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  1. In a fire, presuming everyone was safe, I'd probably grab my flash drive with all my writing on it, and then my cameras, but since that isn't an option, look at my avatar and take a guess. I've got good knives, but they're easier and less expensive to replace than the copperware I've collected over the years, and knives wear out and need to be replaced eventually anyway. Of course in the fire scenario, the knives would be easier to carry, but since the question is hypothetical, I'll stick with the pots.
  2. Steak, cold salmon, just about anything braised or stewed.
  3. For a long time I was using King Arthur bread flour, and I liked it and could buy it locally, but once I got over the concept of paying to ship flour, I tried the KA Artisan Flour, and I found I could get more loft from it. Interestingly, the Artisan flour has less protein than the regular bread flour. Looking at their various flours, I suspect it is just a mixture of their regular unbleached all-purpose flour and a small amount of their White Whole Wheat, which would be a lot less expensive to mix oneself than purchasing the Artisan Flour. The White Whole Wheat is a bit softer than their r
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