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  1. I would definitely consider Arbutus and Launceston Place
  2. Porthminster Cafe in St Ive is good http://www.porthminstercafe.co.uk/.
  3. Hi there, I have trailed the boards looking for California recomendations but I was looking for the most up to date suggestions. I am headed out to San Francisco on 10th May and will spend 4 nights there before making my way down, in the stereotypical way, to LA. any recomendations would be most welcome. I plan to hopefully visit In Canto whilst Fergus Henderson is there which should be good on the 11th May but all other nights are open. Thanks in advance. Nick
  4. I recently discovered coolchile and mexgrocer and was so happy to be able to get decent corn tortillas. I spent a long time in Mexico a few years back and have been unable to find decent tortillas. Although they aren't quite the same, they are near as damn it and far far better than any of the packeted supermarket varieties. Have fun =)
  5. I'm making the most of the Wild Garlic in the New Forest. I just can't get enough of it right now. Gorgeous. I must say, i do fancy dabling with some Elder. Looks interesting.
  6. Here's a white pozole I made last week.
  7. Fergus Hendersons - Nose to Tail Eating
  8. nbaines

    Frozen Bones

    Thanks guys, I thought they should be ok but thought i'd check, I had defrosted them and the marrow from some of the bones had sort of slid out a little and I thought I'd just check to be sure as i've never had that happen with fresh bones and it was the first time i'd frozen them. I'll roast and boil them and see how good they are against fresh bones in a stock. thanks again
  9. nbaines

    Frozen Bones

    I have a bag of veal/beef marow bones which I have in the freezer. They have been there for about 3.5-4 months. Are they still safe to use for stock or should I dispose of them? Many thanks
  10. This week the worlds first 3D interactive farmers market was launched online to capitalise on the growing trend. Is this technology going to far? does this scare anyone? Are we all headed for a life similar to the humans in Disney's WALL-E? Carted round in electric wheelchairs eyes fixed to computer screens. As we race into an era where the computer dominates business and social networking what is to come next? Will people go out for dinner or will we just plug in a taste adaptor via usb. Am I over reacting? Should I welcome the influx of potential business suppliers may receive to keep them in business or vote with my feet, get off my arse and walk to the shop/deli/farmers market. What do you think? http://www.vfmuk.com/
  11. If you are in Dorset may I suggest the following Hix Oyster and Fish House, Lyme Regis - http://www.hixoysterandfishhouse.co.uk/ Crab House Cafe, Weymouth - http://www.crabhousecafe.co.uk/ The Print Room, Bournemouth - http://www.theprintroom-bournemouth.co.uk/ - I recently visited here's my blog post with photos - http://lostinthelarder.blogspot.com/2010/01/print-room-bournemouth.html
  12. nbaines

    Beijing dining

    I went to Beijing in September and the highlight for me was Li Qun's Roast Duck. So good we went twice. A very good Tiawan hot pot place on Ghost street called HENGJI HOTPOT no.242, Dongzhimennei Street, Dongcheng. Very cheap, very very good. Was brought three complimentary dishes and there was only the two of us eating. Also this eemed to be one of the few eateries on Ghost street that didn't have staff on the street grabbing you and trying to lead you into their restaurants. well worth the time to find and an exceptional Vietnamese on hou hai lake called NUAGE, thoroughly enjoyed this place, a brilliant pho and a whole spread of bok choi, crab spring rolls and noodles.
  13. That's brilliant, thanks jo tsneg - I'm in the city on the 7th so will drop down to borough market to try score some foie. Your detail on pricing will be very useful. thanks so much. eatenmess - I have a releative who runs some proffesional kitches for some banking company in in the city so if I'm stuck maybe this is a good way to obtain some too. thanks guys. Anymore for anymore?
  14. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone might know where you can buy foie gras in the uk. I don't mind if it's duck or goose but I was wondering if anyone knew of any importers or something. I want to make my own torchon. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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