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  1. Very lukewarm review in Time Out today. ← And in Metro today. Is a backlash starting already? Will have to try it for lunch this week and make up my own mind.
  2. Phoenix Palace are doing an Autumn menu for six, with turbot, lobster etc, for an amazing £168.
  3. Very lukewarm review in Time Out today (kind technically proficient person please post a link here...)
  4. High end, I suggest Zaika rather than the Cinammon Club - spice with subtlety rathter than the Cinammon Club's sledeghammer approach. Or how about Rasoi Vineet Bhatia?
  5. that is extremely cheeky - I was saying to an American friend just the other day that you can always get tap water in London restaurants. ← It's actually a condition of a lot of premises' licences, so if you feel strongly enough about it (and I think one should) then it would be worth contacting Camden Council and checking.
  6. Looking at the hard-copy page with the Texture review, there is another piece Ms Maschler, titled "Been to...Copenhagen, which was wonderful". The relevant bit reads: "Copenhagen has more Michelin-starred restaurants than the rest of Scandinavia's capitals put together, and some embrace molecular gastronomy. We might have gone to Geranium...or to Paustian...but Noma, rated as 15th best in the world by Restaurant magazine, is where I wanted to got. Noma has two Michelin stars but, happily, a warm, relaxed bare-table, brick wall, pine floor environment within a converted 19th century warehouse beside the water in Christianhavn. Chef Rene Redzepi and his cohort Claus Meyer has [sic] set out to define Nordic cooking and forages for ingredients in Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland as well as Scandinavia. They reckoned it was time that the gastronomic culture of the sunny Mediterranean and the inclination of serious star-chasing chefs to embrace French habits was challenged, a timely idea totally vindicated by Redzepi's inspired cooking. A nine-course tasting menu delivered some extraordinary dishes which I won't ever forget, such as raw shrimps with ice-cold green gooseberry granita; curls of cool cucumber with nasturtium leaves, oyster jelly and crisp rye bread; vegetables served on a hot stone with malted grains described as "soil"; raw musk ox fillet with wood sorrel seemingly growing on top with fresh horseradish adding a surreptitious kick. The butter made with Icelandic skyr, a curdled milk product, served with intensely hot tiny rolls was also amazing. We all agreed that by the time for dessert the cooking had gone off the boil, which may have explained the hideous milk skin wrapped around blueberries which broke through like a suppurating wound. Also our good time was in danger of being spoiled by the sommelier/maitre d' who demanded rapt attention for every one of his nmany utterances. "I'm doing this for you, not for me", he said more than once. Yes, but we are paying".
  7. It's very good, although the translation into English reads as if it been done by a computer. Fay Maschler reviewed Noma in the [London] Evening Standard on Wednesday - her verdict was that it was a bit "curate's egg" (doubtless pickled and smoked ) - can one of you computer-literate types be very kind and post a link to the review?
  8. Luddites can find a PDF menu here, which features delights such as muesli and "fisherman's infusion". Don't all rush at once. Thank you. I rest my case, though; without Flash. which I'm not keen to download given the declaration users are asked to sign up to, you can't get into the site. Surely it's better to cater both for us Luddites and for the rest of you. For example, the licensed property agents Davis Coffer Lyons have a website which checks automatically whether or not you have Flash and if you do not transfers you to a steam-driven version of the website in ten seconds.
  9. Oh blast, it's one of those stupid websites which you can't navigate vithout Flash or some other silly American software you have to sign an online declaration giving up your firstborn before you are allowed to download. Why do people waste money on websites that a good percentage of viewers can't read?
  10. Many thanks. Given how muchy I was fed last time, my main worry is that by the time I leave I'll be too heavy for the plane to take off... Agree with you about fufu, that's too much of a handful. Apparently there's a German with fishing boats running a restaurant in Tema featurung the day's catch - we'll certainly try that. Also loved the squid kebabs at Ave Maria beach, off the little coast road from Tema to Accra (which is a lovely drive). I'll report on return.
  11. Any eG folks with experience with African cuisines like this? ← Hi, going to Accra and Tema for three weeks from Friday - anyone got any recommendations for intersting food places? My in-laws are Ghanaian, so we'll have lots of jolof, palm soup, light soup, etc at home, and I'll want to ring the changes when going out.
