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    I suppose while reading, drinking, and chatting with staff, it might be nice to eat something...So Don, what food did you have that you liked (other than the asparagus)?
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    Got there around 7:30 or 8 last night, and the four of us were seated in the cafe immediately. We started with a round of Derrick's fabulous cocktails-- mojitos, sidecars, and the sazernac (sp?). Moved on to the sweet corn ravioli with skate, and a salad. Then on to burgers, chicken and fries. MMM GOOD! Finished off with strawberry shortcake (this was just ok, needed a little more sugar IMO), and the coconut three ways. Plus some more cocktails-- I got a Derrick martini surprise-- salty cantaloupe--absolutely f--in brilliant!! This is a great place to bring your non-foody friends who still like great service and can appreciate the good life if only you lead them to it first. The prices are spot on, the food can't be beat. And Atomic Billiards is barely 2 seconds away to provide the rest of the evening's entertainment.
  3. I stopped by last night for my first lemon-peppermint lollipop. I was in a bad mood, but man those things are a pick me up!!! A big ol juicy lemon, a peppermint jammed in there, you squeeze, stick your face right down it, and starting sucking. Juicy juicy sharp acidity, totally refreshing! She even provides extra peppermints on the side in case you accidentally bite too hard (hmmm. good idea. ).. All this for a buck thirty-five?! Ann, you gotta be kidding me, I said. Lemons are $0.75. (Ok, actually Ann said that to me, not vice versa, but she's darn right). It's been a slow summer at Amernick's, according to Ann. Go get yourselves a lolly while they last. Just don't attempt to imbibe white wine at Bardeo immediately afterwards, as I did. All you'll taste is LEMON.
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    Was there a wait for the cafe seating last night? Anyone been there on a recent Friday night and could advise me on how long a wait I might expect tonite--arriving around 6:30?
  5. Golly gee, it's Jared who did the milkshake, not Jamie. WHAT was I thinkin?
  6. Ok, I'm an idiot. Implying that Ray's was anything less than a brilliant place, especially having not yet gone there, well, it was simply thoughtless-- even if it wasn't meant that way. I indulged this evening in a rib eye with horseradish cream. Juicy as hell, cooked perfectly to med-rare temp, I devoured as much as I could (I have a bit here at home with me for lunch manana). I don't see this as a bare bones joint--the atmosphere didn't detract at all for me, but maybe it's because I'm used to the barer Philly BYO joints. The kitchen, well, I woulda eaten a steak off the floor, at Michael's feet, if I coulda. The only shame is my limited window of opportunity to go again.
  7. I've read more on this with regard to making ceviche than making sushi, but I believe it's similar-- it's best if you put the fresh salmon in the freezer for an hour before slicing it. Safety-wise, that's the smart thing to do. That said, I used some fresh alaskan salmon last week for ceviche and didn't freeze it first--and everything was fine. Guillermo Pernot's book Ceviche has plenty of tips in this arena.
  8. Chef Well, we were all set to come, but I called to make a reservation and learned that the restaurant is closed on Thursday Aug 5--the night we wanted to come. Another time, I suppose...
  9. I've had mixed experiences at Fortune. The food at the other location was better, and was better about 5-6 years ago, I'd say. We've been served a lot of cold food, and had a harder time getting the more interesting dishes, at the 7 Corners locations. That said, I love their salt-baked shrimp-- it's fabulous. I've done Rabieng's dim sum-- certainly a different experience, and quite good. Worth a trip.
  10. Hi Katie Yes, I noticed you didn't mention Fuji, but assumed you were thinking it, based on prior posts. And I assume you were describing Morimoto in your post this time, here, tho you said Fuji (Freudian slip? ). We've had very different experiences with service at Morimoto-- my servers were both wine knowledgeable and sushi-knowledgeable--apt at recommending interesting fish, describing particularities we weren't familiar with, etc. Also, we never felt pushed to order more expensive items. In fact, one time we underordered by a lot, and it would've been ok for the server to suggest we'd need more food, and he still didn't push. Finally, I can't imagine comparing the quality of the sushi at Morimoto to any other place in Philly, except maybe Fuji. No better than at Nara, or the conveyer-belt-place in West Philly who's name I've willingly forgotten, or the place on 15th, or Kisso? Really? We've eaten different sushi then. R. Washburn: Re: Le Bec Fin being in the same ranks as NYC restos, or being the best of Philly-- I dated a waiter from LBF for 2 years, and ate their food and desserts all the time (brought home mostly, sometimes I went in). Not ONCE did I have an entree or app I thought was particularly special. The desserts are usually too sweet and overdone. Everything I've had by Steve Klc here in DC has vastly exceeded all but the LBF chocolates. Really, for 1970s-style French food, with little innovation, Georges has it done. But what's new or special about that? They lost their star due to service--arguing in front of the reviewer! The service is overly formal and often dismissive to those not on Georges special list. And no, they do not always respond to complaint letters, in fact I overhead many discussions of said letters and a 'special filing can' for them while hanging out there. and really, I promise my relationship with the waiter has nothing to do with my opinions on the place-- he knew how I felt even as he worked there.
