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  1. I strain it for one reason only. I use it various ways and unstrained bits can go quite bitter in some applications. My Grandfather Fisher and my uncle used to fry breakfast in a 3/4" to 1" of bacon fat! I don't use quite that much! As much as I love bacon fat I prefer my eggs fried in good schmaltz — it's a wonderful combination. That's not to say that I never use bacon fat or butter. Bacon Fat Gingersnaps are great! I'm a lover of bacon and old-fashioned cookies!
  2. Venison Meunière — thin pieces of venison coated with seasoned flour, pounded thinner, and fried in clarified butter. A family tradition. DEVINE! Campfire toast slathered with butter and topped with chopped yolky egg. I love the very light smoky flavor. Anything bacon!!! Grilled steak with wild mushroom beurre monté. Confits (duck, chicken, pork, turkey, bacon, etc.) Potted Meats — various combinations of flavors. Charcuterie of all kinds and various cheeses! Anything BBQ! Classic fish and chips. Plain New York style cheesecake. And many more!!!
  3. Just to be clear—the point of my post is that social-distancing while shopping and such is imperative no matter the time of the month or method of payment.
  4. Trader Joe's is possibly coming to Ithaca, NY. That would be good news for me, the potential location is just 30 miles away.
  5. It's the first week of the month, that means that most SSI, SSDI, SNAP, etc. payments become available. Friends working at Walmart said it was like Black Friday there! So much for social-distancing!!! Scary!!!
  6. I should have warned folks about this weeks ago. I did manage to get some of what I need....Walmart was sold out at at least one point. My sister needs access to many lids—she sells jams, jellies, pickes, etc. out in North Dakota. Quality brand name webcams went fast for those wishing to video chat!!!
  7. Unreal! A boycott will likely harm the innocent more than a 10% pay cut ever could. Anyway, the decision has been reversed. The CEO will now go without pay for three months.
  8. It's getting close to Easter. I'm sure many fear not getting a ham so they're ordering early.
  9. A new addition! Smoke, Roots, Mountain, Harvest Lots of contemporary recipes mixed in but appears to be a good cookbook.
  10. Hmmm....Yeah, I do have a container of shelf-stable hermetically sealed tofu that I could use. I forgot all about it! Thanks!
  11. I want to make some low-carb venison and mushroom soup, but I don't have any fresh mushrooms — and I'm afraid to go buy some!
  12. One local restaurant, about 1000 feet away, has gone belly-up already! SAD!!!
  13. We're set for 8 months or longer with the garden. I ordered a case of 4 gallons of white distilled vinegar from Walmart for dilly beans, pickled peppers, etc. The vinegar leaked inside the box a bit so I called and they refunded the total — $7.68!!! I always say, the freaky wheel gets the grease! I don't ferment everything, I like the the bright clear pickling of vinegar for some stuff. I should replace the reverse osmosis water filters so I can bank some more filtered water. We have a 6 stage reverse osmosis system with a permeate pump — I sure hope the municipal water stays on!!! I'm poor so I have to squeeze every penny till Lincoln farts! I did buy a butane hot plate so we'd have a way to cook if the electric goes out — other than the outdoor burners.
  14. Wegmans has grocery delivery via Instacart here but I don't see it as being an intelligent choice, in my case anyway, given that the store is just two miles away. Instacart adds a 5% service charge and charges $5.99 for delivery. Curbside pickup makes much more sense. The housemate stopped at Wegmans yesterday to pick-up two of my prescriptions. He passed on the deal because he said 9 folks were bunched-up in a line. I'll try tomorrow, I'm not afraid to swear them straight!!!
  15. The other day I took advantage of Walmart Grocery's curbside pickup discount on a first order. $10 off a $50 order, promo code "WOWFRESH" I placed a minimum order. They were out of 3 products that I ordered, KA bread flour, butter, and something else that I've now forgot. I still received the discount. I didn't permit them to pick substitutions, I went in the store after they loaded the Jeep and picked my own.
  16. Sorry, I can't get excited about delivery, take-out or the like. Strangers, who are potential carriers, coughing on or sneezing on and handling food and packaging — no thank you!!! I'll prepare my own grub!
  17. We're lucky to have a good supply of country hams and bacon (safe at room temperature) as we always do. I recommend ordering some if that's the sort of thing you like — it's a great 'prepper' food! No SARS-CoV-2 or Covid 19 cases in my area, so far, but it'll get here—it probably already is here. This is a small county in western NY — Chemung County, population ~85,500. We're about 250 miles from Manhattan but closely connected in that there are two state prisons here, one max, one super-max, there's also a state psychiatric center here — so there's a lot of traffic back and forth to the city.
  18. I try to keep 6 months worth of food on-hand. If we don't happen to use it I can give it to folks who are TRULY in need. I give away food frequently to rotate stock and keep things fresh. I have about 60 lbs. of venison and 50 lbs. of chicken/turkey in the freezer that I plan to can later this week — with the help of the housemate.
  19. Panic buying is easy to understand, most folks see no need for long-term preparedness. Heck, when there's the threat of a snowstorm here there's rush over-buying of milk, bread, eggs, toilet paper, bottled/jugged water, beer, junk food, etc. I remember the gasoline lines and the serious blizzards of the 70s (we were sometimes snowed-in for a couple weeks.) My Grandparents and the like harped about the shortages and struggles of The Great Depression. No panic buying here (meaning my house), I try to stay prepared.
  20. re: meat glue The natural proteins excreted via curing will go a long way to naturally bind — never rinse!!! Here's some "Poor Man's Bacon" that I made — this particular batch some years ago — natural binder only! The job of the butcher twine is done. It's a rolled pork butt crown.
  21. Few things make me shudder like seeing someone put ketchup on a hot dog and then EAT it! LOL I'm glad that they like it but to me it's a serious flavor clash! Yuck! When I was young I liked campfire dogs, in addition to the chili dogs mentioned above—MUSTARD only!
  22. The only hot dogs I favor are chili dogs. Called "Texas Hots" or just "Hots" here. All beef hot dog, spiced finely ground beef sauce, diced fresh onion, and mustard. ETA: Oh, and a lightly steamed bun!
  23. I put breakfast in quotes because I don't eat until after noon. 1 to 2 meals per day is all.
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