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  1. Blether - thanks. The post you referred me to is a great education. At least now I know what I'm looking for. Katsuwonus pelamis aka Skipjack. I hope I can find someone in the US who processes katsuo in the proper/traditional way. I'm profoundly saddened by the continuing disaster there. I wonder how you can remain in Tokyo. Even in Tokyo, if your shoes were brought to the US after walking around outside, they would qualify for special handling as hazardous waste. Where you are is just too close for comfort (in other words: insane) considering the continued readings which are hidden from the
  2. I am seeking an Atlantic? source for Katsuobushi (dried smoked bonito shavings for dashi/stock) for Miso Soup. Wondering what I am REALLY looking for, I see this online: In Japan, Skipjack tuna = Katsuwonus pelamis. ALSO KNOWN AS: Tuna, Ocean Bonito, Lesser Tuna, Aku ATLANTIC SOURCE: U.S. wild-caught from New York to Florida (I wonder if this is at all related to Atlantic bonito = Sarda sarda....some say these are "a type of mackerel"; now I am confused.) What AM I looking for? In Japan they call it "Katsuo"! Here in Seattle, I use Katsuo-bushi (dried, smoked, Bonito/mackerel shavings) to mak
  3. WC, or Dear Ms. Crank, woo! Nice reply. Shame on me for not reading it sooner! It appears that you are about 7 years ahead of my real tea-tasting experience. (We've a lot in common: quick-read thermometer, digital scale, love of capturing photographs, clinics?, coffee and now tea) First I had to look up what gongfu cha is and learned [Wikipedia] that tea masters in China and other Asian tea cultures study for years to perfect this method. YEARS!?! I'm in my 5th decade and don't have the patience or the time! What is a man to do? Imagine this: I have never tasted a puh-er! (Though you can bet
  4. AWEsome answer. Just what I am looking for, and yes, I do tent to approach it like a lab project though I appreciate the artistic levels as well...that's part of the science, too! lol. I am loving being at the ignorance is bliss stage (like I used to be with coffee) and know that once I know something, I don't like to go back. When I make multiple infusions one right after another, I set out a row of small, thick, pre-heated sake cups so that I can sample each of the 4 infusions separately. Today was my first experience with Republic of Tea's Acai Green tea. This is probably like saying I at
  5. Greetings, Prepare for a long post. I have been searching all over the internet for an answer to a question and it's starting to appear that I may have to do my own experimenting. Still, I thought to ask someone (you all) who have MUCH more experience with tea than me. I have a doctorate in chiropractic and always got an A in Lab which, like cooking, I love. I also have the equivalent of a doctorate in coffee, yet not for tea....yet. For coffee I use a digital scale, a digital thermometer, stellar water (properly mineralized), make single variations every day over many weeks and record data o
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