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  1. I have tried the heatgun method after reading about it here, but, and it's probably because of a lack of patience, I found a skillet works better for me.
  2. To ease my way into this, I've been roasting beans (a combination of Ethiopian and Colombian, which is what's available where I shop) in a cast iron skillet, and have been pleased with the results. I've never timed this, but it doesn't seem to take more than about 10 minutes, with the gas turned off about three-quarters of the way through. And I roast enough to last three or four days at a time. Aside from convenience, what would be the advantages, if any, of buying an electric roaster? Also, any roasting tips/recommendations greatly appreciated.
  3. I've been meaning to try Cataplana, which gets great word of mouth from Portuguese friends. Not inexpensive, but apparently very good. It's on the College Street strip.
  4. I think the "level of invective" has more to do with the different traditions and expectations of journalism in the UK and North America than size. There is an expectation in the UK that journalists, or at any rate, the ones who have a column, will strive to entertain.
  5. I agree that beer will continue to be popular, but wouldn't bet on college kids drinking a lot of premium-priced craft beer. Here in Canada, where I think we are a bit ahead of the US demographic curve, the two major brewers have been trying for some years to contend with a"mature" marketplace, and it is leading to some really dumb decisions--mostly recently, Molson's foray into the Brazilian market, where they bought the No. 2 or 3 brand, which had a lousy reputation and worse distribution, and got slaughtered.
  6. The chief virtue of marijuana regarding food, from what I remember of my heavy consumption days and what I observe of my son and his pals now, is that it makes just about anything palatable.
  7. I'd think that both a rise in spirits sales and bigger market share for craft brewers is an indication of a diminishing number of 18-25 year olds. It's also the reason why crime is decreasing in many, or most, major US cities.
  8. Could it be that the Times is trying to create some excitement about their ultimate choice with leaks about "celebrity" candidates when in fact they'll pick someone who is qualified, reasonably unknown and appropriate?
  9. This actually sounds like a reviewer I'd read.
  10. Leaving aside all questions of courtesy or technology, I'd want to treat anyone handling my food as respectfully as possible in the hope that they would respond in kind.
  11. I'll bet that this never gets to court, because there is an excellent chance the restaurant will lose. It's a dumb move, because it enhances the critic's reputation and simply establishes that the restaurant proprietor is thin skinned and litigious.
  12. You'd probably have more success, assuming that the retailer was not also in cahoots with the countertop manufacturers, in offering to buy the range providing they gave you a steep, steep discount on the countertop.
  13. It takes real talent to make dinner theatre even worse.
  14. Eloping with 40 or 50 guests? I think one of the better resorts at Playa del Carmen is probably a good idea with a crowd that size.
  15. Does a large food service company have the catering contract at Northwestern? Would it be possible to get someone from Northwestern or the catering company to discuss how they arrived at their menu decision?
  16. Damn skippy! Gives it a good crunch. My wife makes peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. Now that is wrong. There's a recipe for this in White Trash Cookin'. Think the author calls it "No Stick Peanut Butter Sandwich" and guarantees "it won't stick to your upper plate."
  17. Sure doesn't sound like you need a pro cooktop. The electric convection option has a lot of strong proponents, but we have a 30" Kitchenaid convection gas range and are extremely pleased with it. Gas cooktops do give you much better temperature control.
  18. Is it just me, or has there always been something nightmarishly creepy about Ronald McDonald?
  19. Is it just wishful recollection or did the original Ronald McDonald get the boot because he got too fat? edit to add: It's true: http://www.delawareonline.com/newsjournal/...aldskeepst.html
  20. Chris, I think it is always a good policy to ask yourself if what you are about to do is something you'd want the whole world to know about.
  21. Interesting that the Australians are so willing to try screw tops and plastic bags for ok to good wines.
  22. People who write honest reviews should write honest reviews and leave stuff billed as "advertising" to the people who specialize in that sort of thing.
  23. If he values his independence and reputation, he should find a way to decline the new offer.
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