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  1. On the other hand, look at Chef Kristen. She's not only talented, but she has an unassuming and likeable personality. She doesn't appear to be out to tear-down her fellow competitors, nor does she make intentionally rude and hurtful comments that lead to clouding her ability to focus. She's intent on cooking the best dish she can every challenge she faces--not tearing down her fellow competitors while stirring the risotto. If you look back at the history of Top Chef, those traits ultimatelyproduce the winners.The editing and drama woven into the show are just the window dressing that keeps viewers coming back, but it isn't the foundation of the show. It's the food.

    I really wish that this had been borne out in last night's episode, because Kristen deserves to still be there based on her food versus Josie's...

  2. This may seem like a silly question to some of you guys, but grits aren't part of my heritage.

    Maybe this poem will help:

    Song To Grits

    When my mind's unsettled,

    When I don't feel spruce,

    When my nerves get frazzled,

    When my flesh gets loose-

    What knits

    Me back together's grits.

    Grits with gravy,

    Grits with cheese,

    Grits with bacon,

    Grits with peas.

    Grits with a minimum

    Of two over-medium eggs mixd in


    Grits, grits, it's

    Grits I sing-

    Grits fits

    In with anything.

    rich and poor, black and white,

    Lutheran and Campbellite,

    Jews and Southern Jesuits,

    All acknowledge buttered grits.

    Give me two hands, give me my wits,

    Give me forty pounds of grits.

    Grits at taps, grits at reveille,

    I am into grits real heavily.

    True grits,

    More grits,

    Fish, grits, and collards.

    Life is good where grits are swallered.




    Roy Blount, Jr., 1982

  3. Thanks kayb, but you info is quite dated. Wild Boar has been gone for years and Chappy's just recently bit the dust. The good spots right now include The Catbird Seat, City House, Capital Grill for food and Patterson House and Holland House for cocktails.

  4. Edward J - Your analysis assumes that the customer's check is limited to the amount of the coupon, which is not necessarily the case. I have used exactly one groupon, to visit a restaurant that I had wanted to try. Paid $30 for a $60 groupon. Total bill before tax and tip was ~$125. The discount built in to the groupon made me less likely to order on the low end of the menu.

  5. :wink:

    One of the best-received appetizers I take to others' homes -- to this day! -- consists of a big block of Philly cream cheese with a half bottle or so of bottled shrimp-cocktail sauce poured over it. Add Ritz crackers and a serving/spreading knife, and stand back.

    I've never ever had leftovers to take home for myself...[sniffle]


    This is much better if you work a couple of cans of tiny shrimp or crabmeat into the cream cheese before topping with the cocktail sauce. This snack almost always makes an appearance at my parent's house over the Christmas holidays. To really make it shameful add some butter to the cream cheese along with the canned crab. Note that an essential element of preparation is that you use your hands to smush this together so that your body heat helps to warm the cheese and or butter slightly.

  6. Learned to enjoy adding a Snap-e-Tom (basically tomato juice spiked with green chile) to a mug of draft beer many years ago while working construction in Wyoming. Never had the egg addition, but can easily imagine it!

  7. Chris - Your cornmeal dumplings bring back a lot of memories for me. My grandmother always made cornmeal dumplings when she had a country ham for a big holiday. She would prepare the dumplings and then cook them in country ham broth. One of my favorite dishes ever! Glad to hear they worked well in the C&D as well...

  8. Didn't it seem like Besh's dish going south  was more of the "eG Monogram" series oven issue then something he did?

    Besides use it?

    My son and I were watching this episode. When the camera focused in on the "GE Monogram" logo just before John put his eggs in, we turned to each other and said "Uh oh, Besh is in trouble"...

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