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  1. I've only been to New Asha on Victory Boulevard, which is more take-out oriented, but has a delicious crab curry and very good string hoppers and pittu. This blog gives a good summary of the current offerings, though, and the writer is one of the fixers for Anthony Bourdain's Sri Lanka show for No Reservations, so I'd trust his views on authenticity. If you're in Manhattan, Sigiri is still very good, though the excellent Nirvana is sadly no more.
  2. Any word on why Emeril is getting out of the cookbook/accessories biz? I'd guess with the end of Emeril Live, he's anticipating that the profitability will go down, and maybe he's not interested in having to promote himself to outlets other than Food Network? Makes sense for Martha -- since before she did time, she's been varying the faces in front of the camera for the cooking shows, and this is a good way to diversify with a known quantity, who is well-loved by a lot of people. After all, Oprah already got Rachael.
  3. I have been back a couple of times since the re-opening, and I have to say that the food is just as wonderful as it was before. The Bhel Puri was refreshing, and had just the right combination of salty, sweet, and tangy. And the short ribs, new on this menu, I believe, were a revelation. The only thing I missed was the tandoori steak with the potato and curry leaf chips. That was my favorite item on the menu before, and I'm sorry to see it hasn't made it onto the new menu. Perhaps, one day.
  4. Just out of curiosity -- has anyone been to Churrascaria Girassol in Astoria lately? It was reviewed in the NYT a few years ago, and I managed to go a couple of times, but I haven't been in years. I'll add my vote to Plataforma. The meats and all of the other garnishes at Plataforma are the highest quality I sampled, at least if you're comparing to Porcao and Green Field. Can't speak for Newark places...yet. It's busy and chaotic, but I wouldn't blame that so much on Times Square as on the parade of skewered meats and hordes of eager carnivores!
  5. As some of you may know, I've been a long time, mostly lurky member of eGullet, and I'm writing to ask for advice on how to get a ready to eat product into retail stores and into the press. This isn't a shill or attempt to get you to buy the product (though I personally think they're fantastic). What are they? Embittermints are mints with cheeky expressions carved into them (www.embittermints.com for more info). What I am asking for is advice from people, particularly those of you in the food/confectionery retail and/or press business on how to get Embittermints into stores and in the food press. Thanks in advance!
  6. Strange how the tides turn...I was just thinking of doing a cupcake tasting in the West Village this past weekend. It must be something in the air. My taste in cakes/cupcakes is as follows: I like a moist but not too dense cake with a nice buttercream icing that is fairly dense -- not melty like the Cupcake Cafe -- and sweet. Anyway, I generally like Crumbs too, particularly the yellow cake with chocolate icing. But, my favorite, so far, is the Mitchell London yellow cake with chocolate icing that they have at the Fairway Cafe (and which a very nice waiter comp'ed for a friend and me when we went to have the steak dinner). I'm not a huge fan of either the Magnolia/Buttercup or Cupcake Cafe cupcakes. I find the icing too whipped cream like, and I prefer a denser, fudgier buttercream type icing. And the cake for the Cupcake Cafe cupcake is, like the regular sized cakes, too greasy/dense for my taste. That said, I have heard excellent things about Polka Dot, Mary's Off Jane and the Sedaris cupcakes at Joe's and hope to try them soon(hence the thought of a cupcake crawl). Anyone know if Angelina's on Orchard makes cupcakes -- their blue velvet cake is my favorite cake in the city, so I would definitely be keen on one of their cupcakes.
  7. My two favorite fry places these days are Steak Frites and Edward's (across from The Odeon). The burgers at each of these places are quite good (maybe not Burger Club material, but I like 'em), but I find the fries to be really good. Long fries, slightly browned. Yum.
  8. I've been for brunch -- generally good, I would say, but not as good as the lunch and dinner. The brunch menu has some sweet brunch items (banana nutella crepes, pancakes of some sort, fennel french toast -- I didn't love that one), some eggs, and a few lunch-ish items. The brunch prix fixe is good -- interesting choices, and more interesting than the usual brunch. They also have a lunch prix fixe (both prix fixes are $25), which my dining companions enjoyed quite a bit.
  9. I've enjoyed making your rhubarb recipes in How to Cook Everything, and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for non-dessert uses of rhubarb. I had a fantastic salad at Jean-Georges that paired rhubarb with lobster, and it has set my wheels turning....
  10. I recently received a copy of How to Cook Everything, and I am enjoying trying out the recipes, in addition to my experiments with the interesting items you do in the NY Times (creamed corn -- who knew?) Anyway, as I am just starting to get my kitchen tools together, are there any tools that you would deem essential for the beginner cook? Thanks
  11. I actually was on a garden kick a while back, and here are some of my favorite outdoor spots: The Independent: food can be good, and I like the industrial Tribeca space. Bring on the fumes! Odeon: Actually prefer outdoors to the rather gloomy indoor space, particularly for lunch. 79th St. Boat Basin: Not under the overpass, though, but in the actual terrace area. Barolo: mediocre food, but quality people watching. SNL did their wrap parties there. Rialto (Elizabeth St.): Haven't been in years, but liked the covered garden space. Le Jardin (Spring/Kenmare): Lovely bistro food, lovely garden (with real grape vines!) Lunettes et Chocolat: They had a lovely garden cafe last summer with crepes etc. Excellent food. Bistrot Margot: Interesting bistro menu, excellent garden. Pepe Giallo (10th Ave): Very nice outdoor garden, for 10th Ave, also very good (and cheap) food. Pierrot Bistro: Excellent outdoor space, fun eclectic food. Also enjoyed drinks/snacks at the Parkview at the Boathouse, but didn't eat there. Have had lunch on Mulberry St. for one of the prix fixes, really the only way to do Little Italy (other than moving into DiPalo's and sampling everything, of course). Hmm. Now I have a garden hankering....
  12. About the "love cake" -- I know and love a Sri Lankan dessert called "love cake" that has semolina and cashew nuts in a cake batter -- very sweet and dense. Would that describe the version at The Harrison? (If so, I'll go and get some, since the last time I had "love cake" is when I brought one back from Sri Lanka about a year and a half ago).
  13. Inspired by the burger slide show accompanying Ed Levine's article, I've been trying to get up there for their burger, but I haven't had a day off at lunchtime when they're open. Has anyone had the burger, and, if so, how was it? As I recall, Telepan seemed to be known for his work with vegetables (he was even on Cooking Live on a veggie show), has anyone tried those?
  14. I know I'm a little late in the thread, but how is the atmosphere in the evening? (I've been to the cafe for lunch and brunch....) Would it be awkward to dine alone at the steakhouse?
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