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  1. Due to our 2 week Anniversary trip to France at the end of April, I will be unable to make it to this work shop. Very sad to miss seeing everyone this year!
  2. Have a trip planned to Europe at the end of April, so not sure I'm going to make it, but will try my best.
  3. John, you DO know we all hate you, right?????? Just kidding. Have a wonderful class.
  4. Thank you Rob and Donna. Looking forward to a wonderful meal!
  5. Donna, Thursday the 16th is Nancy birthday and figured she would want to go somewhere with just us, but she just told me she would love to go with the group to Bullrush. Is it too late to get on the list? Understand if it is. That’s what I get for trying to predict what she wanted.
  6. Rob, When you get the details on Saturday night dinner, could you mention on the FB page as well? I don't check EG as often and don't want to miss signing up for the dinner. Will miss Bullrush on Thursday due to wife's birthday. Thanks. David
  7. Rob, Thank you in advance for already finding a wonderful location and venue for the workshop. I'll be driving from AR if I can help in any way. Like others mentioned, there was a shortage of tools/equipment at the last workshop so good to know the venue has enough AND the Selmi/enrober. I actually do like having someone with a well thought out instructive class be it the MC or whatever. Doubt Elbow would make it, but he would be fantastic to learn from.
  8. I need to produce a product that has two forms of sugar (granulated and liquid) and nuts. If I added browned butter to this product, is there a safe way to jar/can the product with a decent shelf life?
  9. As usual I'm late to the party on Egullet. First, cant believe Ruth is missing the trip. You are the reason I ever started attending. You will be missed. Our only experience with dining in NOTL is treadwell. It was delicious. We arrive in Toronto on Wednesday (Nancy's Birthday) and will make our way over on Friday in time for the bar class. We will have a car to shuttle if needed by anyone. I do wish everyone used their real name on egullet. I read all these posts and always wonder who is posting..lol. Looking forward to the workshop.
  10. Kerry, Just sent money for workshop, bar master class and dinner. I sent a note with the money, but posting here as well. I'm not going to do the Master Class on nut pastes. Also, I don't see my name down for dinner Saturday night. Please put me down and Nancy as well. Thanks.
  11. Kerry, Put me down for both master classes and workshop. 2 for dinner. Thanks, David
  12. As usual, I'm late to the party, but please put me down as going. Master Class too. Thanks Kerry! So glad Tomric worked out. Wish I could actually meet the person I talk to all the time.... lol
  13. Yes, we are at the same hotel. Holiday Inn yorkdale. Passing on Thai because wife isn't attending moratto. Can give rides all weekend if needed.
  14. I'll have a car for three riders when needed. Will check with wife on Thai.
  15. I know someone previously mentioned panning. I know it isn't the thrust of this conference, but would REALLY like to learn a little about it. I'm glad this is a possibility.
  16. Kerry, I must be in la la land. I booked my hotel and plane, but never put myself down as a definite. I would also like to attend the Morato event. I'm under Lambrecht Gourmet. Still need to change that in the system. Wife is joining me, but not for any of the classes, etc. Just along for the ride...
  17. I produce a very large amount of different flavor Toffees each year. I have tempering machines for milk and dark chocolate, but not white. I find Mycryo allows someone not as highly trained to be able to handle tempering white chocolate for my Macadamia/White Chocolate Toffee. This is important as I'm about the only person who can actually temper chocolate without using a machine and it frees me to do other things. It does (as Chocolat mentioned), have times it doesn't blend well for whatever reason. Because I'm making Toffee, it isn't that big a deal. It still tempers.
  18. I also use Grewling's recipe and love using the fresh mint as opposed to peppermint oil. Everyone loves these things. Myself included.
  19. The plans sound exciting. I'm going to put myself down as a tentative. I will know for sure by the end of the month if that isn't too late. This is David Smith. I forgot my name on EG is my company name. Probably should change that one....
  20. Melissa kindly sent me the recipe for Gianduja Delice. It is in French so I'll translate what I can. Processus (g) Ingredients % Caramel 170 390 sucrose 19,69 100 sorbitol powder 5,05 70 glucose atomise 3,53 130 water 5,56 395 noisette 19,94 345 pate de noisette 17,42 500 milk choc couverture 25,25 50 cocoa butter 2,52 produces: 1980 g sugar: 39,38 % Between 40 &50% sweetening index: 0,34% cocoa butter: 41,04 minimum 32% AW: 0,6152 fat matter: 24,11 minimum 20% EST: 92,53 between 95 & 100% Est translates as "is", so not really sure what it means. This is how it was sent to me so good luck.
  21. I can't tell you the reasons, but every class I have taken at Callabaut instructs you to use tempered chocolate just about for every ganache recipe. It always worked so I never questioned... :-)
  22. kerry, they referred to your suggestion of dusting toffee with cocoa powder. Do you do this while the toffee base is still hot or wait until it cools?
  23. I know pop rocks in chocolate is the latest fad, but I want to make some for a young adult group who would love them. However, I tried using them (they came out with a peppermint flavor this year) in a white chocolate ganache and while it tasted fine, they didn't "pop" at all. Anyone have tips or recipes they could share?
  24. I have a Gami Tempering machine I just recently purchased. It is wonderful, I might add. However, I have some vintage Christmas and Easter molds I have been playing with. Does anyone know the correct technique for using these old molds? I have tried filling the mold completely. I have tried pouring in chocolate and rotating around many times and pouring out excess. Each time, the chocolate figure comes out of the mold easily, but they all seem to crack. Sometimes in half, sometimes just a piece. Any suggestions?
  25. Thank you so much for the advice. I'll try it your way next time.
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