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  1. The Kleerview restaurant in Murfreesboro is a really good meat-n-three that has hot water cornbread that is the best I've ever had.

    A nice touch are the cafeteria trays from Decherd elementary school.  It is the real thing, not some calculated wanna-be.

    I completely agree. The Kleer-Vu Lunchroom is what I enjoy most about Murfreesboro (along with the hickory smoked chicken wings at the Slick Pig and the burgers at Busters). The Kleer-Vu was on the list I provided Holly, he just didn't make it there. I love their hot-water cornbread and any of their meat dishes that involve gravy (especially their smothered pork steak). Those folks know how to make gravy... :biggrin:

    Are you referring to anything in particular with the "calculated wanna-be" comment?

  2. Whitt's makes excellent chopped (shredded, really) roasted pork without any smoke flavor whatsoever... :rolleyes:

    Barbecue places you might want to consider instead of Whitt's:

    Jack's -- Good chopped pork barbecue (shoulder only). Not too far from Opryland at 334 West Trinity Lane (also has a much more touristy downtown location). In my opinion, the food is much better at the Trinity Lane location.

    Mary's -- Rib joint. Long-time Nashville institution at 1108 Jefferson St. Take-out only. Open 24 hours...

    Pop's -- At Clifton and 28th, very near Swett's. Pulled pork and ribs are both good here. Has goat on occasion...

    Hog Heaven -- Alongside Centennial Park. I'm a big fan of their barbecued chicken with white sauce. Good pulled pork, too.

    I also like the ribs at Corky's (in Brentwood) and at Neeley's (4023 Nolensville Rd.). You might also consider driving out to Hendersonville to Center Point Barbecue for pulled pork...

    Hope this helps!

  3. But there are other instances where something that would be totally acceptable in Waffle House would be considered extremely poor form at Daniel.

    And vice-versa. For instance, one should never request the non-smoking section at Waffle House... :biggrin:

  4. Brennan's requires a trip out to the garden district AND doesn't allow shorts, etc., so that might not be an option if you're looking to eat in your tourist togs. 

    I believe you are referring to Commander's Palace (owned by the Brennan's) rather than to Brennan's itself, which is in the Quarter...

  5. Ran into Pogophiles and Mrs. Pogophiles at the Loveless Cafe, Saturday morning.  Pleasant surprise.

    It was indeed a pleasant surprise to wander into the Loveless and recognize Holly. This was made easier by his occupying the small table at the front window (the first table you see upon entering) and our entering just as he was in the act of photographing his plate with a digital camera. We had an enjoyable but far too brief conversation. Nice guy!!

  6. And the Back Yard Burger chain -- http://www.backyardburgers.com/.  Just had a bacon cheeseburger there the other day.  The lemon chicken sandwich is good, too.

    Lenny's is another good one for cold subs -- the chicken salad has big chunks of chicken, and it's always nice and fresh.  No letting the chicken salad sit overnight in the walk-in.  http://www.lennyssubshop.com/menu.htm

    I definitely agree with these suggestions -- BYB and Lenny's are both excellent choices. I have yet to have bad food at either place... Lenny's is especially good (and I quite agree -- the chicken salad is excellent)!

  7. Here in Nashville, I think Publix and Harris Teeter pretty much run neck and neck, followed by Bi-Lo, with Kroger trailing behind. I rarely venture beyond those into the Food Lion, Piggly Wiggly, CeeBee realm... I'll go to Wild Oats for certain specialty items, but there is really not one convenient to me.

  8. I don't think you can truly call yourself a 'cue diletante without knowing the basics of NC barbecue, can you?  Our rules are very, very different.

    Oh, I quite agree. Just haven't made the pilgrimage yet. I do find it odd that you don't find hush puppies with barbecue in Tennessee, but you do frequently find barbecue served atop a hoecake. A couple of places here in Nashville serve it atop a jalapeno hoecake -- which makes for an excellent, if untraditional, barbcue experience...

  9. I know that I might be revealing myself as a 'cue dilletante, but I've rarely seen hush puppies with barbecue -- white bread is typically de rigeur, and hush puppies are for fish fries or shrimp boils.

    This has been my experience as well. I've never seen hush puppies served with barbecue at any of the Tennessee joints...

  10. 7. Correction of an edge of bitterness

    - An 'edge' of bitterness will occur in sauces containing burned shallot or garlic, citrus rinds, chocolate, and sometimes a cooked puree of garlic (in this case because the green bud inside older cloves has not been removed before the garlic is cooked). To correct this problem, try adding reduced heavy cream or a dab of money in minute amounts.

    Is the money what makes this such a rich sauce? :biggrin:

    Seriously, thanks for this great resource.

  11. Gordon,

    Maybe they'll get the "Chef's Table" and you can sneak out without their noticing in the frenzy of kitchen activity. If so, you could drop in to Jasmine, an excellent nearby Thai restaurant at 3105 Moore's Lane -- otherwise you're in the middle of chain restaurant heaven around the Cool Springs Mall...

  12. I don't like pickles on hamburgers or sweet pickle relish in tuna salad. On the other hand, I like dill relish in tuna salad, but not celery. As someone noted earlier, there's no accounting for taste...

  13. Try Jimmy Kelly's, Sperry's or Nick & Rudy's. All locally-owned independent steakhouses. Jimmy Kelly's & Sperry's are long-time Nashville institutions while Nick & Rudy's is relatively recent. Nothing cutting-edge, but good solid performers.

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