  11. What is this, junior high gym class? My apologies, Professor Kilman. I'll try again. In a recent thread, some of us got to discussing 'neighborhood restaurants,' the value/meaningfulness or lack thereof of such a title, and why there's been a recent surge in their popularity (there's some disagreement over whether such a surge has occured in DC, or just in other cities). I'd be curious to hear your take on this. I noticed that one of the restaurants on your 'overrated' list is Cashion's---a place I've heard called a 'neighborhood joint' more than once. Thanks, Professor Sara
  12. I'm sorry to disagree again guys, but honestly are you really saying Morimoto is much more expensive than Vetri or Le Bec's prix fixe menus? Granted, you will NEVER go away hungry from Le Bec, but it's mostly because you stuffed yourself on the dessert cart. Me, I went away hungry from Vetri. Mostly 'cuz what I had there wasn't worth eating, but also the portions are quite small. I've been to Morimoto 4 times, and only once spent more than $100-- and I love sushi. Order the chef's combination (comes in the $30, 50 or 70 range)--even the $30 has quite a bit on it. That, an appetizer, a dessert, one drink--that's about $100. Sure if you insist on doing the omakase, or a full dinner including sushi + entree, it's more, but you're not obligated to do that. Katie, I know you feel Morimoto is a ripoff compared to Matt's place, but Matt's way out in the suburbs, lacks birthday-appropriate atmosphere, and at least when I went, lacked some of the fish selection Morimoto always has. I can't imagine Morimoto would strike a New Yorker as expensive. Me, it does, a bit, but only a bit. We've got a place here in DC--Sushi Ko-- where I can get exactly the assortment and quality I get at Morimoto in a less-flashy setting, for about $50/per person. Wish that'd come to Philly (I can't believe I just said DC had something better than Philly!! ) . But until it does, I would never call Morimoto "lacking substance" (or service actually--they've always been polite and know their stuff)--the sushi is fantastic there. Plus it's fun for birthdays-- if he's there, the chef will come over and visit with you.
  13. sara

    Favorite Picnic Foods

    This is all great! On a recent picnic I packed some pork loin (I'd cooked it the previous night, rubbed with spices and broiled, sliced it cold), a green bean/tomato/corn salad, cantaloupe chunks, and chocolate chip cookies. It seemed to do the trick. This week I'm trying out a grilled shrimp and grapefuit salad, vietnamese pork loin, and cold sesame noodles.
  14. Hi My boyfriend and I will be driving from Boothbay Harbor to Burlington during August, and are debating stopping off to check this place out. The menu--particularly the minibar-esque tasting menu--looks great. But can anyone (chef?) give us a sense of the prices? And is it realistic to expect to drive from Jackson House to Burlington after dinner? Are you open for lunch? Thanks much!
  15. Are we ALL seeing docs about our bodies these days? Me, I'm gonna flout the instructions of my whiny gastroenterologist and dine on a rich steak and plenty of red wine tomorrow night. Looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about.
  16. Anyone been to this place lately?? I just noticed it in Food and Wine's latest writeup on DC restos (the same one that mentioned Nectar and Palena). Cantina Marina
  17. It's reflective of my inability to blow a substantial portion of a paycheck on a single meal. I believe this is a more common constraint for Egulleteers than not. The only thing about our choice differences that I think it clarifies is our income differential-- other than that, I think it says litte. I spent money at Vetri just last year-- I seriously thought it was a waste.
  18. I love Cakelove. Those are kid-friendly cakes. Yum! Randolph in Arlington is good too.
  19. Ok, I'm jumping in here. I think 5 years ago I would've said Philly's best included places like Vetri and Pasion. No longer. IMO, they're being outdone. The best of Philly, for me, are places like Morimoto (has anyone ever had less than perfect sushi or less than original food there?), Lolita (consistently fabulous, Chloe, Django, Matyson, Rx and Azafran. Most of those are BYO, obviously not the best place to go for great wine service. Do any of those places outdo the best of NY? Probably not. And some are better 'deals' than others. But you're pretty much guaranteed a lovely birthday dinner at any of them. ps. This past weekend was my last in Philly, since I'm moving to Madison. Where did I choose to have my last two Philadelphia meals? Lolita and Carman's. Coulda gone anywhere. 'Nuff said. Ok, one last thing--the last time I was in Philly, a month ago, I had my third-to-last meal, and that was Chloe. So you can see my top 3 at the moment. For points of comparison, my last three here in DC (my second home) will likely be Sushi Ko, Palena, and Nectar. My goodbye meals in NYC (my third home), will be at Babbo, Prune, and maybe the Tasting Room. Ah, so hard to say goodbye to the wonderful East Coast!!!
  20. Hey Kliman What restaurant would be better off if the executive chef was replaced? (Ala Rocco's)
  21. Oooh yum, pork rinds with VT maple syrup! Can hardly wait til my Minibar date next week.
  22. Used to go to William and Mary, so I've been to the Trellis, but yes, that's too far--as is DC and Richmond. Morela, tell me more...Cute website, but have you been?
  23. Hi I have a cousin in Officers Candidate School at Quantico. He gets limited leave, very rarely. We need suggestions of good places to eat within 20 minutes of Quantico. The Marine uniform shop sent this list---does anyone know of any of these places? (An egullet search turned up nada) Tixian on route 234 Claiborne's Chophouse in Fredericksburg Olde Town Steak & Seafood in Fredericksburg Riverview Steak & Seafood - Fredericksburg along Rappahannock River La Petite Auberge= Fredericksburg Thanks!!
  24. As promised, here are some pictures of the Inn. Unfortunately, no food pictures. Front of the Inn: Our suite's bedroom: Our suite's sitting room: The courtyard:
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    From Mike Klein's column in the Philly Inky... Sound familiar? Think people will get confused? "You might hold your chin as you approach the brand-new Nectar...It's that jaw-droppingly stunning..." table talk
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