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  1. Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon
  2. Happy to report that using the Polyscience 300 chamber vacuum sealer, I sealed beef stock today. Thanks to those that offered advice. Success lies in the stock being refrigerated first. I am quite pleased with the unit now that I've been able to do liquids. I've flash marinated, flash pickled, compressed fruit, sealed liquids, and of course vacuum packed foods for storage and/or sous vide. This is a new adventure for me, and I have had fun with it (only having a Food Saver prior to this).
  3. Yes, it is single seal. I spoke with Polyscience yesterday. There isn't a liquid tray for this model because of the shallowness of the chamber. Their advice for liquids was to make sure it was cold (like from the fridge cold) and to only fill the bag half way. If the liquids start to boil, press the seal button. I think we will just have to experiment, Jo, to figure it out. I'm still going to practice with water in small portions until I get a handle on it.
  4. Jo have you had much luck with liquids? I've been practicing with bags of water so if I fail it is at least easy to clean up. The problem seems to be that the cavity is so shallow that I can't really get a bag to lie at an angle.
  5. Jo - when the manual for the 300 refers to a volume plate and liquid tray being included, the manual is incorrect. I, too, was confused, and called Polyscience to inquire; that is what they told me.
  6. I don't know, Jo, about the bags. But it says the bags are BPA free & safe for sous vide & microwave cooking, in case that helps.
  7. I have just purchased the Polyscience 300 chamber vacuum sealer. So far, I am quite happy with it, although I need some tips for sealing liquids. Has anyone else yet purchased this unit? I've had good results with sealing things for sous vide cooking, and since this is my first time owning a chamber vacuum sealer, the first thing I did was compress fruit.
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