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  1. we also recently ate at the lantern--maybe 3 weeks ago. we had dinner on a saturday, immediately when it opened (so, probably 5:30-6). not my favorite dinner time, but we had a baby with us. there was already a line before it opened, and it was soon full. we had a good meal. this is probably dumb, but it was much more of a traditional Asian restaurant than I had anticipated. it was also smaller than i realized, though I think there is a back room bar. haven't been to elaine's for awhile, so its hard to compare
  2. We ate here again this past weekend. Early dinner at the bar Saturday night. We mostly just ate appetizers, risotto, and dessert. Everything was great--especially the risotto. They adverstised a website, nanaschophouse.com, but it doesn't appear to be live yet.
  3. fries will not be memorable or remarkable i'd get a steak, unless you don't like steak, in which case i'd get something else
  4. I'd order a steak. Seriously though, they have an impressive wine list--and, ask if they will take you on a tour through their cellar.
  5. It wasn't crowded, but since we and the couple who ate with us both brought under 7 month old kids with us, we were eating at the never popular time of 6:30. By the time we left at 9:15, it had become more busy, but wasn't full
  6. We went here on Friday night. It was only the second night open, so there were a few bugs (e.g., only beer and wine for some strange reason), but, all in all, we gave it a thumbs up. Appetizers, antipasti, etc. had an Italian inspiration. Entrees included an option for a huge Florentine steak (for 2), which we did not order. I had the veal chop, which was quite good. Good atmosphere--nice space. It looks like the kind of place that will be succesful. We plan to go back, though I bet that, on our next visit, we'll just eat at the bar and dine from the appetizers, passing on the heavy entree's and big pieces of meat.
  7. Thanks folks. I may give those bobbers a try!
  8. Zeb A

    Virginia wineries

    Last week, we went to the Inn at Little Washington for a birthday dinner. Before dinner, we spent the day touring wineries. We had a driver from Oasis. We went to Rappahanock, Piedmont, and Chrysalis. I don't know much about wine, so I can't really rate them. But, they were well run by friendly people in a beautiful part of the country, and we had a great time. From DC, you would likely head out 66 and then, after touring the wineries, take 17 over to Fredericksburg and then 95 to Richmond (or something like that)
  9. Thanks. This is what I am looking for, but the cost to ship this to the US from UK is too much. I also found it in Australia, but that isn't much better. Basically, we are having a large dinner party. I was going to make about 14-24 glasses of a drink from the El Bulli cookbook, but it requires the use of this device, which I can't find. I couldprobably achieve the layered effect the old fashioned way over the back of a spoon, but I may not have time to do that for so many drinks. Anyone else know where I might find this device?
  10. In the El Bulli cookbook, there are recipes for a number of layered cocktails that require the use of a Cocktail Master. I can't seem to find this device for sale anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm in the US, so US vendors would make shipping costs less. Thanks (I guess I can always go with the ol' back of the spoon, but this device sounds helpful for making a mass of layered drinks) Thanks
  11. set to open may 24 link
  12. Thank you Dean. You are now back on the top of your game.
  13. I saw that in the paper yesterday. That is good news.
  14. Thank you for the great article. This quote: "I never ask people if they liked a particular dish. What if they say no? Then you feel bad. One person can hate it, while everyone else loves it. What does it mean? My taste may not be yours. I cook the way I like to eat. Taste is subjective." reminds me of some of the old-school e-gullet taste debates from long ago.
  15. This can mean only one thing: I take it the Blue Strawbery is no more? Correct. It has been gone for quite awhile, which is too bad. We had some excellent meals there years ago. The Mexican/Latin American place on the water is pretty good.
  16. cool. its about time we good some new choices. i feel like i've been everywhere too many times.
  17. also downtown is a good pizza joint that is open for lunch--Bottom's Up Pizza link
  18. Millie's diner. Downtown (a bit south of downtown i think) I have eaten lunch there several times. Not a real diner. Fun and tasty.
  19. Some additional Tortola restaurant info w/links where available...... Somewhat upscale: 1. Brandywine Bay - Italian/International - A little east of Roadtown - http://www.brandywinebay.com/ - Also have a nice little casual cafe in Roadtown known as Capriccio di Mare 2. Sugar Mill - Caribbean/International - Little Apple Bay - http://www.sugarmillhotel.com/ Casual: 1. Mrs Scatliffes - West Indian - Carrot Bay - 1 seating nightly in her home. Kitchen and waitstaff entertains following dinner. 2. Rhymers & Quitos West Indian - Cane Garden Bay - Fairly simple island fare. Good rotis, especially goat. 3. J. Blakx - Jerk / BBQ - Roadtown - Mobile jerk wagon - great stuff 4. Foxy's - Jost Van Dyk - West Indian - http://www.foxysbar.com/ - Great Beach Bar with pretty good food. Note - if you don't have access to a boat, there's a ferry and a water taxi service to Jost 2 to avoid that I can recall. Pussers and Skyworld. Pussers has 3 or 4 locations on the island serving tourist food (mediocre burgers, etc) and proprietary clothing, knick knacks, etc. Skyworld has a beautiful view from the highest on the island. Food is very overrated and overpriced. Best bet is to go for a drink before or at sunset then leave and eat elsewhere. I'll send more when (if) I recall them. Several years ago, we had a great meal at Brandywine--and it has a nice location as well.
  20. What the heck? Hopefully, someone can delete the barrage of posts from me. I kept getting an error message, so I tried to repost. Damn computers.
  21. Ditto what Hannah said. Its a good brunch, but its the setting that is special. That whole area is beautiful--especially in the Fall. Lots of good places to eat too.
  22. Ditto what Hannah said. Its a good brunch, but its the setting that is special. That whole area is beautiful--especially in the Fall. Lots of good places to eat too.
  23. Ditto what Hannah said. Its a good brunch, but its the setting that is special. That whole area is beautiful--especially in the Fall. Lots of good places to eat too.
  24. Ditto what Hannah said. Its a good brunch, but its the setting that is special. That whole area is beautiful--especially in the Fall. Lots of good places to eat too.
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