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  1. Wow this is interesting information! I have the first issue in good condition, I had no idea they were in such high demand...?

    I definitely agree issue #3 was a much better read than issue #2.

  2. I never liked Jeff Smith too much and Craig, his lovely assistant, used to creep me out.

    Bad cooking shows have to include MaryAnn Esposito's. She was the messiest cook on tv next to Natalie Dupree who made biscuits every episodes and ended up dusted with flour from head to toe.

    Mary Ann's show does stink. I am not sure what it is that irritates me more the sound of her voice or the blandness of the entire show...

  3. So today I was snacking on some assorted olives, which I often do, seeing as how healthy they are :wink: . There were about 5 or 6 different olives in the batch; some sweet and fruity, some dry and funky - you get the picture.

    I think I've decided that my favorite olive is the Cerignola - especially the green ones. Might be because they're huge, but probably more so because they're so damn tasty.

    Do you have a favorite olive? And why?

    Are these the bright green ones that also come in a red variety? If so these are my favorite as well. My MIL always brings me some back from her hometown Naples. Great now I'm craving them!

  4. Hello all, my family and I will be taking a road trip starting here in Kansas City heading east towards Connecticut. I am trying to plan some restaurants in Indiana near I-70, that of course needs to have an awesome pork tenderloin sandwich. Then of course on to Dayton, Columbus, and up 71 towards Akron, so any restaurant/diners suggestions would be greatly appreciated! We are looking for local favorite type of places.



  5. Not really a sandwich but definitely obscene on a number of levels.

    The grilled chicken wiener with ketchup, relish and yellow mustard on a croissant. . .

    Wow what a great idea! My hubby would love that. Thanks now I have Wednesdays dinner planned. Italian sausage w/ peppers and onions on croissants.

  6. One last one that we did last month....

    So basically for this we made a couple of monterey jack grill cheese sandwiches with peppers, ground up a chuck roast and made homemade burgers topped with havarti and finally took a portabello mushroom stuffed it with fontina cheese, breaded it with panko and deep fried it.

    The construction is grill cheese, burger, portabello, burger, and finally topped with another grilled cheese.....just try to survive eating this.





    Have a good night!!


    This sandwich/burger concoction is a beautiful thing. This just made my day!

  7. Christina Cooks IS the WORST!

    Shes MESSY, the food is gross, she actually truly believes that all the eggs at the mkts would have turned into chickens had

    us horrible carnivores had not put them in the refrigerator...@@

    And she USED to say "a pinch of salt to close the vegetables shut." What does that mean?

    Christina Cooks is the only cooking show that has actually found a way to make me less hungry. So I guess I could use her show as a dieing tool. Too bad I think her show may be canceled....darn.

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  8. I just thought of two more PBS shows I can't stand -

    "Christina Cooks" - she has this guy with her for half the show serenading her on guitar about her cooking. Weird.

    "Joanne Weir's Cooking Class" - her personality and manner of speaking just grate on my nerves. She's talking to grown adults like they're three year olds - "Okay, so now to get this bell pepper cooked- - have you ever eaten a bell pepper? - we have to cut it into strips with this knife. You've seen a knife like this before, right?". Drives me insane - it's the kindergarten teacher voice or something...

    I agree with both of your choices. The guitar guy is odd, and her food is boring. Joanne Weir creeps me out, it must be her voice.

    Also, anything that involves Bobby Flay. Everyone should try goggling "I hate Bobby Flay" quite hilarious results!

  9. I think Fat Guy has killed 2 birds with one stone here....use those extra bags to hold all of that extra ice from your ice maker. Balancing petty thievery with resourcefulness wipes the slate clean in my eyes.

    Wow...you have taken the words directly out of my mouth. This must be a KC coincidence.

    Take a deep breath everyone. They are just produce bags. Personally, if I worked in the produce section of a grocery store and happened to witness someone thieving these precious bags, I would most likely just chuckle to myself. What a great topic this is.

  10. My only question is....are these bags coming from a corporate grocery store or a small local grocery store?

    A regional chain.

    In this case, I would definitely not consider this theft. Calling this "true theft" would be like comparing this situation to waltzing into a friends house and pocketing one of their possessions. However, it is interesting to see what others opinions are on this matter.

  11. The produce bags from the store where I shop are quite sturdy. They're useful as small trash bags in the car, for picking up dog poop (though our dog is long gone), for packing a sandwich, for all sorts of things. They perform an equivalent function to large baggies.

    My only question is....are these bags coming from a corporate grocery store or a small local grocery store?


    I take extra bags as well.

  12. There is a funky smell in most Subway's that I just can't get past. Any idea what it is?

    I thought it was just me who smelled that. My wife thinks I'm crazy for not wanting to eat Subway becuase of the smell of their stores. I will eat a Mr Goodcent's veggie sub on Friday's during Lent, there isn't much cheese though, but the veggies seem fresh and there's no smell in the store.

    I tried Quizno's once. I ordered somekind of Italian sub. They put the meat and cheese on the break and then hit each side with the triple nozzled goop squirter. Lots of goop on both sides, really sweet goop. I didn't care for it and have not gone back.

    The smell gets to me as well. I normally go with Jimmy Johns instead, much better quality and better bang for the buck.

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