  12. Unfortunately it isn't a very good wine, imho.
  13. Chefs generally used to go to the New Diamond on Lisle Street, which was open to 3am. Anyone been there recently?
  14. Had the oxtail ravioli at lunch on Friday, and couldn't disagree more. The dough was more undercooked than al dente and had a faint but unpleasant flouriness, and while the oxtail itself was good neither the ginger nor the spring onion were detectable. I was expecting a really interesting Italian/Chinese fusion, and this wasn't it. Three of us went for the first time for lunch on Friday. We hadn't booked and they could only seat us at the bar. Our host had the £15.50 three-course set lunch and his other guest and I had two starters each. Looked at the menu with great anticipation, but the meal was a real Curate's egg experience. On the positive side, my squid & mackeral burger is as wondeful as previous posts suggest, but a rather mean portion. My fellow guest thought her salad was "nice but unmemorable" and her braised pig's head "really interesting but far too strong" - it was a small portion but she couldn't fiinsh it. Our host loved his meal - porchetta, followed by rabbit, followed by strawberries - and thought it was supurb value. Service was pleasant (apart from a slightly grim barman) but haphazard, and my oxtail arrived before my squid burger, which the waiter said was "a kitchen mistake". With an acceptable bottle of white from Cotes de Blaye and some really bad coffee, the bill was about £99. I'd give it another go because the squid burger was so good, but on Friday's showing, "the Emperor has no clothes". Perhaps they are putting their energies into Wild Honey at present, but this really wasn't good enough. Frith Street restaurant, on this site from 1998 to 2000, was much better, but lost money, perhaps because the street was awash with heroin in those days.
  15. Are you sure about that hire rate? The website says £12 an hour/£14 at weekends. ← Not sure as my brother sorted out the punts, but a rate of £6 an hour may have been related to us booking a large lunch party on a quiet day, or to us taking out a lot of punts. Sorry if I've got it wrong.
  16. I second that, and Sheepdrove are usually only a little more expensive than Wyndham Poultry's Label Anglais. Sheepdrove on Clifton Road, W9 have their chicken on speical offer this week - £5.59 a kilo, and legs at £2.99 a kilo.
  17. We just celebrated my parents' golden wedding anniversary with a big party outside at the Cherwell Boathouse. People and setting are great, food nothing special, but the wine list is amazing value (mostly, I believe, because Anthony Verdin of Field, Morris & Verdin is the owner and consequently they either get most of their bins very cheap or are very modest in marking them up - or both). This is the place in Oxford to drink deep and well (couldn't be more different to the Manoir from that point of view). Strongly suggest taking a punt out (£6 an hour) before rather than after drinking heavily.
  18. Has anyone here ever eaten lava bread and cockles? ←
  19. Is Nahm is the best, albeit at a horrendous price? Certainly the set dinner (just under £50 a head), with eight dishes matched for texture, flavour, etc., has been the best Thai food I've experienced.
  20. We went on the Sunday afternoon (won two tickets in a Caterer draw), and had no wait to get in or to be served. It might have been more crowded if the weather had been better. We started with scallops and salmon from One - O - One - very fresh, but the salmon was a little overdone. Next we had prawn toasts then venison puffs from Yauatcha - haven't been there, but have had the venison puffs at Hakkasan and these were just as good, while my wife found the prawn toasts a revelation. Next, tender and flavoursome chargrilled duck from Busaba Eathai. Tandoori lamb chops from Bernares - a full portion there is £24, so we felt that a taster at £5 was decent value. We drank wines from Green & Blue, from NZ Wine Direct and from Oddbins (their new Oddbins Selection Bordeaux - as The Times' wine critic wrote of E & J Gallo's Turning Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon, "this wine wouild not be worth drinking at any price"), plus champagne from Canard Duchene. Brilliant cheese selection from I Sapori di Stefano Cavallini (including the magnificently-named "Bastardo"). Sweet chilli ice cream from Purbeck. The shopping looked good, and there was a home delivery service on offer near the exit. Overall we spent about £40 and felt that it had been good value, although if we'd paid a further £40 for our tickets perhaps I'd feel less comfortable. We'd certainly try it again next year.
  21. There used to be a restaurant in Oxford called Munchy-Munchy which did durian and coconut ice cream, and it was awesome. Anyone know anywhere doing durian ice cram in London? Have to have it in a restaurant, as bringing a durian fruit into the flat would probably breach about 17 clauses in our lease...
  22. The decor looks good, but it has the worst-designed chairs I have ever come across in a London restaurant - pure instruments of torture.
  23. Prices were similar at both but if anything TR worked out more expensive per head. £210 for 2/4 (4 starters, 4 pasta, 4 main, 1 desert, 1 cafe, 4 limoncello, 4 house apero, 3 wine incl. service.) As i said not a bad meal but not a great one for £105 per head and that was shared by the non- RC'ers present. ← Ok, I'd stick to lunch, which according to his website is £18 for 2 courses, £23 for three. Puddings are £4.50 each. RC doesn't do a set lunch, does it?
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