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  1. Just saw this on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/sousvide/comments/59xhpn/anyone_in_northern_va_want_a_free_broken_anova/ Not sure where you are located.
  2. I have not found any pricing info. I did ask about interior dimensions, I'll let you know when I find out.
  3. The VP-215 is going for $689 today. Back when I got mine it was $890, still has served me well and my family often comes over after they've bought a couple hundred lbs. of meat. Luckily they give me some since I have the sealer.
  4. Here it is!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/681827929/sansaire-delta-make-perfect-cooking-even-easier
  5. I've been wondering the same! I'm looking all over and still can't see anything. Edit: The twitter page says it is a Kickstarter glitch.
  6. I messaged the people at Anova and asked if they may offer a coupon since the Joule was cheaper. I got an email back with a $50 coupon code for the wifi unit. I ended up getting 3 at $149 each.
  7. I hope Anova drops price. I wanted to buy a few for Xmas presents. I wish the Joule could be used without a phone!
  8. Food Service Wharehouse is going out of business. http://www.foodservicewarehouse.com/ They have some pretty good deals, $100 minimum though.
  9. Allclad Factory seconds Copper core + more - 24 hours only http://www.homeandcooksales.com/
  10. I was just able to get on, for some reason it wasn't working before. I'll go look and let you know. Thank you!!
  11. The chocolot website is not working for me right now. I was looking for a place in Salt Lake to buy for Valentines. Any boxed sets available in the area? Thank you
  12. I have a Cuisinart unit but have been looking at Dynamic International for a while now. If I used mine more or needed more power I think this would be a great unit.
  13. Maybe some white nail polish could make that a little easier to see.
  14. This year was pretty mild. Cuisinart CSO-300 Steam Oven, Instant Pot and an Immersion Blender. I'm thinking next year will be a few good knives and that's all.
  15. Sorry for the repost but things got lost from the site upgrade. Was wondering if I could get the excel spreadsheet for the times on different things.
  16. Anna N - I read somewhere to hit the steam button for 0 minutes to get broccoli to come out good. Maybe give that a try. Quick release
  17. rotuts - I was interested in steaming veggies and thought the cake pan would be interesting to try. I was not sure it would fit in the IP but that FB group people had talked about it so I guess it does. Its pretty cheap so I may give it a try.
  18. Does anyone have this 4 piece silicone set or anything else you may recommend? http://www.qvc.com/Cooks-Essentials-4-pc.-Silicone-Pressure-Cooker-Inserts.product.K42922.html
  19. I went to my sisters house at noon, nothing started and plan was to eat by 2. I spatchcocked the turkey and got it in the oven, then sat around for about 30 min. while her friend stopped by to look at her new house. My parents stopped by and we got started on everything. Hasselback sweet potatoes, dressing, corn cut off the cob sauteed in butter, breuusel sprouts sauteed with bacon, rainbow carrots baked in a honey glaze, mashed potatoes in the pressure cooker, giblet gravy, etc.. Only drawback was store bought rolls. We did eat at 2 and she had the best idea after! She had bought small pot pie tins and we all took the leftovers and made pot pies. She had the pie crusts ready from the night before. It was a lot of fun and I think I will start doing the pot pies when I host in the future!
  20. Here is another article about Chefsteps and the Joule. http://www.eater.com/2015/11/24/9788798/chefsteps-sous-vide-gabe-newell-immersion-circulator
  21. It does say it has a magnet if you do not use the clip. Full specs here. https://www.chefsteps.com/joule?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=joule-presales-P
  22. I didn't want to buy one just yet but that may be a deal I can't pass up!
  23. Wow! Nice job Okanagancook! This will be in my kitchen by year end!
  24. I received an email from the company about the recall and instructions on getting a new unit. I never had a problem with the original unit but it is better to be safe than sorry. The new unit is working fine and I also got a glass lid with the new unit.
  25. I have the ip-DUO60 and generally only cook for myself and my 2 boys. Roast, chicken wings, stocks, stews, etc I know there are other functions but have not used any in the short time I have had it. pazzaglia is a poster here that also writes a blog, http://www.hippressurecooking.com/ There is a lot of info on her site about the Instantpot.
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