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  1. i am not a fan of those small australian racks...i much prefer the larger (but not huge) pennsylvania or colorado lamb racks...as for cooking: sear meat in pan... smear with dijon mustard (watered down a bit) crust with anything...but at the moment i have been using pistachio nuts and herbs finish in oven or under salamander to crisp up crust...serve rare to mid rare. in pan infuse reduced veal stock with rosemary....maybe some port wine... let meat rest, and serve with sauce, and some finely chopped pistachios for garnish. pine nuts are nice too...as is the standard parsley, bread crumb and garlic. I LOVE CRUST!
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    was there a difference in taste between those large ones and smaller ones you normally get? or do they taste about the same? thanks in advance...
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    we make a huitlacoche puree...it is nice a black, and adds a nice smoky or earthy flavor to some dishes....and sometimes contrast it with a sweet corn cream sauce (nice and white, contrasted with the black puree)...call the dish "friend and foe" hehehehe...
  4. i am in the camp where everything on the plate should be edible and be a part of the dish...i hate sprigs of herbs on my plate or when my chef forces me to put them on...and i am growing weary of micro greens just for the sake of micro greens (they do have nice flavors, but should be used more cerebrally)... as for saucing...a dish well prepared and well flavored should not need an abundance of sauce (for the most part), they should be used to highlight, contrast, or meld flavors together....while sauces are delicious...pools of sauce on a plate take away from the entre being served. if the food being served is bland or overcooked...or underseasoned....sauce it up...but otherwise; it should be used in moderation, just like everything else.
  5. npandolfi: just another perspective here. i am 28 years old, and i attended a 4 year college, and worked various jobs after graduation. at the age of 27 i came to the cooking profession. i attended a 1 year program (chock full of practical experience in french technique) and now i am working and externing at a relais and chateaux property outside of washington, dc. my mind wants to accomplish so much in the kitchen...i have goals, i have ideas, but sadly i don't have the experience. only time will take care of that. what i am saying is, i wish i would have found cooking before i was 27 (i am ecstatic i found it at all, since many never find their true love)...and if it is your true love, go for it now...just like the high schooler jumping to the nba or the teen age tennis prodigy...just go for it, now. jonathan
  6. that is very true...and quite funny when you think about it...how great is our job?
  7. am i the only one who thinks bourdain's shtick is getting old? first he claims in the preface of kitchen confidental that, and i paraphrase, "its not likei have my own show on the food network..."; now he is wondering if he is a tv personality...and hoping he is not....get a grip buddy....you have a show on fodtv...and you are nothing more than a tv personality and author....no one seeks out your steak frites at les halles. thomas keller you are not. as an aspiring chef, heres to hoping i become famous for my impact on the culinary world...and don't get me wrong, i appreciate the written word...and i am not an emirel basher....at least he knows and accepts the fact that he is a tv personalty. bourdain bites the hand that feeds him. get ovcer it buddy; your rent, your wife's jewely. your kids college tuition is paid for by the food network....and there is nothing wrong with that. just please accept the fact. dont collect on it and then shun it....for that whole shtick is tired. yours truly, jonathan
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