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    Dinner 2016 (Part 5)

    Had a big appetite for Uighur lamb kebabs (Yang Rou Chuanr) and I live in an apartment, so charcoal grilling was not an option. Hence I went for Mutton Jerky. Dehydrated my lamb for ~30 hours @70C, pre-seasoned with salt, chile powder, cumin and fennel . Bit of sugar. As a note to self, I will trim off the excess fat next time.
  2. zend

    Dinner 2016 (Part 4)

    https://asfarasicook.wordpress.com/2016/05/22/pressure-cooker-thai-biryani/ disclaimer: I am a noob at writing recipes, so cast no stones, please.
  3. zend

    Dinner 2016 (Part 4)

    Pressure-cooked Thai-curried lamb & rice
  4. zend

    Dinner 2016 (Part 4)

    @shain : what oven did you use? that looks very yum
  5. zend

    Dinner 2016 (Part 4)

    I've had an amusing minute looking for those chili flakes, Ambassador
  6. zend

    Dinner 2016 (Part 4)

    Freezer party: Mussels in thai red curry sauce
  7. zend

    Dinner 2016 (Part 4)

    @liuzhou I know, I was running low on whole dry chiles. It did come out spicy, though
  8. zend

    Dinner 2016 (Part 4)

    La Zi Ji Ding Qie Zi. Love La Zi Ji Ding (dried-chile deep-fried chicken cubes) and adore eggplant (qiezi), so I thought I would deep fry both and subject them to the spicy, numbing, garlic-ginger, leek-infused treatment afterwards. Covering chicken bits and eggplant in cornstarch and spices-powder made a big difference in the final texture. Spices powder: 1 sugar, 1/4 salt, 1 dried chiles, 1/2 hua jiao, 1/4 fennel, 1/8 cumin seeds. PS - a dish best eaten max 15 min after taken off fire (second helping 20 min afterwards got a bit soggy)
  9. zend

    Beef tendons

    Tendon texture seemed crunchy rather than gelatinous to me (probably it does get gelatinous if boiled long enough). I tasted it used in Fu Qi Fei Pian - a cold SiChuan dish with a slightly sweet, sour and very bright Mala dressing. Grew addicted to it while in ChengDu last week.
  10. Of the books I have been reading lately - mainly on Asian cuisine - this is by far the friendliest to the impatient cook, and also has a great layout. http://www.amazon.com/Pok-Stories-Roadside-Restaurants-Thailand/dp/1607742888 In addition to making for interesting reading, the recipes are well explained, with the added bonus of having a Flavor Profile for each of them, such that, should you miss any ingredient (which you will, if you live outside Thailand), you can at least have an idea of how the dish should end up tasting. Each recipe has a nice foodporn pic attached, and several recommendations as to what goes well with it (among the other recipes in the book, of course). So far, I have cooked Neua Naam Tok (Isaan steak salad, p68), Plaa Neung Manao (Steamed whole fish with lime and chiles, p76) and Phat Phak Ruam Mit (Stir fried mixed vegetables, p98). All of them came out tasting very close to what I had in Thailand. I will detail the recipes I have cooked over the coming period.
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