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  1. 1) Plymouth gin for a proper martini 2) Noilly Pratt dry vermouth, smallest bottle possible as just a few molecules enter the martini 3) Burnetts gin (cheaper but still good stuff for gin and tonics) 4) Woodford Reserve bourbon 5) Gallo sweet vermouth 6) Glenfiddich 10 year scotch 7) A twelve pack of assorted beers including Guiness, Paulaner wheat beer, a light beer, and an amber lager. 8) Townshend T3 Red Table Wine (Washington State) 9) Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) 10)Absolute vodka for friends in training Accessories: one shaker, one shotglass, interesting cocktail napkins, little clear plastic swords for fruit, good wineglasses, good double old fashioned glasses, small tall glasses, stemmed martini glasses. Nonalcoholic mixers: regular and diet tonic, good storebought ice, Pellegrino, ginger ale, coke and diet coke. Fruit: oranges, lemons, maraschino cherries, green olives with pimento.
  2. I would want to ask her what she CAN eat and likes, and go from there. You are getting paid a bunch to do this, right?!
  3. How about that elegant layered shrimp appetizer: cream cheese spread on a plate, then a layer of cocktail sauce, then those tiny shrimp out of the can. Served with Ritz crackers or maybe Sociables.
  4. I heard on a PBS show once that soy sauce was helpful for burns. Has anyone found this to be true?
  5. velveeta

    Dinner! 2009

    Jmal, your lovely lamb stew is really complimented by your serve ware. Nice choice. And thanks for the recipe MiFi. I love tarragon and would not think to pair it with yams. We have had much better luck with yam quality than squash quality this year, so they are really to go-to orange vegetable here now.
  6. Ditto what Richard said. My kitchen has some LC (lots actually) and a couple of cheap imitations. The LC is lifetime+ cookware, the other is not as vibrant as it once was. Cinco, the weight issue is not insignificant. Fully loaded, the LC pots can be difficult. Why not try a fully clad All Clad pot from the outlet? The prices are way better than retail, and I've never heard of anyone with an objectionable flaw on them. Most the time people can't even tell what the flaw is.
  7. Gosh I was just about to feel sorry for you and your power outage Richard, then I read that you had to spend the morning at Central Market. Actually I forwent the tea this morning for a Silk Soy Nog Latte.
  8. velveeta

    Avocado Recipes

    Don't forget classic open faced avocado toast. Good toasted bread, beautifully arranged thin slices, black pepper, big salt, and a twist of orange. How about having an avocado party?
  9. velveeta

    The Fresh Pasta Topic

    I do egg noodles with no gear at all - just a mixing bowl and rolling pin. The noodles are rustic and get thick when cooked, some might call them more of a dumpling. We just had them last night in turkey soup. They also keep dried in the cooler for a long time. ps. what a beautiful pictoral on those rice noodles Chris.
  10. It has some specialized herbs for (supposedly) the liver and is in an herbal base with licorice and ginger. I threw out the box so I don't have specifics as the paper wrappings for the bags do not contain the complete ingredient list. The fresh lemon helps brighten it up and adds to a placebo effect for me. The same company made a peach version and it is very good, but I am having a hard time finding it now here.
  11. I know this is not a poultry product, but have you given some thought to a beautiful bone in ham? The kind that is smoked by a locally owned butcher shop, not a bargain grocery store product. Not only a wonderful dinner but so much opportunity for that big bone and leftover meat!
  12. My eye opener was an Oolong. Now I have EveryDay Detox going by Traditional Medicinals. I'm adding a little fresh lemon to it. It is not overly delicious, but it just seems like the thing to drink this afternoon and I am enjoying it.
  13. velveeta

    Dinner! 2009

    MiFi, any chance of sharing the recipe source for the maple roasted yams? I'm new here and not too familiar with how any recipes are shared (or not?) Kim, that gravy with the pieces of meat in it is so delicious looking. I'll have to try that. Yum yum.
  14. What an interesting thread - must reread it all with a notepad. Richard that silverish clay teapot is beautiful. Are you going to post the Matcha adventures here?
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