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  1. Actually, I don't count either as I live just across the county line in LaVergne. And clothier is correct, I'm much more experienced with low-end eating in the area than I am with the more expensive restaurants. I do enjoy and appreciate what they offer, but I don't get a lot of opportunity to indulge in that manner.

  2. Nice write-up. Have to agree with you on the banana pudding layer cake at NOLA. Nice presentation, but mediocre flavor. Despite the banana cake, my dessert experience there was a bit more positive than yours due to the saving grace of a wonderful trio of sorbets, the clear winner of which was a delicious pear/lemongrass combination...

  3. pogophiles, as someone who grew up reading his mother's fairly complete archive of Pogo books, I have to ask you... haven't you ever wanted to try chicken foot perloo?

    Absolutely!! (he types, somewhat embarrassed that it took > 6 months to spot the query)...

    May have to start an eGullet branch of the Okefenokee Glee & Perloo Union... :smile:

  4. and Skyline Drive (Mrs. Rowe’s, a disappointment)

    On a trip to the DC area in 2002, I ate at Mrs. Rowe's twice (lunch on the way up, dinner on the return trip) and was very disappointed with both meals. Just not very well executed... :sad:

  5. Thanks Holly! By the way, you made it to the Loveless just in time. Mrs. McCabe has just sold to a local caterer (Tom Morales). The Loveless is closing in Mid-January for a three month, $1.5 million renovation. I have high hopes, but you never know...

  6. While I agree with Holly's sentiment, I also support Kay's writing and reviewing. Kay does do a great job at sniffing out and highlighting new, especially ethnic restaurants in Nashville. Some of the places that I have tried in the past year or two (and enjoyed) as a direct result of Kay's reviews include El Inca, Las Americas, La Terraza, and Parco Cafe. Yes, Kay does tend to get more excited about new ethnic restaurants than about existing standards, but it would be unfair to say that she ignores the more long-established restaurants or even newer establishments in the same genre. I recall glowing reviews of places like the Beacon Light, Mr. Boo's and Fat Mo's. While she is no fan of the Loveless, to say that Kay ignores or slights that type of establishment is inaccurate, IMHO.

  7. For the record, here is the list that I originally sent Holly for his trip to Nashville (note that it DID include Wilma Kaye's):


    In your "Holly Eats the South" thread, you requested a list of places to eat in Nashville. My apologies for taking so long in responding, but here are some of the places in Nashville that I think are worthy of your trying out (one caveat -- I don't eat out nearly as often as I used to so some of these are based on past experiences, not necessarily recent ones -- I have put an asterisk by any restaurant which I have not personally visited in the past 12 months):


    Pancake Pantry-- I am fond of their potato dishes, particularly their hash browns, though their potato pancake is also quite good. My standard meal there is pecan pancakes w/ bacon & hash browns.

    Loveless Cafe-- Many will tell you that the Loveless has good fried chicken & sides for lunch & dinner. I disagree and contend that most meat & three's in Nashville do lunch & dinner better. In my opinion, breakfast is the best thing the Loveless does by far. Get there early and have country ham, two eggs over easy and lots of lard biscuits which are good both with the red-eye gravy and with the preserves (I prefer the peach). The big table looking out the front window is an especially good spot early in the morning.

    City Cafe*-- Located just off the square in Murfreesboro. I have heard good things about this place but have not eaten there in a very long time. It used to be excellent.


    Meat & three only --

    Sylvan Park -- This is my favorite meat & three, but I am biased since I used to live in the neighborhood and could walk there from my house. That being said, I love the cornbread muffins here, but hate the biscuits. Their fried chicken & country-style steak is good as are their vegetables. Be sure and get pie here, particularly if they offer a version topped with meringue. The chocolate pie reminds me of the ones my grandmother made when I was a kid. Order the pie when you order your other food as they tend to sell out. Sylvan also serves dinner, but lunch is preferable.

    Arnold's -- Downtown, lunch-only cafeteria-line meat & three. I have not eaten here much lately, but some of my co-workers are regulars and report that it has not slipped.

    Swett's -- Excellent, cafeteria-line meat & three/soul food restaurant. Arnold's & Swett's have many devotees who will argue that they are the best, just as I will with Sylvan Park. All three are good (Swett's also has an outpost in the Farmer's Market, but it is not as good as the main restaurant). I believe that Swett's also serves dinner.

