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  1. EvergreenDan

    Sad News about Katie Loeb

    Seen via Facebook today. I fondly recall the time when Katie was very active on eGullet. https://www.gofundme.com/znkb4-we-love-katie/
  2. EvergreenDan

    Drinks! 2018

    Standard description:
  3. EvergreenDan

    An Ideal Negroni

    1 Gin, 1 Campari, 1/2 Punt e Mes, 1/2 Cap Corse Rouge. What's not to like?
  4. EvergreenDan

    Drinks! 2018

    Try a perfect Negroni, splitting the vermouth half sweet and half dry. And/or try using Punt e Mes for the sweet vermouth. It is midway between vermouth and amaro, and the extra bitterness tempers the sugar a bit. Or try something vermouth-like but less sweet, like a Chinato or Byrrh. Or fiddle with ratios, such as 2 gin : 1 Campari : 1 sweet vermouth.
  5. Balsams? As in Riga Black Balsams sort of thing?
  6. EvergreenDan

    Spruce syrup!

    I'm going to try the Firred Word with EdV of Douglas Fir. Sounds great in my head.
  7. EvergreenDan

    Drinks! 2018

    The juniper flavor works well. Many brands are made.
  8. EvergreenDan

    Drinks! 2018

    *cough* Gibson.
  9. Every time I read this ingredient, I think explosive. Oh, and looking at the ingredients for your Lasagne, I'd say forgetting the celery saved you a couple hours of work. With 4 meats (5 if you count porcini), it sounds great.
  10. Yes. I figured I got the wrong table's drink. Came back the same. Sent it back and asked for a glass of CAF. Mysteriously, they JUST ran out. Ordered a Martini, which at least contained gin. And a lot of water. Next time beer or Scotch neat.
  11. @FrogPrincesse I had a house special Manhattan at a so-so place that featured CAF and some nice rye. What came, I'm confident, was vodka and grenadine.
  12. I agree with a Daiquiri as a test of skill, but a Martini, Manhattan or Negroni? They are good made with almost any reasonable ratio or ingredient choice. This makes them a good choice in a bar I don't trust. If I get a cold glass of gin with an olive, I'll still happily drink it. But if I get a Daiquiri with sour mix, I'm just going to pout.
  13. @PassionateAmateur Those are some great looking bottles, none of which I've tried except the Zacapa Solara. It is highly sweetened. Treat it like rum liqueur, or like a rum Old Fashioned -- just add bitters. When you try the Vino Amaro, I'd be curious to know what it is like. I bet it makes a great Manhattan.
  14. Gotcha. Lice ova be free!
  15. @Smokeydoke Crema de Mezcal is a liqueur. It may throw the sugar balance off is used for mezcal in recipes without adjustment. I'd suggest you try their Vida next time, which is a straight spirit. It is their least expensive mezcal, and is perfect for mixing.