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  1. polbishop25

    The Egg Thread

    Thanks for clearing that up. My statement about soy sauce was more like a joke than any serious intention, sorry if I offended you. Note taken.
  2. polbishop25

    The Egg Thread

    Thanks for the details! I will definitely try it. I guess Chinese don't have much recipes without soy sauce, if there are any
  3. polbishop25

    The Egg Thread

    I never heard before about boiled eggs in tea. Can you explain this technique in details, I am very eager to try it?
  4. I am drinking Denbies Pinot Gris, which is one of my favourite. It's an excellent soft wine, gold in colour.
  5. I always enjoy a lunch or dinner in Trullo. It's located in N1 2LH.
  6. Hello there, I am very excited to join you guys. I am an amateur in cooking, but I am kinda stubborn and I plan to become very good at it. Hope you can help me. See you around
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