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  1. i've been making macarons for the past few months and have no issues. We make the shells (common meringue, not Italian), no issue. Bake great, feet and all. We store the shells in the walkin freezer overnite. Next day, take them out and fill. Then they get stored in a chest freezer in airtight box until needed. my store staff loads the trays the night before. Then for the past two weeks weve come in and they are actually wet, almost soggy. I have not changed my recipe or any of the ingredients. They are being stored in a Leader bakery case on the top shelf. There is nothing that can be leaking on them. I have even put perforated containers of desicant and still not helping. I have had the refrigeration unit checked and its working perfect. Please help, these are a big seller for me. i would hate to stop making them cause of this, but I cant afford to keep throwing them away. Plese send replies to: bripastryguy@gmail.com Thank you
  2. Darienne< Would you share your "slab" ganache recipe and method? thanks, Brian@sweetkarmadesserts.com
  3. you can contact Amoretti, they have a guiness compound which i have used in the past and it works pretty well. Boiling guiness cases it to become extremely bitter
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    I use Mycryo on a regular basis. In my shop we use it to "solidfy" the desserts sop thet unmold alittle cleaner. I like the product, yes it is pricey
  5. I have an order for creme brulee tarts. I would really like a good recipe that can made on the stove completely then poured into pre-baked tart shells and refrigerated for later brulee' Thanks in advance
  6. take parchment paper cut into rectangles same size as a cannoli tube. Wrap it around. Secure with scotch tape then slide off. Stand vertical in a 6 pan or other vesserl that will keep them standing. Fill. Freeze solid. Unwrap then dip into tempered chocolate or use good coating chocolate
  7. i make a cardamon bavarian to go in a dessert we labeled "Mango Chai-Tini" I used 5 grams of toasted cardamon pods then put them in a spice grinder. Put in my milk brought to a boil and infused overnite-Strain before using. The flavor is great
  8. I actually am looking for something that only takes a few hours to dry not days. End result would be like a satiny bow, not a loop bow. I know how to make the bow but what's the best quick fix medium?
  9. When I headed the pastry department at Oceana in NYC we made them par baked and finished them to order. Peeled, Halved and cored Granny smith Apples. Brush with melted butter and dust with Vanilla Sugar. Bake in the oven until fork tender. We made a dry caramel then poured it out onto Silpat and allowed it to harden, Store in an airtight container. We pre cut our puff pastry rounds. Set up individual aluminum pie tins with a pat of butter, some shards of caramel, the half roasted apple with round side towards bottom of pan then top withh pastry round. Bake in a 350 oven until 3/4 finished. Reserve for order On order it was an easy pickup. Place in 400 oven for 6-8 minutes, invert onto plate Voila! Tarte tain to order. Pears, Peaches, and Asian pear all work well with this preparation
  10. After finishing up the Star Chefs International conference, my thoughts turn to the business im in and the focus is on that alone. BAKERY AND PASTRY Who's going? Are you taking any classes? competitions? Possibly a Eg meetup
  11. I have received a complimentary pass to the International Chefs Congress next week and was wondering if any pastry "people" have attended in the past and what benefits have you gotten from it other than hob nobbing with hi-profile trend setting chefs. I know I will get some cool tips and ideas from it but what else should I look to get out of it and do I need to attend all three days?
  12. Guys this thread was started out of a PM to Pam from yours truly. I explained to her that my wife has been beating me up about not having enough Jewish representation in our products. We are a mostly modern European influenced Pastry Shop but I do my own twist on Rugelach, honey cake, challah, etc... One item I have yet to ever make is Teglach and she is very excited that I have given in and looked to egullet members for the best recipe. Thanks in advance for saving me from another beating.
  13. cremodan 64 was available from Paris Gourmet when they carried the Patis France line, dont know what its called since they switched over to mec3. I'll ask my rep
  14. I have been approached by an equal (in somewhat alittle more experienced) pastry chef and bakery owner to go into a partnership. Scenario: The pastry chef in question is either closing her shop and storing her equipment or selling her business outright. The reason she is closing is that it has gotten very difficult for her to make a living in the area she is in due to the fact that there are too many bakeries in that town and the customers are set in their ways and they dont really need another bakery....yada yada..... She is extremely talented, hard working and organized. She has worked for some high end shops and does beautiful work. Our idea is to pull all the equipment out of her shop and move it to a warehouse commisary along with the major equipment from my shop-together we have enough equipment to get the job done. We are both on the same wave length as far as ideas, marketing, products, etc... We really dont battle, but who says that wont happen. What my question is: Is a partnership between 2 hard working talented pastry chefs who have the same vision, who are getting into business together to help make more money, get more business and increase our quality of life....a good idea? will it work? My history with partners is very dark and dismal and I've been told that partners are for tennis, but if you have 2 people, evenly dividing the duties and working in "Harmony", does it have a chance? My shop is surviving after 5 years of being business, I'm not closing, but will re-structure it to serve more items such as soup, gelato and sorbet, lite fare a few seats etc... The Warehouse will consist of a commercial production (not huge) kitchen that can also accomodate a catering business (we all ready have a exec chef on board that will take care of all the food), packaging area, etc...
