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  1. Drinks! 2018

    @Smokeydoke I would suggest you find real, high quality orgeat or make some. It tastes like actual almonds (nom, nom, by the handful) rather than extract (e.g. marzipan). Small Hands is reported to be great. BG Reynolds is good, although it is tan in color which puts some off. I would avoid Fee. @JoNorvelleWalker is the Mai Tai queen in these parts. Probably has done more experimenting than anyone with this particular drink. Tiny correction. It's Kindred Cocktails, not Spirits.
  2. Drinks! 2018

    Someone posted this from Fred Yarm's site, CocktailVirginSlut. I tried it tonight and thought it was pretty great. My wife, who isn't a huge Zucca or Cherry Heering fan, loved it too. Estocada by Sahil Mehta, Estragon, Boston 3/4 oz Mezcal 3/4 oz Cherry Liqueur, Cherry Heering 3/4 oz Zucca 3/4 oz Lime juice 1 twst Lime peel Shake with ice, strain into a coupe, garnish
  3. Dibs on Bombogenesis. Now who has a good recipe for it? I'm thinking something either dark/warming or piney/snowy.
  4. Amari

  5. Amari

    Some interesting ideas from Imbibe: http://imbibemagazine.com/after-dinner-amaro-cocktails/
  6. Thanksgiving cocktails

    Oh, alright. You boozeshamed me into making Fish House Punch for the first time. I'm thinking Obsler (apple+pear eau de vie) plus some Giffard apricot liqueur for the peach brandy? Or I have a little Blume Marillen apricot eau de vie, but it seems a touch spendy and subtle for the application. I'm out of Calvados (having never again seen Dupont since the bottle I snagged about 5 years ago), but I have the Laird formerly known as BIB. Daron XO is probably available.
  7. And to think all this time I thought flocculation was how lambs were made.
  8. An Ideal Negroni

    Adding a 1/4 oz of kick-ass Amer Boudreau to my normal Punt e Mes Negroni is not awful.
  9. I always thought this was determined by glassware. Some bars use the 2 oz Oxo measuring cup and are hell-bent on scaling the recipe to fill it. After chilling, this perfectly fills their coupe. But a bar with a 7+ oz conical "Martini" glass wouldn't be able to this without appearing stingy. For my home use, 2 oz is a bit skinny, but anything over 4 oz is asking to be down-scaled or upped to yield 2 drinks. The drink you linked to has awkward proportions, so scaling it accurately would be annoying, whereas a Last Word or Negroni can be made in any desired size without mental gymnastics. I don't object to smaller drinks at a craft bar because I'm probably having two and don't want too much alcohol. But I expect a fair (not cheap) price and high quality ingredients.
  10. Amari

    Looks like you infused a spider for Halloween, Leslie.
  11. Drinks! 2017

    Well, Campari is an obvious choice. Negronis?
  12. Jim Beam Apple

    1 oz Beam Apple 1 oz Fireball 1 oz Midori 1 oz Parfait Amour Stir, strain, insulin-rinsed coupe. Garnish with said green Jolly Rancher.
  13. An Ideal Negroni

    Along the lines of the above: 1 oz gin 1 oz Campari 1/2 oz Punt e Mes 1/2 oz Dolin dry 1/2 oz Zucca
  14. Drinks! 2017

    The female form in the Suffragette photo is ironic.
  15. @FrogPrincesse Midnight Stinger is nice, even though I'm not a huge mint (and therefore Fernet) fan. I'd make that again for sure. Thx.
  16. Drinks! 2017

    Ratios? It's impossible to google for the recipe since "bridal cocktail recipe" returns a zillion crappy wedding drinks. Sounds like a Martinez, no? That's a handsome photo, BTW.
  17. BTW, I use 1 oz each of bitter and sweet peel per 750ml of solvent to make the orange tincture. Not saying that's ideal -- dunno.
  18. Drinks! 2017

    I'm been enjoying what amounts to a Hemingway G&T: 1/2 oz each Campari, Aperol, Maraschino 3/4 oz lime 1 oz gin 3-ish oz tonic, 1/2 bottle Fever Tree Light Tonic or similar. Adjust lime if using a sweeter tonic. Alas, the juniper of the gin doesn't come through as much as I'd like, but it's a lovely bitter big modest-alcohol drink that's perfect for summer. A motivated consumer might try a high juniper gin -- Juniperio maybe?
  19. Drinks! 2017

    Nice photo, @chefmd. I love the lens effect with the glass bottom of the glass, with the air bubble.
  20. Drinks! 2017

    Was at the fabulous Back Room in Waltham MA (any place with hanging meat is already a win) and had their Last Run, a Last Word variation with Genepy for Green Chartreuse. Great. Making it again tonight for guests.
  21. Wut? I re-read @tanstaafl2's reply. He is helping you determine the actual distillery. He neither contradicted anything you said nor implied that you were spreading false information. I appreciate @tanstaafl2's expertise, enjoy his posts, and usually learn something.
  22. Tepache?

    Tepache sounds delicious. I love cider-gone-hard but it seems just about impossible to get unpasteurized apple cider (US definition -- fresh unfiltered apple juice) anymore. Even the orchards don't/can't sell it. I do remember getting quite a head ache from drinking too much, presumably from undesirable fermentation products.
  23. Or add some juniper berries to the bottle and drink it with dry vermouth or tonic water.