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  1. I was taught to clean it with vodka, just spray out the cocoa butter, pour a capful of vodka in and spray it. You don’t have to worry about any water in it. I also occasionally take mine apart and wipe it down with it.
  2. Yes I use it all the time. I use calabaut 811 take it to 117* the let it cool to 93* add the 1 % mycryo stir it in . If it does not melt totally I will warm it a little with a heat gun. I then do a test strip to make sure all is well and keep it at 89* to 90* .i usually only use it two times in the same chocolate because I think it may add to much cocoa butter. So by the third time I go to temper my chocolate I add half as much more new chocolate to the mix before tempering again. It works great but I think you have to keep adding new chocolate so it does not thin it out so to speak. It does s
  3. I need a little help. I have been asked to make four different chocolate bonbons using four different whiskeys that I have not received yet, so I do not know the flavor profiles. These will be molded bonbons. Is there a ganache that I can use to bring out the individual whiskeys? I am thinking basic chocolate may work but I feel if I put this out to all of you someone will be able to suggest something or have a recipe. Thank you
  4. Just a thought, maybe dried bananas, pulverize to a powder then added to the end of cooking. It would eliminate the liquid issue and have a more condensed banana flavor.
  5. These are super light and crispy the the dough is wonderful to work with ,sorry it is in cups, but it's a very old recipe 4 cups AP flour 2 T sugar 1/4 t salt 3 T butter 2 egg yolks 1 cup white wine Mix dry ingredients, cut in butter, add in egg yolk. With fork stir in wine 1 tablespoon at a time until dough clings together, form a ball, cover, let sit 30 min. Roll them paper thin, on to the tubes and into the oil. 350'- 360' Makes appx 80 store in brown paper bag.
  6. I have been air brushing my chocolate molds with great success, however I do not understand how are the very thin straight lines that some chocolatiers make some dividing the bonbon down the middle or just a few short lines of different colors. I have tried using a fine brush, I have shaped small pieces of thin plastic to the shape of the mold then dipped it in colored cocoa butter and tried to make a very thin line without success. Is it a stencil that is placed in the mold, then airbrushed? I really like the clean line and look. Can someone help me with this allusive technique.Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info, I will try it both ways
  8. It seems my new chocolate book calls for sorbitol in a lot of the ganache centers. Do I have to include it or can I leave it out completely.
  9. Just a tiny pinch of Cinnamon added to chili, yum Making your own vanilla Get stuck with a so so balsamic, just reduce it down
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