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  1. Had a craving for the type of doughnuts I'd normally only be able to buy at a fairground stall (after watching them fry to perfection in the oil and travel along a little conveyer to dump them in the sugar). No fairs this year means I've now discovered how dangerously quick and easy these are to recreate!
  2. @Porthos one of those weird but why not moments, I had to have a quick check of other freezers for sale here and yep they all have drawers .
  3. Good project @dcarch , are open shelves common for freezers in the states? most uprights here have drawers for each shelf Our (only) built in fridge freezer broke down just at the time people started to panic buy. First the fridge went so I picked up an almost free 2nd hand one to tide me over for the few days until the engineer could come out to fix it. Only when the engineer came he couldn't fix the fridge and his attempts killed the freezer too. Whilst it was only a small freezer so I didn't have masses of food in it there, there was enough to keep us going for a month or two, and it was at the point where supermarket shelves were actually being emptied. Turns out people were also panic buying freezers because it took me half a day of searching and ringing round shops before I managed to find (what felt like) the last freezer to be had for miles around. On the plus I have a bigger freezer which means I can make homemade ice cream again, and when things settle down we'll replace the built-in, but for now it's serving as a quaratine snack cupboard.
  4. Amy D.

    Lunch 2020

    Yesterday it was a bank holiday in the UK to commemorate VE day. Lockdown meant any public events were scrapped and instead we were encouraged to have household afternoon tea in our gardens. Any excuse to get baking, my daughters (8 &5) helped make three types of scones (plain, cherry and cheese), union jack iced shortbread biscuits (my eldest's idea), a Victoria sponge, red white and blue meringues, and the essential cucumber sandwiches. We spent the afternoon grazing over it and reading passages from my grandparents memoirs of their london wartime childhoods and the years spent as child evacuees.
  5. Aside from the copious amounts of cakes and other home baked sweets, our family of four are consuming lots of buttered toast, eggs and milk and have been all lockdown. Toast has always been my comfort food, but my 8-year-old daughter has always hated it (because of the crumbs) and yet has found a new love for toast in the last few weeks.
  6. They look really good @Smithy , crumpets are the ultimate comfort food in our house. I haven't made them in a while though (and as I don't have rings mine are pikelets rather than crumpets) ! Our homemade ones always get devoured on the day they're made but we freeze shop bought ones, and toast straight from frozen.
  7. No actual recommendations but when we went 7 years ago we found the metro and trains really easy to use. We were on a budget and didn't really plan any meals (just went for what looked good). We had lots of udon, ramen and visited the department store food courts near closing time for sashimi.
  8. I'm not surprised the tension must be high when they are doing such detailed work. They are impressive pieces.
  9. Sorry if taking this offtopic Kerry but I recieved an email on the chocilate masters and thought this might interest some here https://www.worldchocolatemasters.com/showpiece-votes
  10. hi not really answering your question but I was wondering with the normal buttercream if you were really using 10 times the amount of sugar to butter? Whilst I love a SMBC my usual butter icing is equal part butter to icing sugar, though probably not so stable in hot weather.
  11. the cauliflower cake looks great. I was going to have a go at it later this week but it seems I need to pick up some parmesan first - knew I should have checked the recipe before I did the shopping!
  12. It sounds like a great bash, my only reservation is that if the menus are too ambitious you will end up too busy and exhausted to enjoy any of it. I agree with kayb with the hotdogs and icecream bars as quicker ways to get the kids happily fed. I would also have plenty of bowls of crisps/chips about for those hollow legs. the grilled salmon sounds great, but fairly labour intensive, would you be able to poach/steam a trayful instead?
  13. thank you kayb I will trying the pie out soon. MelissaH I have been freezing cookie dough balls for a few years now, probably an idea I got from egullet, and its just so handy having a stash of tasty snacks for those last minute get togethers, or for easily adding another sweet treat to the table.
  14. and yet, unusually, in this case our condensed milk comes in the same 14oz cans as the us.
  15. @Kayb sorry one of those lost in translation things, I meant how large are the cans of condensed milk? It sound like a lot of milk per eggs, not that its a bad thing as I can happily eat condensed milk off the spoon, just don't want to mess it up
  16. @Beebs thank you for reminding me of naminio bars , I've been wanting to try them for a while so I will be giving it a go soon.
  17. @Darienne really loving the ganache lemon/lime combo
  18. @Toliver two appealing dishes, though I've not seen pudding mix over here and while we used to have chocolate pudding pots when I was younger (late 80's/early 90's) I have no idea if the flavour texture profile is the same, so I wonder (and would like to try it at some point) if they the recipes would have the same crowd pleasing effect given that we didn't grow up on those particular flavours. I'm sure they probably would, given the sweet, creamy chocolate combo but it does make me wonder how much is affected by our memory of a dish. For example, in the UK trifle is ubiquitous. It can be made very well from scratch; homemade jam, genose, crème anglais. But most Brits would probably be happy with a semi made version using shop bought sponge/swiss roll and birds custard because that is the flavour profile from our childhood.
  19. @Chocomom we don't have cool whip but the rest is easily available here. I can imagine why its popular, and now quite fancy making a mini batch to devour by myself!
  20. wow that sounds delicious, definitely going to give it ago - can I just check what size the tins are (I'm in the UK so sizes are usually different). another classic for my inlaws is this cheat key lime pie https://www.carnation.co.uk/Recipes/Recipe.aspx?RecipeId=6 only using gingernuts as a base
  21. I couldn't find a thread covering this, but apologies if there is. As I'm planning the food for a family gathering I realise again that we have a few desserts that we often fall back on. Partly because they are easy to prepare, minimal effort for the cook that is busy producing food to feed 20-30, and don't suffer from sitting on the buffet table. But mainly, because these are the crowd pleasing desserts, the one that are enjoyed by young and old alike. They can be altered and elaborated but in reality everyone would be just as satisfied with the dish in its more simple form, perhaps due to the associated memories. some of our crowd pleasers are pavlova, banoffee pie and triffle. https://thehappyfoodie.co.uk/recipes/strawberry-pavlova http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/banoffeepie_89031 so what about other egulleters, do you have a tradition of easy crowd pleasing desserts?
  22. just wow. Thank you for sharing this, and at such a rate. I am also now having some serious sushi cravings and mentally planning our return to Japan (though it probably wont be for a couple of years yet). I do have to wonder if the fish lollipops are ever eaten as they are glorious.
  23. wow, I'm absolutely loving these posts. Though it is really making me want to be back in Japan now.
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