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  1. I'm been enjoying what amounts to a Hemingway G&T: 1/2 oz each Campari, Aperol, Maraschino 3/4 oz lime 1 oz gin 3-ish oz tonic, 1/2 bottle Fever Tree Light Tonic or similar. Adjust lime if using a sweeter tonic. Alas, the juniper of the gin doesn't come through as much as I'd like, but it's a lovely bitter big modest-alcohol drink that's perfect for summer. A motivated consumer might try a high juniper gin -- Juniperio maybe?
  2. Nice photo, @chefmd. I love the lens effect with the glass bottom of the glass, with the air bubble.
  3. Was at the fabulous Back Room in Waltham MA (any place with hanging meat is already a win) and had their Last Run, a Last Word variation with Genepy for Green Chartreuse. Great. Making it again tonight for guests.
  4. Wut? I re-read @tanstaafl2's reply. He is helping you determine the actual distillery. He neither contradicted anything you said nor implied that you were spreading false information. I appreciate @tanstaafl2's expertise, enjoy his posts, and usually learn something.
  5. Tepache sounds delicious. I love cider-gone-hard but it seems just about impossible to get unpasteurized apple cider (US definition -- fresh unfiltered apple juice) anymore. Even the orchards don't/can't sell it. I do remember getting quite a head ache from drinking too much, presumably from undesirable fermentation products.
  6. Or add some juniper berries to the bottle and drink it with dry vermouth or tonic water.
  7. My dry, harsh, high-proof, extra bitter Amer Boudreau makes a better Brooklyn than Bigallet. Dan out.
  8. Massachusetts is very keen on receiving all its liquor tax. No mail order.
  9. Rittenhouse is crazy-expensive near me -- close to $30.
  10. @Craig E Sounds like you need to try The Dagger with similar ingredients but less evil and a touch of lemon. Now I wish I had a bottle to play with.
  11. The Benny Hill clip was very funny and clever, and Chaplin's shaking is just pure joy to watch. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Brilliant. Sort of a cross with Creole Shrubb!
  13. The Brooklyn with homemade Amer Broudan is a house favorite. My only modifications to Boudreau's recipe are to use half regular and half bitter orange peel in the tincture and to adjust with alcohol to 40 ABV. It is pretty rough when first made. A year in the bottle makes a world of difference, but I've been impatient. I really need to make a double batch to get ahead of the curve.
  14. It is traditionally drunk cold? I've always had it neat. Just about the most awkward bottle for the freezer -- maybe after Chambord and Galliano.
  15. 1 oz Swedish Punsch 1 oz Campari 1/2 oz Rhum agricole 1 1/2 oz mix of lemon and lime Kind of like a lazy Bitter Mai Tai. I would probably use all lime, but those zested lemons looked so sad in the fruit drawer.
  16. I'm wondering about something like Benedictine with a touch of vanilla extract....Or even Velvet Falernum... If you were close by, I'd give you my bottle. I don't seem to ever use it, but then I'm not a tiquiphile.
  17. Whuzzat? Google unhelpful.
  18. Use Punt e Mes for the sweet half. I like the sugar balance of a perfect Negroni.
  19. I often wonder if Apricot and Cherry "Brandy" from historic recipes is actually fruit brandy, rather than fruit liqueur. Makes quite a difference.
  20. I can't decide whether I would eat the lemon peel on the way to the Luxardo cherry or not. 1/2 oz of St Elizabeth is a lot. That stuff is very powerful.
  21. Measure out 1/2 oz dry vermouth for a 1:5 Martini. Empty bottle of gin (1 1/2 oz) and dispose of bottle. Go to backstock closet and discover that I have no more gin of any kind, including genever and old tom. Turns out a 1:3 Martini is pretty nice. Now for a small Manhattan... EDIT: Turns out my 5 mo old Labrador Retriever didn't really enjoy her sample of my unattended Manhattan. Probably has sorority girl tastes.
  22. Batched Manhattans? Vermouth is cheap and you can use something economical for the rye (or bourbon, which might be cheaper), plus Angostura. Leftover bourbon or rye wouldn't go to waste. It's a drink that appeals a broad audience. It also avoids the hassle of squeezing fresh citrus.
  23. Passion fruit in a Painkiller? Not that even the Soggy Dollar makes a good one these days.
  24. @Frogprincesse uses bottled sour mix and adds Apple Pucker to her Mai Tai's. #AlternativeFact
  25. Recipe suggests Carpano Antica.
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