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  1. Not sure the proper way to do this - here's a link to where I found the photo http://www.argusguide.com/mendoza/restaurants/perry-st/dishes/pan-seared-black-sea-bass - this dish is from Perry Street
  2. Thanks for responses - MelissaH, how long would you estimate to blanch basil? I did it only until it was slightly brighter/darker (?) green and clearly just cooked. Here's a pic of the color and consistency that I am going for: I doesn't have to be basil, but must be relatively neutral - I like the latin flavors in the green chile adobo mentioned above - but it won't work for this application.
  3. I made a beautiful green basil broth/sauce over the weekend - reduced vermouth, added some citrus, reduced again, added honey and salt - then blanched/shocked basil and spinach - blended with a couple pieces of ice in vitamix and ran through a fine strainer - mixed with the vermouth/citrus and then thickened with a little bit of xanthan gum - it turned a lovely shade of brown about 1/2 hour later - then thought, it must have been the citrus that turned the mixture brown - So blanched more basil (had no spinach) - shocked and blended with little ice - add some salt and a tiny bit of xanthan gum - gorgeous color for ten minutes then started to brown again - How do I keep this green? or how do I make a beautiful bright green sauce - not cream based -
  4. That's very interesting- those were all over the beach on the West Coast of Florida and they are called pen shells - I was told that they are no good to eat -have never seen them on a menu - Edit - didn't notice that this was on an Asian message board.....
  5. harryharry

    Pine Nut Recipes

    The following is great served on top of good hummus.... ground beef or lamb - browned add onion, garlic, ginger & sautee add spices - such as - cinnamon, cumin, coriander, chili powder (or add fresh jalapeño) add PINE NUTS, raisins, and cilantro salt I've also made - and I think I found the recipe online - rosemary, pine nut brittle for snacking and on a cheese plate- though this is a very decadent use of Pine Nuts.
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