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    shio koji fermented tofu is quite unique. It's made by fermenting tofu with shio koji for a few weeks first it turns into a hard sliceable cake then it turns creamy and it is sweet and salty. You can do the same thing with a combination of miso + sake + sugar. Left in the refrigerator for a month it turns into something like parmesan cheese and as it changes the texture is unique.
  2. I am currently making some hummos types of spreads and have been making them in a vitamix. The vitamix is getting way too small so I bought a 23 quart robot coupe and it's too slow and will not emulsify like the vitamix. I've been forced to do part of the process in a vitamix and part in the robot coupe but it's so inefficient. Anyone out there know of a faster food processor that will emulsify large batches of food. I've looked at colloidal mills but they are too expensive, but really cool. One of my spreads is an almond+cilantro pesto that is sooooo delicious I usually make about 14 half lb. containers and sell out at markets around NYC pretty quickly. I'm looking to wholesale these soon so need to make a lot more. thanks
  3. Here is a wonderful woman who collects and sells seaweed that she collects in the cold Atlantic waters of Maine. I love what she does and support her in every way that I can. http://www.shesellsseaweed.com/
  4. I realize that nothing tastes like bacon but I am a tempeh maker and have recently bought a cookshack smoker to make tempeh bacon. I have tried soaking the fresh tempeh in olive oil and then a marinade overnight. Mixed the marinade with oil, used veganaise to try to get it fatty (I think it needs fat). I have even put some xanthum gum in the mix which seems to work in keeping the marinade on the tempeh. Also the smoke gets stronger the next day and over powers the flavor. Realizing that some of you might think it sacreligous to make anything but pork taste like bacon, think of the poor vegetarians that are missing all the fun.
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