be a demonstration and tasting menu, with as much as possible prepared in front of the class. For reservations, contact Max's Restaurant, in Santa Fe. At present, I'm planning a 10 course menu and appropriate wine pairings, featuring New Mexico wines as much as possible. The tentative menu will consist of the following: 1. Amuse bouche. Vacuum compressed watermelon topped with goat cheese foam and balsamic vinegar pearls (forward spherification) 2. Shrimp and lobster matrix, demonstrating tra
  3. I built a home-made vacuum pump, using a faucet aspirator and a pump of the type that is used in the southwest to circulate water through a "swamp cooler". The pump is partially submerged in a plastic tank, and the faucet aspirator drains back into it, so there isn't any water wastage. "The water goes round and around..." This is used with an Erlenmeyer flask and a Buchner funnel. The faucet aspirator pulls a reasonable vacuum, although I've never measured it. But when I tried to use it to filter some watermelon juice, the filter in the Buchner funnel clogged pretty quickly, and the yield wa
  4. I can't tell from the picture whether that is one of the professional (stainless steel) models, or the less expensive aluminum "consumer" grade versions. I wouldn't put anything but cream inside one of the aluminum ones. I have one, and despise it, compared the the four professional versions I also have. Not only can it not go in the dishwasher, but the nozzles are too hard to attach.
  5. I have to strongly disagree with George. Letting a steak warm up to room temperature over eight hours, even from the freezer, would violate just about every one of the food safety rules. and searing it afterwards won't solve the problem if there is any bacteria inside the meat, unless you pasteurize it at 55C for the required amount of time, and you shouldn't do that to a nice filet! And even if you did, that won't necessarily get rid of some possible off-tastes. If you are in that much of a hurry, leave the steak in the fridge, and throw it in the water bath when you come home, just enough t
  6. I would highly recommend the Molecule-R kit from Cuisine R-EVOLUTION, out of Canada. The set is very nicely packaged, has a great instructional DVD with 50 recipes, including a how-to video and PDF recipes in both English and French. Measuring spoons, a slotted spoon, and pipettes are also included. I gave a set to my grandson on his 14th birthday, and encouraged him to make a molecular hamburger (with spherified mustard and ketchup), "spaghetti and meatballs" for dessert (with white chocolate "spaghetti" and strawberry "meatballs" dusted with exploding pop rock "parmesan".) And for the adults
  7. For my forthcoming class in Modernist Cuisine, I'm preparing what I call an "asparagus sunrise." It consists of a mousse of green asparagus in the center of the plate, with four radiating stalks of white asparagus. A perfect egg yolk (130 min at 63C) will sit on top of the mousse. Then to finish it off, I wanted to have a light, airy foam, like the sun peaking through the clouds. I tried the cava foam portion from the Oysters and cava foam recipe (MC 6-327), but substituting a non-sparkling Gewurtztraminer wine for the cava. When dispensed from a cream whipper, it foamed up nicely -- maybe eve
  8. I was a beta tester for the SVM, still have three or four, and have custom calibrated well over a dozen. They are certainly the least expensive way to do precision sous vide cooking, and the customer support is outstanding. I don't have any personal experience yet with the Fresh Meals Magic -- I use a variety of rice cookers, but you can also use a crock pot, a turkey fryer, and a variety of other dumb electrical appliances. For most applications, you don't really need a circulating water bath, unless you are cooking very large quantities of food, but on the other hand it does help to even ou
  9. Thanks, Judy, that clarifies that. Now, how about the scaling percentages for the vegetable stock recipe? Also, when can we expect to see an errata sheet for the second printing?
  10. I think you win the sleuthing prize! When I first saw your post, I thought, "Wow, that seems like a lot of grapeseed oil!" But on looking up the recipe, I see that they are coating the mushrooms in oil, roasting them at 175C/350F until golden (30 minutes), then simmering in water for an hour, and straining. From a culinary linguistics standpoint, this makes more sense, because a broth is a finished, highly flavored essence in it's own right, whereas a stock is used in combination with other ingredients to make the finished dish. However, the differences are interesting. If you scale up the
  11. I have the same question. I wanted to try making the Mushroom-Bacon Cappuccino on 4-275, which calls for mushroom jus on page 2-348. That in turn calls for mushroom stock, and refers you to page 2-296, but mushroom stock is nowhere to be found there, nor is it listed in the Vol. 5 or KM index. Perhaps lachyg is correct, and you are supposed to know to substitute mushrooms for the vegetables. But he is correct -- water is scaled at 100%, and vegetable oil at 5%, but the vegetables/mushrooms aren't scaled at all! So how much are you supposed to use? I bought the second printing and sold the fi
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