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  1. Well, if you insist: I'll bring a couple dozen cream pies, to get the Keystone Kops action started...
  2. Nah, it's an old-tyme radio operators' phrase. From WordWizard.com: Don't ask me why a teenage vampire slayer would be using obsolete slang like that. At least she didn't bust out with "Twenty-three skidoo!" or something...
  3. I think that that's the name. It's pretty good for Indian groceries. And they even have a selection of Ethiopian products, including packaged injera.
  4. yeah, you're definitely right. I gotta stop sniffing so much glue.
  5. word. It had to be before that. The only time I've ever been to WC was in 1990, when I was visiting Minneapolis. When we got back, my mom picked up some of the frozen burgers 'cause she liked them so much and there were no WC restaurants in Seattle.
  6. It's on Washington at 11th. (11th? yeah, that's right, I think.)
  7. I went to Rio Grande a few weeks ago and thought it was only OK. Some decent nacho-y chips instead of chips/salsa, and a decent appetizer of taquitos. But the seafood wasn't all I could ask for. My friend had octopus in mole: rubbery and not a ton of flavor. I had a seafood cocktail (can't remember the Spanish name for it) with tiny (canned?) shrimp, mussels and fish. It wasn't awful, but didn't rock my world either; and now that there are so many options in that area, I probably won't go back.
  8. I'd say that those are requirements for a good BBQ! Also, green beans... mmm, green beans...
  9. Those must be for the Conan outfit, right?
  10. Wasn't there just a whole topic devoted to this one?
  11. Yeah, I know; they're like baloney in dog form. It's mostly the thought of a cold hot dog that's making me shudder...
  12. Pre-sweetened breakfast cereal? That's cool. Fast food? Mais oui! Fried baloney? Balonerrific, sez I! But raw hot dogs? That just grosses me out. Glad you like 'em, though...
  13. I see. Well, that argues for complete nudity, then. I have no problem with that.
  14. But the potential hygiene problem there is the hands: which as we all know, are the dirtiest part of the body, pretty much. That's why there are laws about servers having to wash their hands after going to the bathroom- even if they're wearing a burka. I don't understand why wearing (only) a thong would pose a problem. edit: tommy beat me to dat point! Damn you, Tommy!
  15. I wouldn't think that what a server wears or doesn't wear would have much effect on the cleanliness of the food. (That's assuming, of course, that they're just serving it. Now I'm told that in Thailand, they...)
  16. Oh man, I should SAY so...
  17. Dang. I really need to get there one of these days...
  18. I'm a Heath bar Blizzard man myself. But what I really want to mention here is that there's an unbroken Law of Dairy Queen Size: The size of the local Dairy Queen is inversely proportional to the size of the town. Tiny towns have the big ol' DQs, with the brazier, even the playland. But DQs in cities are tiny. Sometimes just takeout, with no seating or anything.
  19. A web search reveals that Tone Loc (!) was the spokesman. So that date would be just about right. Here's a photo of Cool Colt: It sounds like that might be not just the worst beer you ever tasted, but objectively the worst beer in the five thousand year history of the beverage. Somewhere, ancient Sumerians are rolling over in their graves, wishing they'd invented wine instead. Just to prevent the enormity of Cool Colt.
  20. Ditto. It's like strawberry soda with KCMO barbecue: the only time I'd drink the stuff.
  21. You do know that the sperm in that chapter is spermaceti, not semen, right? That said, it's pretty hard to avoid cracking a smile when referring to "sperm whales." It's like "homo erectus."
  22. You should have seen the look on my wife's face when I suggested roasting chickens on a spit in the fireplace...
  23. I have an ice cream maker, and I love it. Best wedding present I got (and getting presents, IMO, is the only real advantage over living in sin anyway...) My gadget desire is to get a smoker. Alas, it's just not feasible living in an apartment with no outdoor space... But the day after I move into a place with a yard, I'm getting one!
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