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  1. Last night we had a lovely pumpkin dish from Yottam Ottolenghi - glazed a roast with a tahini sauce, “gremolata” and burrata. The pumpkin was roast in wedges for about 45 minutes with some red onions and spices. Glaze was made with a reduction of balsamic and pomegranate molasses.
  2. Interesting! I’d not thought of doing that. Any sign of damage to the silpat? I guess they’re pretty robust…
  3. Interesting thought about pulling 10-15° lower - received wisdom is that the collagen isn’t properly broken down at that temp, so everything’s still a bit tough. but I’d be VERY interested in the results… please fill us in if you get this test across the line with the TO
  4. Exciting! Really looking forward to hearing how these units perform. Get cooking @mgaretz!
  5. having owned various permutations in the past, if a high end pellet grill like this was out of budget I’d really consider a kamado. My kamado joe big joe has given me years of faithful service. As rotuts says you can get a blower which will accurately control temperature for hours on end and a single basket of charcoal can last easily north of 12 hours. Plus the ability to get hotter than I ever got a Weber grill. whichever way you turn there are always compromises and decisions to make but a good kamado should do what you’re after in a single unit
  6. &roid

    Dinner 2022

    great looking fish and chips @Ann_T I love battered fish done with really nice white varieties like halibut, had a great one done with trubot a while ago… must do it again soon
  7. Wow! Looks like a locomotive! I feel there’s a good rabbit hole for me to go down here, I love a good rabbit hole.
  8. Great thread, Rotuts. If/when we move I’m definitely going to look at getting a pellet grill to go alongside my kamado. What made you go for the Yoder over the Traeger? Also, beautiful trees there
  9. @paulraphael, sounds like a good plan for your room. Have you looked at the new Philips Hue smart switch? I've been waiting for years for something like this and it's finally arrived. Hard buttons for four scenes (we have one set up as an "off" command), plus a rotary dimmer which can be set up to control all the lights in the room or just some subset of them. Surface mountable so no wiring needed and battery powered so it doesn't have the clunky self-powered manual switches which make my teeth itch on the old round Hue controllers. I think you said you had Hue elsewhere in the house so would tie in with that too? https://www.amazon.com/Philips-Hue-578807-Switch-1-Pack/dp/B0B6LLKHTM/ Edited to Add: the other thing which we did with our kitchen was to use these plaster-in recessed fittings: https://www.lightingstyles.co.uk/plaster-in-recessed-ceiling-downlight They take a standard GU10 lamp but give a really clean look to the ceiling, especially when they're not on. You'd need more than the 4" cans you've got specced at the moment I guess but might be a nice option. I'll take some pics of them in our place if you're interested.
  10. Tandoori marinade made with yoghurt and lemon juice then roasted in a very hot oven
  11. &roid

    Dinner 2022

    super simple - bagged up with some butter and salt then SV for four hours at 85°C. After it’s done I pan fried it to crisp up in some melted butter. Id infused the butter with some juniper and black pepper but I’m not sure I could really taste that in the finished product. Inspiration came from this thread
  12. &roid

