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  1. I inherited a saucepan in this leaf pattern. It's not very good, but it is pretty and collectible. I agree with your judgment that vintage Descoware is better quality than LC. I also have a cornflower yellow wood handled Descoware skillet and a small saucepan I keep around for color. I like the grey interior enamel.
  2. Yup. They come in handy if you ever want to make spicy hot aluminum sauce, though. Everyone should try Visions at least once. They usually can be found for a $ at thrift stores.
  3. I hate to be the pee on the campfire here, but... Early in my cooking life, I invested quite heavily in Le Creuset, and had most of the saucepans--and most everything else (in Rotuts Blue). Both the wooden-handled and hollow "blob" saucepan versions. I even had a strange third variant with a flat cast iron handle that "mated" with an even stranger cover/tiny poele. In my humble opinion, these are possibly the second-worst saucepans ever conceived (Visions, take your bow!). They are sluggish in the extreme, and the rims chip easily. The only good thing about them is the spout, I think. At the time I bought my large batterie of Le Creuset, I thought it was the sine qua non of performance cookware. From where I look now, I think Le Creuset cost me at least a decade of cooking advancement and enjoyment. Sorry, carry on.
  4. But that CO is nice for creating a smoke ring in Q and pseudo-Q...
  5. As Cook Islanders say: "My grandfather ate your grandfather." The Hawai'ians are more poetically indirect; they say: "Until the fat runs." A sealed earth oven (imu) is very close to being the prototype SV cooker. Lacks the wi-fi, though...
  6. I have not tried it, but we can deduce that there isn't a lot of aluminum in it. If it is indeed 3mm total thickness, the steel layers comprise ± 1.2mm of that. The remaining ± 1.8mm would be two flanking layers of aluminum, each ≤ 1mm. Compare with the good disk-based designs, which contains 6-8mm aluminum cores.
  7. Good report. FYI, the Silvinox treatment is quite durable, and does generally clean up easily. Strangely, however, it hangs onto fully polymerized fats more tenaciously than do most of my other pans. Nothing BKF or Carbon-Off can't fix, though. If you like this pan, may I suggest you also consider the Demeyere double plancha, also with Silvinox? It was >$500 ( and practically unavailable in USA) forever, and then Zwilling offered it at <$100. It puts the fun back in griddling on a home hob, and is probably the most even heat of anything else on the market.
  8. Conratulations. The combination of features (2mm copper core, TriplInduc, Silvinox) make or a great pan. Please post a review!
  9. boilsover


    I suggest you look at the flatware made by Ricci.
  10. Don't apologize, even if "heavy" is a relative term. Fisslers tend to have slightly thicker walls than most disk-based pans, and they are mondo thick where it counts--the bottoms. I think your pot has a 6mm core of aluminum, bonded to the 1.2mm pan body, plus whatever "Cook-Star" sheet they put on the bottom for induction. It's probably near 8mm total bottom thickness. The good news for you may be that the larger sizes have even thicker cores.
  11. I agree we disagree. I and others have tested these A-C lines. See, https://www.centurylife.org/what-is-the-difference-between-tri-ply-and-5-ply-and-7-ply-how-many-plies-do-i-need/ and https://www.centurylife.org/cookware-even-heating-rankings-butane-propane-natural-gas-etc/ The interleaving of more steel between conductive layers doesn't seem to actually accomplish much except increase the weight of the pan, and decrease the total thickness of aluminum. Yet make d5 less responsive. All-Clad seemed to acknowledge their Start-Stop-Start-Stop theory about this is wrong when they switched to touting d7 as "just like cast iron except up to 30% lighter." Given all the other good possible choices, d5 is far down my list.
  12. I would suggest that, if you're handy (or you find the right service person), you simply have a good hardwired thermometer installed inside the oven. Route the cable through/around the cooktop and to the base unit. If you use a Type K thermocouple, you might consider one of the new Thermoworks ThermaQ Wi-Fi base units. They have dual channels, so you can plug in a second probe (contact, penetration, etc.). The cost for all 3 isn't much, but you would have the install to finance. Otherwise, just get used to the cable hanging out the door.
  13. Why does it need to be intant-read? You're leaving it in the oven, right? If you open the door, it throws off the reading.
  14. Most IR guns have adjustable emissivity these days. You might have to switch back and forth between shiny and black, but it's not that big a deal. One of the unsung heroes of Thermoworks is the Contact Thermapen. BTW, Thermoworks has a sale that ENDS TODAY on Smoke, Thermapen, and ThermaQ--up to 32% off.
  15. They're not the best, and the handles gripe me, but they're OK. The basic A-C Stainless triply is IMO the best of the A-C clad lines.
  16. IMO, the Demeyere wins by a mile. You might also consider a Demeyere Proline 5* skillet. The newest ones are completely sealed for dishwasher use.
  17. Be careful. The Argentine peso and the entire economy is in real trouble at present.
  18. Thanks. So, 6.3L is too big/heavy, and 4.8L is too small?
  19. Please link me to your Fissler. I did not know they make a true stockpot. The classic 1:1 has to do with minimizing the exposed surface area, gentling the convection currents, and making room on the cooktop..
  20. Yes, a 1:1 height:diameter shape is best. Visually, they appear more tall than wide.
  21. YW. This has been quite a chase if you are happy with the Fissler. It's not the best geometry for a stockpot, IMO, but hey...
  22. Looks like it's d/c. You probably have to find it used or as new old... stock. Call the NJ Zwilling warehouse and see if they can find you one.
  23. That is available. Try this: https://www.wayfair.com/kitchen-tabletop/pdp/demeyere-atlantis-stainless-steel-stock-pot-dmr1061.html
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