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  1. Although watching the latest top chef episode regarding the Almond Joy dessert, she may have known already that Chef Colicchio likes Coconut as he was looking for it in that dessert. I feel it may not be as big of a gamble if she knew he liked coconut.
  2. This program is on Hulu already, both of the shows that have been aired so far. Myself, I think it is an interesting show and am looking forward to seeing what comes of it in the future.
  3. Top chef announced that they are officially going through with "Top Chef: Just Desserts", a new spinoff on Top Chef featuring pastry chefs. Looks like they are starting casting this week. http://www.fancast.com/blogs/tv-news/top-chef-gets-sweet-spinoff/ Should be interesting to see how this pans out.
  4. Just supermarket pork from a sale at Giant Eagle this week
  5. Hello everyone, I am relatively new to E-Gullet. I have been lurking for a while but recently got a really nice pork roast and some bone-in chops and country style ribs. I have plenty of different hot peppers and some basic cooking supplies and skills. I am just looking for some ideas as I am hoping to cook this tomorrow. I have a 3 1/2 lb Loin End Roast I bought on sale as well as some bone-in Center Cut Pork Chops. I am looking to expand my cooking skills and am looking for some ideas on how to cook these. I live in a small apartment so only have a range and oven available. I am just wondering if I should brine first, roast or braise, brown first or not? I am just looking for ideas on how to cook these items. Any help is appreciated.
  6. I will never again lit up my tongs to inspect my fried chicken straight from the frier without first checking that my hand is clear from the channel in the tongs full of hot oil. Left a nasty burn that caught me by surprise. I'm almost ashamed of this one, but know no one else has ever done it. As a young kid, I was in the kitchen with my mom while she was cooking. She was using Crisco shortening, and I had it in my mind that the shortening was vanilla ice cream. She warned, I ignored and tried it. Believe me it is not ice cream. She still says today that I had this look of extreme betrayal on my face because she told me it was ice cream, which she never did. To this day, I still despise Crisco.
  7. I just recently read Hungry Monkey by eGulleter Matthew Amster Burton (mamster). It was a very good read full of lots of comedy. I joined eGullet because of his book and have really enjoyed my time here so far. I now have a huge reading list from both this thread and the cookbook thread.
  8. I figured out Image Gullet an as promised here are all the mouth watering photos. Here is the chicken dredged for the first time and awaiting second dredge. Here is the chicken as it fried. Here is the finished fried chicken (Ignore the chef's treat please, Hey don't blame me, it was midnight and I hadn't ate since about 3:00pm.) Here is the milk gravy I made. I used the extra flour from the dredge and added plenty of recently discovered Sriachi sauce I had never tried before eGullet so it really was orange, not a camera problem, also the smoked paprika and chile powder from the dredge helped out in the color issue. Here are the biscuits I made from scratch. Finally, here is the finished plate. I will admit to using instant mashed potatoes, but only because I have no potatoes on hand and really was focused more on the chicken, gravy, and biscuits. Also, since I am posting all this gorgeous chicken I will post my pic of the jerk chicken I made several days ago and packed for lunch today. Finally, since I was in the kitchen sweating anyway and decided to marinade some teriyaki chicken yesterday, I also cooked that too. Here is a pic of it halfway through.
  9. I have read this thread now over the past four days and tonight after work I finally decided to make my fried chicken. Last night I put it in a soak of acidulated milk, salt, and Frank's Red Hot. I left it in my fridge for about 24 hours. I got home and started cooking about 10:00 pm. I made homemade biscuits, mashed potatoes and cream gravy to go with it. Photos to come soon as I just joined eGullet and this is my first post. Now I have to figure out Image gullet.
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