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  1. Eventually you will explode.
  2. Cheap orgeat is flavored with almond extract, which has quite a different flavor from soaking almonds in water. They are quite different. You might need to order some good stuff. I've never found real peach brandy (aged distilled fermented peach juice). I'd say peach eau de vie plus maybe some cognac would be a good sub?
  3. Very good. Naked and Famous by Joaquin Simo, Death & Co, New York, NY 3/4 oz Mezcal, Del Maguey Chichicapa (or Vida) 3/4 oz Herbal liqueur, Yellow Chartreuse 3/4 oz Lime juice 3/4 oz Aperol Shake, strain, straight up. -- Kindred Cocktails | Craft + Collect + Concoct + Categorize + Community
  4. Where have you been my whole life? Roycroft Cocktail by Gary Crunkleton, The Crunkleton, Chapel Hill, North Carolina (USA) 1 oz Rye, Rittenhouse 1/2 oz Herbal liqueur, Green Chartreuse 1/2 oz Bénédictine 1/2 oz Cherry Liqueur, Cherry Heering 1 oz Lemon juice 1 sli Ginger (as garnish) Shake; strain; up; garnish. -- kindredcocktails.com | Craft + Collect + Concoct + Categorize + Community
  5. Well now you've got me wondering about 2oz Plantation Stiggin's, 1/2oz lime, 1/2oz Pierre Ferrand dry curacao.
  6. Well, if you really want to know.... https://kindredcocktails.com/article/bourbon
  7. Man, clicking that link to Gaz's site, left untouched since his death, hits you in the gut.
  8. Craig, when I see your orange garnishes all I can think about is riding a bike standing up and having my feet slip off the pedals.
  9. Thinking about Black Manhattan-ish variations: 2 oz Bourbon 1/2oz Luna Amara Aperitiva 1/2oz Blanc vermouth cherry Big rock
  10. Soooo sad. I never met him, but his emails to me were always generous and his bartender-oriented newsletter revealed a depth of compassion and thoughtful consideration of others.
  11. I've not had the 8, but Lagavulin 16 is a standard that others are compared against (as is Laphroaig 10). I'm not saying they are the best, but that they are well known and respected for what they are. I like Laphroaig 10 in cocktails because it's super heavy peat stands up. I find it a bit one dimensional all by itself. Lagavulin gives you some nice wet bandaids with your campfire.
  12. For a Negroni-as-highball, I'd include the sweet vermouth because its such a big part of the flavor profile. Maybe add both bitter lemon and lemon juice to base Negroni? BTW, seltzer and just about any amaro or aperitif makes a great low alcohol cocktail. Maybe with a squeeze of lemon.
  13. Looks underwhelming, given the variety of great cocktail books by, ya know, cocktail experts. I also don't recommend Modern Brain Surgery by Mr. Goodwrench.
  14. I've had this discussion before. To my taste buds, sour reduces bitter. Some don't find this to be true. For me, a Negroni is a fairly "advanced" bitter drink. Campari, soda, and lemon is much easier. Also: Maybe try Punt e Mes is your Sourpuss Liberal.
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