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  1. I saw another post regarding liver pate and it made me wonder, is there anything different between the Jewish chicken liver vs. liver pate, except the moniker? Texture?
  2. (Chargrill-overated, the fries taste frozen, for fast food, cookout is the best burger--I think people dig it for nostaglia value, I do love the original building.) Harrison's Bar and Grill also let's you chose how you want your meat, so Debbie, I do believe you are right
  3. I am not the most demure, but I long ago discovered that if I cut said type of burgers in two...volia!
  4. I've been scratching my head wondering why I have not ever gone to Porter's on Hillsborough street before. It is in my budget range, the atmosphere is nice, and the food was great. As I am having to reduce my fat intake per my doctor's orders, this was my last post-Thanksgiving splurge. Shared an appetizer of tempura greenbeans with friends (sorry I don't have the menu), but I think it was a cajun mayonaise. While they were a bit on the greasy side, they were delicious, and served in a cute little tin bucket. I opted for just their regular burger, what made me happy was that I was able to order it medium rare--I am sick of not having this option. It was delivered on a nice onion roll, and per my choice lettuce, mayo, mustard, onions and tomato..oh cheddar cheese. Yum! For a side I chose their macaroni and cheese. It was by far the most flavorful mac'n'cheese I've ever had. I didn't taste my companions dishes, but the plates of fancy nachos looked pretty damn good.
  5. I was telling a friend about this last night, she was flabbergasted as she used to work there years ago, and said it was wonderful. From what I gather, it is not the original owners.
  6. Oops I meant to add that said restaurant is downtown raleigh, nc
  7. Yesterday, around noon a friend and I went to Tir Na Nog for brunch. I was sick of going to my regular haunts, and she wanted a bloody mary and heard they had a bloody mary bar. Well the bloody mary bar was a couple of shriveled lemons on a plate of lettuce, an empty celery salt container, a few random hot sauces, a few other condiments, some green olives, but nary any garlic or celery in sight. I am the first to aknowledge that buffets are definitely more hit, than miss. Also I am the first one to acknowledge that any time you eat brunch you have to remind yourself the whole kitchen was out drinking the night before. Still, what they had was pretty impossible for even a monkey and a frying pan to mess up. Cold cottage pie, hell everything was cold. Squares of oviously frozen hashbrowns that were literaly saturated in grease, and this is coming from someone who likes soggy fries. A some burnt looking hushpuppies..the only thing that kept me from starving was decent bacon and sausage. Eggs, well, no comment. Anyway, it is such a cute little place and a great bar normally, but don't waste your moolah there on Sunday mornings.
  8. What a coincidence! I'm allergic to carob, too! If I taste carob, I immediately break out in violent fits, destroying all of the carob within reach. The symptoms settle down once all of the carob items have been eradicated. Strange affliction. ← I thought they quit producing carob products in 1974. Vile.
  9. I had a similar vile "sangria" that was wine, sprite and hawaiian punch. Which leads me to my answer to this question: Because people do not know any better. Truly. Like the Sangria above, to them it is great, they've never had real Sangria OR they just like it. To the person who swiped the hambone, I would have done the same thing. A better twist would be to take it, use it for your stock or whatever, and then return it. Leave it in her desk.
  10. I think part of that comes from dining as more than just having food--it is entertainment, friends hanging out and enjoying themselves.
  11. What a great thread! I am going to jot all these down. I love the tacos carnitas from the taco truck that sits outside the indoor flea market on Capital Blvd. They are really nice as well. Also, one thing I have been doing when forced to go to the regular combo-Mexican joints with friends, I have been ordering the tacos off the ala carte menu with some pretty positive results, as well as Tortas. Las Trazadores on Avant Ferry has some pretty good carnitas.
  12. I would have loved to have gone, but didn't know until it was too late.
  13. NC Barbeque Trail From today's Raleigh News & Observer.
  14. I think it would make a great sorbet or granita.
  15. As I beleive it has already been mentioned here, Food Lion carries Cheerwine and Sundrop flavored sherbet. Yesterday I decided I was in the mood for popsicles and damn if they don't now have both flavors as popicles--both with a creme center. Yum!
  16. thanks ladies- i am sitting here eating some right now. You know as I eat them I realize that they taste much closer to wine than the regular grapes I would normally buy at the supermarket.
  17. bought some muscadine grapes today at the farmer's market in Raleigh. I have only eaten them once, I forgot that they were definitely one of of those food items that you have had to grow up on...the part that is most delicious is a slimy, yet chewy texture with the biggest seeds out of any grape. Anyway, one of my guests who grew up eating muscadine and scuppernongs said she never ate the skin, just the gelatinous innards and spit the seeds out. Whereas I at ethe skin and the insides, but not the seeds. All that said I am curious as to if I should not be eating the skins for a reason. Is there a common tradition to these native grapes?
  18. ditsydine

    Rosh Hashana

    I like the idea of tossing in a few newer dishes, but keeping most of the traditional ones. My mother passed away four years ago, and I would kill to have her brisket, etc.
  19. ditsydine

    Rosh Hashana

    Where is Exeter, Ontario? I'm in Ontario too - have dinner with us! ← This is even better than J Date ... and if you all get together over something delicious, do post your photos ... ←
  20. [q i agree the triangle has progressed wonderfully in terms of available eateries.... that's my whole point. based on descriptions upthread, the editor in question seems to have an attitude personally stuck in the 1987 you describe; i.e. almost 20 years ago. i recall when we moved here mid 90's people used to tell us that not too long before that howard johnson's was considered THE big thing in eating out.... milagai ←
  21. I just thought of two other places I love: Pho Cali house of noodles on capital blvd here is the address: Pho Cali (919) 862-8900 3310 Capital Blvd Raleigh, NC 27604 Not the prettiest place in the world, but awesome pho, inexpensive-always tons of asian families. Then the food court/cafeteria (I don't know what you'd call it) in the Grand Asia Market in the South Hills Mall in Cary. I don't know what I love more poking around in the store or eating there--aswesome smoked duck, I had a cold poached chicken with ginger one time that was superb. You have to be pretty inquisitve as the menu in English I think is edited. My favorite part though is the line for the all the pastries..I wish i knew the name of them, but the seasame balls with the sweet bean paste rule!
  22. Jason you are a brave man, most people I know don't go past scattered, smothered and covered. Not only that, most people don't eat at the Waffle House sober! Dean why did you not take them to Finch's?! Sigh. Did you play "the Waffle House Song" on the jukebox?
  23. I am glad you enjoyed Poole's. It is one of my favorite places to hang out. I do miss it as the "Vertigo" as the decor was a little brighter. If you go there late night, they have awesome cocktails with a different theme each month--anything from politics to knitting.
  24. Speaking of their figures, when I mentioned to Jason and Ronnie that they should have gotten the chicken, egg and cheese biscuit, they mentioned that that would be a bit too fattening! Time Out has been a Chapel Hill late night instution for over 25 years. They make great fried chicken and excellent biscuits. By just pulling the meat off a fried chicken breast and plopping it on a biscuit, Time Out created a hangover deterrent better than none. And if you're hard up financially, order a bucket of bones for 2 bucks: you'll get a handful of these chicken breast bones that have more meat left on them than what you'd probably get at the local KFC! ← The chicken egg and cheese biscuit is my favorite late-night too much alcohol snack, post a show at the cat's cradle. I just recently watched a friend gobble down two, plus a whole plate of mac& cheese. Yum!
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