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  1. Love Miko's. I will try to hit 26 brix. I'm hoping this will give me Miko's texture and not a fruit sorbet texture
  2. Lisa, I actually had not considered monitoring the brix. You think a brix around 26 will get me closer to water-ice consistency without turning into a solid block of ice? oferl, that runny "fruit ice" water you mentioned is exactly what I want. It can be achieved fresh out of the machine at a certain point, but put it in the freezer and it turns to solid ice. I'm looking for a way to maintain something close to that texture with a stabilizer if possible.
  3. Hey all, I've made thicker and creamier sorbets with 25% to 35% sugar strained fruit purees and sugar, syrups, and other stabilizers that have worked well. However, because it's so much fruit and little to no water it can be an expensive project. I am trying to make "Water Ice" or "Italian Ice" in my home ice cream machine. Think of textures similar to Rita's Water Ice, Court Pastry Shop, or Miko's in Chicago. It eats much lighter than a sorbet but isn't really icy, but it's also not thick like sorbet. Ritas uses "flavoring" and sugar, while the other two use fruit juice. I'm thinking of thinning the strained fruit juice with water and adding a stabilizer, but I'm having trouble getting this in my home ice cream machine without it freezing solid like granita. Can anyone suggest a way to use real fruit juice, water, and a combination and concentration of stabilizers to get a looser, frozen fruit dessert that isn't icy?