  15. la mia, I use a "bastard type of buttercream" for some applications. It was taught to m e by a Master Konditori (cake maker from Germany) It is more of a ratio than a recipe. 1 lb fondant (soft, not melted) : 1 lb. Hi Ratio Shortening These 2 items are mixed on slow speed in a stand mixer with the paddle attachment. 1 cup Heavy cream is added to smooth out the mixture. Store at room temperature for 1 day or refrigerate for up to 1 week. When using place in mixer with whisk attachment and mix to desired consistency. I do not think this crusts, but I will experiment with crusting as soon as I can.
  16. Summer, I have never used this product but have seen it in action in a few trade shows. It does look cool and has alot of uses for cake decorating. I think they have a demonstration DVD that comes with the product. From what I've seen it can be piped much thinner than a conventional paper cone, it is used alot in string work and think its flexible (to a point)
  17. I do alot of charity events and to my pleasure the event coordinators say that I'm the big draw, attendees always ask if Sweet Karma is going to be there. I usually go overboard with the amount I bring. People tend to act like they've never seen food before at these events, we even have to limit the amount per person to approx 3 so that everyone gets to try us. Definetly bring more than you think you should. Make a statement, if you are out of food then people have nothing to remember you by. A business card is great, but it doesnt evoke the same memory as one of your desserts. Email me as I can give you a few money saving and easy production ideas. brian@sweetkarmadesserts.com
  18. I own a pretty successful (i'm in business for 5 years and its growing) pastry shop in Long Island, Ny. The dessert and cake market is very demanding and most people know what they want. I'm not a shop that makes cheesy super market cakes, we do use food coloring but where necessary. We state that all cakes at Sweet Karma are birthday cakes, we can write on a cookie or a chocolate plaque. Cakes in the case are taken as is, if they want a custom cake then it needs to be pre-ordered, no exceptions. I dont keep freezers full of cakes, we bake regularly to insure freshness. You have to stick to your guns or customers will walk all over you and take advantage of your generosity. My store cakes are priced differently than custom cakes, I define custom cakes as any variation in anyway from a "store cake"
  19. reeni, are you subbing out the anglaise for the fruit puree? if not then you do not have enough gelatin to set the bavarian
  20. I have a small pastry shop that was converted from a hair salon: galley like, long rectangle, no windows, front door, back door, lots of excess heat being produced by refridgerator compressors....so what my deal is.... I'm pulling out my existing cooktop (Wells 2 burner frenchplate-only 1 burner works and takes a long time to heat up) to make room for a 36,000 btu air conditioner to make life bearable. I need replacement suggestions. They will be used atleast once a day, and must support "some" weight from double boilers (rondo, water, and bowl). I purchased 2 Waring professional burners, they're ok but still not enuff ummmphh for me. Anyone got any suggestions? Must be 110v single phase as I am maxed out in my panel. Budget of around $500, was considering induction, but would need something with a 12 inch diameter cooking surface
  21. Chris and everyone else Most of the off the wall flavors and oils can be gotten from Amoretti in CA. They are very generous with there samples so ask for them before you buy. I just got some that made awesome flavored chocolates Cosmopolitan, green tea, mexican cinnamon oil, Habanero oil extract, guiness.............
  22. I'll give it a try..... Chefpeon, give me a mousse recipe you used.... Was it a more fluid type or light and fluffy?
  23. I usually use a little pam spray in the silicone molds, especially the smaller type for mini pastries so they come out clean and easy. I bought the structure sheets for mousse cakes from one of my vendors and tried using them. It was a nightmare, the mousse stuck to it and I had to wash it to get it clean. I went onto the PCB website and they sell the mold release spray for this kind of application, I guess maybe you do need it. I will try food release spray before I buy the stuff from PCB.
  24. I always recruit one of my staff to roll in the outer "crunch" of choice
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