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  1. ellevan

    Water/rice ratios

    This is my go to rice recipe http://shiokfood.com/notes/archives/000022.html (for long grain). It calls for 1 cup of rice to 1.5 cups water. It never fails!
  2. Wow this is interesting information! I have the first issue in good condition, I had no idea they were in such high demand...? I definitely agree issue #3 was a much better read than issue #2.
  3. I noticed this today at TJ's just looking for regular white wine vinegar, yet all I found was balsamic and other interesting flavors. Disappointing!
  4. Mary Ann's show does stink. I am not sure what it is that irritates me more the sound of her voice or the blandness of the entire show...
  5. Are these the bright green ones that also come in a red variety? If so these are my favorite as well. My MIL always brings me some back from her hometown Naples. Great now I'm craving them!
  6. Hello all, my family and I will be taking a road trip starting here in Kansas City heading east towards Connecticut. I am trying to plan some restaurants in Indiana near I-70, that of course needs to have an awesome pork tenderloin sandwich. Then of course on to Dayton, Columbus, and up 71 towards Akron, so any restaurant/diners suggestions would be greatly appreciated! We are looking for local favorite type of places. Thanks! Elizabeth
  7. Wow! I am loving your blog and I can't wait to see what the rest of this week brings! My husband and I love Stone brewery, although it is somewhat hard to find here...great beer. I am jealous to say the very least.
  8. ellevan

    Obscene Sandwich

    Wow what a great idea! My hubby would love that. Thanks now I have Wednesdays dinner planned. Italian sausage w/ peppers and onions on croissants.
  9. ellevan

    Obscene Sandwich

    Clark, that beer and mushroom soup sounds and looks delicious would you mind sharing the recipe?
  10. ellevan

    Obscene Sandwich

    This sandwich/burger concoction is a beautiful thing. This just made my day!
  11. Christina Cooks is the only cooking show that has actually found a way to make me less hungry. So I guess I could use her show as a dieing tool. Too bad I think her show may be canceled....darn.
  12. I agree with both of your choices. The guitar guy is odd, and her food is boring. Joanne Weir creeps me out, it must be her voice. Also, anything that involves Bobby Flay. Everyone should try goggling "I hate Bobby Flay" quite hilarious results!
  13. Wow...you have taken the words directly out of my mouth. This must be a KC coincidence. Take a deep breath everyone. They are just produce bags. Personally, if I worked in the produce section of a grocery store and happened to witness someone thieving these precious bags, I would most likely just chuckle to myself. What a great topic this is.
  14. wow... people are getting very heated about this topic.
  15. A regional chain. Ok. Why does that matter? This is just based on my personal opinion of petty theft in general. I am not a fan of large corporations.... The Robin Hood theory of property rights? Hah...to some extent you could say that.
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