    Dinner 2022

    I’ve been meaning to try the idea for SV red cabbage from @gfweb’s thread on here for a while. Finally got round to making it yesterday. Everything’s feeling very autumnal here so I paired it with some confit duck and butter poached potatoes. They only had whole ducks in the supermarket so I pressure cooked the carcass and made a sauce with the highly reduced stock and some port. The confit I did following this serious eats recipe, four hours in a 105°C oven.
  13. What a brilliant way of cooking cabbage this is. Beautiful texture and a lovely buttery flavour. Crisping it up a bit in the pan after the SV bath really works well. I did two of the wedges with the core left in and two with it removed. The former definitely works best, holding it all together nicely - the core is even pretty soft and edible after the long cook. We’ve got a big pre-Christmas party coming up in December, this will definitely be on the menu, as will the potatoes which were great too.
  14. I’ve finally got round to trying this out today. Four 1/8s of a cabbage are currently bagged up and warming. Going for the recommended four hours at 185f. for good measure I’ve put some Charlotte potatoes in another bag with a good wodge of butter for the same time. plan is to sear them all after, for the cabbage I’ve made some juniper, mace and pepper infused butter. This little lot will be served tonight with some duck confit, all being well.
  15. Latest adventures with this wonderful book… I decided to have a go at the Community Organizer base recipe and use it in the broccoli and cheese soup. Having no cheez-its in the house (not sure they even exist over here!) I went with some crisped up little cubes of chorizo. Yet another great meal - really deep savoury flavour. I love the fact I’ve now got a load of the base in the fridge too. Will probably have a look at one of the bean dishes using it next.
  16. Have to say, I'm utterly baffled! I *think* you're asking for a recipe that has seasoning ideas for a selection of half a dozen of those veggies to be roasted at the same time as each other? Is that right??
  17. Couple of thoughts - Cauliflower - harissa Onions - balsamic vinegar and thyme Fennel - chilli and lemon Broccoli - red chilli and slivered garlic, maybe some parmesan Parsnips - honey and caraway seeds
  18. Of course: I like it cut as fine as I can do by hand, mandoline is better but this is a five minute weeknight staple so the need to wear a Kevlar glove and the washing up kill that tool for me. Pop the shredded cabbage into a shallow bowl, sprinkle with salt to taste. Sugar too if that floats your boat. Cover with any type of vinegar you fancy. White distilled is my usual go to as it’s cheap and does the job. Malt is nice and red wine is great, but it can take quite a bit to cover fully depending on the size of cabbage and bowl shape. A mix of distilled and a flavoured vinegar works well too. Then put the bowl in the chamber sealer and run 2-3 cycles of about 60s each. Basically as many as I can be bothered with before hunger overtakes me. Open the chamber after each cycle to allow air back in and force the vinegar into the now burst cells of the cabbage. This gives a great translucent look and a lovely fresh pickled cabbage taste in a few minutes of prep. If you have a food saver type vacuum sealer you can try and do the same but just watch the vinegar being pulled up - I made a lot of mess prior to getting my chamber sealer. Beautiful with grilled meats and stews/braises. Essential with lamb hot pot.
  19. In the interests of science I shall try two quarters with core and two without. I can see so many options here - some red wine and clove in the SV bag; some crunch post searing, as you say, maybe chopped hazelnuts; apple cider vinegar and juniper… maybe try some goose fat in place of butter… I’m looking forward to this! Just need to work out when I’m going to do it now
  20. I LOVE the sound of this! Can’t get enough cabbage, especially red. My traditional ways are either very finely shredded and quick pickled with the chamber vacuum sealer, or v slow cooked with red wine vinegar and spices. This sounds a great variation. Based on the comments on price I’m intrigued by how much they cost in the states? Over here they’re about 80p a cabbage in my local fancy supermarket, so what’s that? probably about 80¢ given our ludicrous governments recent behaviour. More like $1.10-1.20 in normal times if we ever see those again… but I digress. Great vegetable and I’ll definitely give it a go. @gfweb, in the photos you’ve taken away the core. Is that how they served it to you too? I like the idea of keeping it in to hold shape but not sure any amount of SV time makes it edible?
  21. I bought this book a few weeks back after seeing this thread. So far I’m absolutely loving it. Vivienne hasn’t really made much of a splash this side of the pond so I’ve had a good binge watch of her TV series too. I love the writing in this book and the format of heroes with a variety of recipes off the back of them works really well. So far I’ve done the red weapons (love the fried chicken hot sauce), LGD (great variation on salsa verde), the R rated onions (solely for the gorgeous steak and blue cheese butter recipe). But by far my favourite so far is the sauerkraut. I’ve tried a couple of lactoferments in the past with little success. This was a different story though - absolutely love it, and sooooo easy. I’ll be doing this regularly - it’s such a good thing to have in the fridge and chuck into salads and sides, great with my morning sausages at the weekend and it better yet it’s actually good for you!
  22. They're a great store - they sell what they sell and that’s it, not the same selection as some of the bigger/more expensive supermarkets here; but their prices are great and they often have little bargains like this bbq. The other great purchase I’ve had from them recently was back at Christmas time - they had a beautiful premier cru Chablis at £12.99 a bottle. At least 40% cheaper than it would have been elsewhere. Hopefully they’ll start branching out in the the states and stocking some of their non food items too.
  23. I absolutely love this thing. I don’t think I’ve spent a better 50 quid on anything. It heats up really quickly - 10-15 mins and it’s ripping hot, uses hardly any charcoal and it’ll fit in the back of the car no problem. Here he is with his big brother: First cook was a few nice sardines that mrs roid picked up at the fishmongers. Couple of minutes each side and they were perfect They didn’t last much more than that once cooked either!
  24. I’ve had a kamado joe Big Joe for a long time and love cooking on it over the summer. Lately I’ve been fancying their smaller joe junior but the price tag (£499!) put it well out of reach. For a few years Aldi have sold a full sized kamado for a lot less than KJ do. these have been very favourably reviewed on the bbq forums I dip into. Lo and behold, this summer they’ve come out with a joe junior knock off too. Initially this was going for £120 which is a pretty good price but a few weeks ago they went crazy and dropped the price even further. Today I took delivery of this little beast, and it cost me just £49! Can’t wait to try it out, who knows if it’ll be any good but it certainly looks and feels the part. At one tenth the price of the Joe Jnr it’s a steal. https://www.aldi.co.uk/gardenline-mini-kamado-bbq/p/710257597550500
  25. Heads up for any UK readers - you can pick the creami up for £149 in the prime day sale at the moment
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