    Monell's* -- Monell's takes a bit different approach, serving family-style at communal tables (on the weekends, anyway) at the main restaurant. Probably is best on the weekend...

    Kleer-Vu Lunchroom -- Cafeteria-line meat & three/soul food in Murfreesboro. I go here frequently and love their "hot water cornbread". These folks really know their way around pork dishes.

    You may also want to check out the Pie Wagon* (though it has moved from it's long-time location) and Hap Townes* (if it still exists), though I have not eaten at either in a very long time.

    Meat & three/Combination:

    These places serve meat & three, but also have grills:

    Rotiers -- Known primarily for their "Cheeseburger on French Bread" (which should be ordered with onion rings and a chocolate milkshake, though these things are not on the menu per se) and waitresses with attitude, Rotier's has good meat & three type dishes as well (and other grill items). But the burger rocks. Equally good at lunch or dinner (maybe even a bit better at dinner).

    Elliston Place Soda Shop -- Good meat & three at lunch (especially on Tuesday and Saturday which are the only times they have fried chicken). Decent grill. Full line soda fountain with excellent malteds. Still looks like 1956 inside...


    Belle Meade Buffet -- Old-line cafeteria, excellent food. Sort of a meat & three on steroids.

    Burger Joints:

    Brown's Diner* -- True dive. Good burger.

    Bobbi's Dairy Dip -- Seasonal walk-up ice cream stand with good burgers & dogs (by Nashville standards, though probably not by yours).

    Fat Mo's -- Drive-thru only. Huge burger available, though I generally get the 1/2 pound.

    Buster's Place -- Murfreesboro's best burger, just happens to be in a bar (becomes a biker hang-out at night).

    Hot Chicken:

    Prince's Hot Chicken Shack

    Mr. Boo'sThese two places are running neck & neck for the hot chicken crown in Nashville. Both are worthy contenders. I slightly favor Prince's, but Mr. Boo's is closer so I eat there more often. Both are good. Get the medium heat for the best flavor.


    Beacon Light Tea Room -- This may be my favorite place of the lot: great pan-fried chicken, tiny little biscuits (two crusts with little in between, just like I prefer them), excellent country ham (they even offer a choice between center slices or breakfast slices), decent sides. Way out in Bon Aqua (just into Hickman County on Hwy 100), but well worth the drive. Wierd hours. Make sure and call before making the trip.

    Wilma Kaye's -- Downtown, lunch only, weekday only. Louisiana Cajun place offering excellent savory fried pies, among other things.

    Slick Pig Barbecue -- Murfreesboro. Only go by here if you are going to hit the Kleer-Vu, Buster's and or City Cafe also. But if you do, get their hickory-smoked chicken wings. They market them like buffalo wings, but just ignore the blue cheese & celery. The wings are incredible. Best smoked meat I have had in this state outside of Memphis and Ridgewood Barbecue (in East TN).

    Not an exhaustive list, but maybe this will get you started! Feel free to contact me if you need more information.

    A couple of notes -- I did not include Parco Cafe because it did not seem to fit the model of the type place Holly normally reviews. I have been to the City Cafe since sending this and can also recommend everything I had there highly, except for the biscuits, which had been frozen. The freshly breaded and fried tenderloin was excellent, as were the potatoes, eggs, country ham and grits...

  8. No, I think they are both quite good and very popular lunch spots. Wilma Kayes is excellent, but is only open for lunch and not at all on the weekend -- I am very fond of their savory fried pies. Parco Cafe (in the Farmers Market) is awesome -- great desserts (I am especially fond of their fruit tarts -- it's like eating a delicious work of art), sandwiches (particularly the herbed salmon), salads, teas... One of my favorite reasons to go to the Farmers Market...

  9. You are quite welcome Trish, I'm glad it mostly worked out well for you. Wow, I didn't even know they had a Fat Mo's out on Lebanon Road -- sounds like it's not up to the level of the one in the Melrose area of Franklin Road -- that's the one to visit (although the one on Murfreesboro Road is close to the same level)!!

    You are absolutely right: the Opryland Hotel is a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to stay there... Glad to hear that Jack's & Hog Heaven did you right!!

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