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  1. Truly the best restaurant of its type in the world.
  2. Food portions are small at most Austin eateries during Restaurant Week! By the way, former Jeffery's chef Alma Alcocer is now at Fonda San Miguel...
  3. To eat dinner there next week, will offer a report... http://jeffreysofaustin.com/jeffreys_chef.html
  4. Went there for dinner three weeks ago - nice as always, best place of it's type in the area. Dinner for two in La salle. This plus a bottle of a local Rhone for E85: Pressé de tourteaux et oeufs de saumon sur une gelée de pot-au-feu, de l’aneth. Petit rouget, cocos de Paimpol et effiloché de canard dans une soupe de poissons de roche. Rognonnade de lapin, ails rôtis et oignons fanes. Une crème glacée de fromage frais au miel amer. Comme un mille-feuille de fraises à la crème de verveine, un sorbet au yaourt. Pour accompagner votre dessert et votre café, mignardises, pralines et friandises. 112 € Taxes et service 13.5% inclus. And for those who eat frogs: ahem, feel free to eat real food that isn't from the bottom of a creek - the Revolution was over two-hundred and twenty years ago.
  5. I just stop working for six months when burned out.
  6. Santi no like the silly food: “Some chefs are offering a media spectacle rather than concerning themselves with healthy eating,” Mr. Santamaría said as he accepted a recent prize for his new book, “La Cocina al Desundo” (“The Kitchen Laid Bare”). http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/01/world/eu...=rssnyt&emc=rss
  7. Taillevant deserved it's demotion to two Michelin stars based on the quality of the food offered - but it should remain two-starred.
  8. Last report (Summer 2007) is that David is working with executive chef Kevin Ascolese. They are the opening chefs at a couple of new restaurants (and revamping others) in Dallas for Patrizio Restaurant owner Ed Bailey.
  9. Hehe. It's always a risk at PG, that's the point. I find offerings El Bulli unedible. So?
  10. Interesting. The food guides have true competition for validity (internet poster/diners). Le G/M's response is telling. And, it is pointless to "rate" the iconic restaurants, as a particular review makes no difference in any tangible way... like someone saying the Eiffel Tower is "over-rated".
  11. Germany is full of villages and hamlets - the Germans are darn proud of them too. But there are areas, urban places, like the Ruhr Valley that have large populations. My childhood home is in Wiesbaden, a "big village" of 300,000 persons (thirty miles from Frankfurt.) The Frankfurt urban area had an estimated population of 2,260,000 in 2000. Thankfully, the rise in number of German multi-starred restaurants mirrors Germans' interest in quality foods, and their better eating habits in general.
  12. A manditory gratuity is not a tip, it's just a raise in price.
  13. Symon has a good television presence, and he is more personable, excitable, and outwardly emotional than Besh. The needs of television rule, man... (see Alton Brown.)
  14. Sanchez did not do well with airplane food either... adios...
  15. Uhhh, the whole town is a tourist trap - developed that way since the 1920's. But, you can get a traditional Christmas dinner at The Old House in the El Dorado Hotel.
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