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  1. So does Burger King. In Ontario too. Not sure about the rest of Canada. It's far from authentic but BK's poutine is a fantastic pick-up on the way home from the bar.
  2. That looks so delicious! How long did you cook the fish and did you put anything on it prior to grilling?
  3. If you read through this thread, and the other Ottawa thread in this folder, you'll find that most people don't have good things to say about the local cuisine. I won't argue that these people are that far off the mark but it would be nice to have what little positive there is to say without the virtual kick to the shins.
  4. Someone corrected the spelling.
  5. Can you post a direct link to the newsletter? I can only find information about subscribing, no newsletter archives that I can see. Thank you!
  6. Thanks for the information! I must have been psychic. Will report back when I get a chance to visit.
  7. Reviving this old topic to wonder if this restaurant ever opened. Anyone know?
  8. Never! I even have some of them on tape. Of course I never paid attention to what they were cooking but those two had a perversely enjoyable, to me at least, chemistry. I tuned in after not watching for a few years and Mary Jo was gone. What ever happened to her and just who was she?
  9. Gourmando, I read a review of Arc Lounge that mentioned their membership policy. Is that still in effect? If so, what does it involve? The review intimated that the restaurant was trying to give off an exclusive vibe. Did you feel that? Aix, what restaurants did you try and not like? Jinmyo, still haven't found a good place to eat in Ottawa? Do you really never eat out?? Ottawa is definitely hit and miss but I also think our dire reputation on this board is getting out of hand.
  10. The Big Night food scene that makes me want to jump in the kitchen is the very last one, the dejected cooking of the eggs, served with bread. Brilliant!
  11. Bacon on pizza is the reason I let my vegetarianism lapse.
  12. I like bacon and tuna salad on toasted whole wheat. No, I love bacon and tuna salad on toasted whole wheat.
  13. As long as this thread is near the top, would some kind moderator correct the spelling of our nation's capital?
  14. Lesley, this has also been my experience when dining in Montreal. I'm impressed with the level of care paid to the food at all levels of the food industry in Montreal, and to an extent, Quebec in general. Ottawa has "good" restaurants but few that I would call consistently great. Lucky for us, we share a border with Gatineau so there are worthwhile restaurants if one does a little searching. That being said, we are not a barren wasteland and my current favourite Ottawa restaurant is The Black Cat in the Byward Market, just down a little ways from Domus.
  15. Hi Bux, I'm in Ottawa. Thanks for the heads up. Please let us know if you get more information!
  16. I'm looking for a simple method to freeze about 2 dozen tomatoes. Since I don't know what I want to do with them yet I'd like to preserve them in as natural a form as possible but I'm told it's not as easy as bunging them in the freezer. I apologize if this has already been covered but I searched and came up blank. Thank you!
  17. I hate it when I ask what's on tap and the waiter says, "Do you like light beer or do you like dark beer?" as if it were that simple...
  18. I hate it when they dim the lights in a restaurant. I like to look at my food, and, it makes me sleepy.
  19. My girlfriend is still mad at me for, many years ago, not correcting her pronounciation of chianti (shianti) before she ordered a glass...
  20. This sounds a lot like a meal I was served in our guest's home in New Orleans, but a little less shellfish heavy and with the addition of sausage. It was called a "shrimp boil" and served on a long table, with newspaper, in their garage! It's still one of the most memorable meals I've had. So simple yet sooo good!! Was it just the presentation you objected to or did it taste bad as well? Ollie
  21. ollie

    Barbecuing Whole Fish

    Thank you all for the input. My grilled fish was a success! I coated the fish and grill with VOO (it wasn't *my* kitchen... ), stuffed with onions, garlic, lemon, salt, pepper (couldn't find any rosemary!), and grilled approximately 6 minutes per side... had no problem with the flip. The onion and garlic didn't have enough time to cook through... should I have sauteed them a little to get them going? I will definitely make sure I have more spices next go round and let the fish sit for an hour or two before grilling. This is a pretty failsafe method of cooking fish though and I'll be doing a lot more of it in the future. No more nightmares trying to flip filets. Ollie P.S. Should I be brave next time and eat the eyes? I managed to pry a little meat out of the cheeks... isn't this meat considered a "delicacy"?
  22. Hey all, I'm going to be picking up a couple of whole rainbow trout for the barbecue this evening. I thought I'd stuff them with onion, garlic and lemon, wrap in foil and throw them on the grill. But I've never cooked whole fish before and I don't want to make any obvious mistakes. How hot should the barbecue be before I put them in, and for how long? Lid up or down? Fish wrapped in foil or not? Head on or off? Ollie P.S. I've been lurking for the past month. This site rules! Thank you!
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