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  1. In addition to the PolyScience Creative, there are a few other circulators on the horizon: http://shop.nomiku.com (Nomiku) http://www.waterbath...e_products.html (Anova) http://www.swid.eu/en/ (110V Swid) Great intel and commentary - thanks!
  2. MAC Damascus 8" kitchen knife and a 1/2 ltr ISI gourmet whip. AND have the next three days off, so I will be doing some fun stuff with the whip!
  3. I have done some extensive testing with the SideKIC with my Thermopen, and in my opinion it does an excellent job - within +/- 0.05 degree. It has a very active circulator, so I think the water bath maintains a very consistent temp. At higher temps for veggies and larger water volumes, you will need to cover the container with plastic wrap as the heater is only 300 Watts. They were back in stock at Amazon for two days this week, but are out of stock again now. They are available at http://www.fatlaundry.com/products/ica-kitchen-llc-deals-sidekic-kitchen-immersion-circulator
  4. Looks like the SideKIC is out of stock at Amazon, but they are in stock at the FatLaundry.com. I already have one myself and love it and am getting one for my brother for Christmas
  5. I have loved reading your food tour JTravel, thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful descriptions and pictures. Sweetie and I are celebrating our 25th this coming fall and were thinking about traveling a bit in celebration. I was showing her your posts, and now I think we'll be going to Chile !
  6. Very jealous about the tomatoes HungryC! I have a couple questions for the group - first, I can never seem to get my cilantro from going to seed. Anyone have a trick that works? Second, any recommendations on a food/pet friendly insecticide for potted herbs? Thanks :-)
  7. I use google maps too - one of the things I love about it is that is is accessible from my iPhone, so when Sweetie and I are on the road and are looking for some chow, we just pop open the salved link to the my foodie map and it shows us all the options that are close to where we are. The map is here if your interested.
  8. Blues_Cookin

    Easter Menus

    Just the two of us here, so smoked loin back ribs, crispy cabbage with peppers in cider vinegar, and cornbread. And a couple IPA's.
  9. Ok, looks like 180 for 6 hours is the consensus, thanks for the feedback! Mostly because I have just started cooking sous vide only a couple months ago, so am having fun experimenting. My wife asks me the same question about sous vide soft-boiled eggs :-)
  10. Not exactly, the thighs were in the smoker at 140 F for 6 hours, and are not vacuum packed in the fridge. I want a mouth feel similar to pulled pork - so I need to cook them in the SV bath long enough to break down the collagen in the thighs. Because I want the collagen to break down, I want them at temp a bit longer than 90 min, right? My guess at this point would be to go 5-6 hours at 140?
  11. I have loved doing chicken thighs in the smoker for many years. Because of a pot-luck coming up at work on Wednesday, I thought this would be a great time to take advantage of the advantages of Sous Vide in pre-cooking thighs, pulling them, then vacuum packing until they need to be warmed up for lunch on Wednesday. So the plan (already in action!) is to brine the thighs for a few hours, then toss on the BBQ at about 140 degrees for 5 to 6 hours. Cool, vacuum seal and toss in the fridge until Monday, at which time I will place in a water bath. So, my question is, anyone have experience with full size thighs and sous vide? What temp do you recommend and what is the target core temp of the thighs? Standard BBQ/smoker method would be to get them up to about 180, but I believe thats going to be way to hot for sous vide. I would appreciate any thoughts!
  12. Reading the owners manual now, and I quote: "Henkelman BV wishes the customer lots of pleasure for an extended period from the purchase of this machine." Either that is dutch translated to english by an non-native english speaker, or this machine has some features I was previously unaware of.
  13. I have a Henkelman Boxer 35 being delivered tomorrow. Let me know if there are any "experiments" you would like me to try out, and I would be happy to do so and report my findings! Going to be a fun couple weeks :-)
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