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  1. If Freud were alive today, he'd endorse Burger King. You doing an Andre Breton imitation now, Ivan? No! Andre Breton adored Freud. I don't, although if Freud were to endorse a Burger King sandwich, I'd deffinitely try it on account of Freud being so famous. That's why you're such a lovable character, Ivan.
  2. If Freud were alive today, he'd endorse Burger King. You doing an Andre Breton imitation now, Ivan?
  3. Perhaps & perhaps & perhaps. But I doubt that the eGullet crowd needs much of Tony's preaching. ("The Choir," remember?) My immediate reaction to this Bayless/BK incident was that it wasn't a "good thing." I just didn't go along with the need to string him up. And I doubt this "Incident" is much of a factor in the overall problem to which Bourdain has pointed. The issue remains: If fast food isn't a positive thing, what would be better? How can we contribute to something more positive--even if we don't achieve it? (Rabbi Hillel had more than a few thoughts on this type of approach.) In other words, "pissing & moaning" are pointless when nothing more than "beliefs" change. (Do we need to drag out Freud now to help address how what we believe doesn't always have much to do with how we behave?)
  4. Just FYI . . . One prominent revolutionary/philosopher stated: "The question whether objective truth can be attributed to human thinking is not a question of theory but is a practical question. Humanity must prove the truth -- i.e. the reality and power, the this-sidedness of his thinking in practice. The dispute over the reality or non-reality of thinking that is isolated from practice is a purely scholastic question."
  5. I think I'll do this menu Sunday night. Nice work, Seth!
  6. Go for it! Actions speak louder than words.
  7. Ivan, you probably know better than I that the ancient Hebrews did not live a milieu that split the body & the mind. The Hebrews wrote of the *heart.* Change was expected to reveal itself via a person's actions, not a person's thoughts.
  8. Lost Recipes is a pretty fascinating book. In what will probably be her last book, Cunningham is trying to get people back into the kitchen, cooking from scratch, & eating together. Whether or not she succeeds is another question. But at least she's *doing* something, something more than deriding Rick Bayless.
  9. Tony, you should know as well as anyone that any mentions of picketing, etc were *satire* addressed to those who simply piss & moan about this situation. Quite seriously, why don't you offer to appear in a PSA that encourages people to eat non-fast food? Or something along these lines? You've the clout & the status to take action on this issue.
  10. Tony, you make many good points. Many points that I agree with. But continuing to discuss this on the Web is simply a "Tempest In a Teapot." Why not work toward change rather than just belly-aching about this particular situation?
  11. MatthewB

    seafood terrine

    How about a terrine with eel?
  12. Glad to see someone who's kept a sense of humor about this. Best post since Tony's solicitation for favors. Yup. "Suck my fucking dick!" is very very clever & very very humorous!
  13. Yeah, but that's why you like Paris Hilton, guajolote. I much prefer hardcover for cookbooks. Suzanne, is Amazon UK listing a hardcover edition?
  14. Nope. Maybe Mastering the Art has some? With it's emphasis on healthy cooking, A New Way To Cook isn't likely to have any liver recipes either. Maybe we could make one up. I LOVE chicken livers. I'll check that Terrines Time-Life book that SuzanneF turned me on to.
  15. MatthewB

    Cooking my Goose

    Very cool. Thanks, Carolyn. I'll stop by the bookstore later today.
  16. I wonder if anyone did Julia's "Deconstructed Turkey" from J&J?
  17. MatthewB

    Cooking my Goose

    Well, I roasted a whole turkey for the first time this Thanksgiving. And it turned out quite well. So, my confidence is up a bit. I'm considering roast goose (probably just for me & my SO) for a Christmas dinner. What are the essentials of which I should be aware regarding roast goose?
  18. Great time with Alex & the Ms. Seth, you need to know celery root. Now that you've a copy of NWTC, get to page 81. "Celery Root & Apple Puree." Old School (if you consider French Nouveau as Old School). Wonderful stuff. Now build a menu for us that incorporates it with some J&J action.
  19. I think of Pineau des Charantes, chilled, as an aperitif rather than a desert wine. I think I'd want something green, or maybe carrots with the meat to cut some of the richness, or even a salad before. I also like roast onions with beef, or even drop some roast onion ice-cream in the middle of the yourkshire puds. Perhaps Calvados with dessert then? I like your other ideas. Have to wait till next time though as I'm too lazy to run to the grocery again. The slackers shall inherit the earth?
  20. I've never done Yorkshire puddings but I should soon. Good idea, Maggie! I just returned from grocery. Here's the menu . . . Starters -- Chicken Liver Mousse w/ rye bread & chopped onions (Pierre Franey) -- Stuffed Mushrooms (Bittman) -- Olives, cornichons, etc. Main course -- Roasted beef fillet w/ balsamic pan sauce (Bruce Aidells) -- Roasted rosemary potatoes -- Baked Fennel w/ Garlic Butter & Vermouth (Jamie Oliver--thanks, Heather!) Dessert -- Alex's pumpkin cheesecake -- Ginger wafers I'm thinking about serving a Falanghina with the starters, a Barolo with the main course, & a Pineau des Charentes with dessert.
  21. Simpler the better. I'm still a bit wiped-out. I was thinking about a gratin (fennel, perhaps?) or roasted root vegetables with the roasted beef loin. Alex is bringing a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. Thoughts? Edit: I'll do some type of pan sauce from the loin.
  22. If anyone is interested, we're having Alex & his wife over for dinner tomorrow night & I'm going to do the Bruce Aidells' roasted beef loin. Super easy & super good. I could PM the recipe. Not sure what else I'm going to do, so if anyone wants to cook with me . . .
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