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  1. yes definitely. Tell us more…
  2. https://ninjakitchen.co.uk/product/ninja-ice-cream-maker-nc300uk-zidNC300UK?tracking=searchterm:Creami+ getting very tempted…
  3. I had a couple of balls leftover today. They were obviously totally past it but I thought I’d give them a try. they actually turned out ok!
  4. Got a bit wrapped up in the birthday party yesterday so just posting some results. Overall it went really well, probably the best pizzas I’ve done. I didn’t manage to get that perfect margarita I was after but did some really nice pies. The carbonara one was excellent. the ooni coped perfectly with the larger volume, I did two batches of six back to back with a bit of a break in between then knocked out a few more later in the day. first try with the 60% dough, a marinara garlic bread: a slightly overdone margarita and finally one of birthday boy on his new pride and joy:
  5. Cheese and tomatoes getting ready: portioning the dough up, I’ve done 260g balls for most with a couple of little ones for birthday boy to have his own pizza:
  6. So the day begins… I've gone with the same 65% overnight biga dough that I made last time. As scott suggested upthread I’ve also tried a lower hydration 60% dough for a few balls. I have to say the drier dough has been lovely to work with, balled up really nicely after its three hours in bulk. I’m pretty much there with all the toppings and general prep, and so far the weather seems to be holding out. Last night: this morning: 60% dough: 65%: into tubs for their three hour rise:
  7. lol - and I’ve already succumbed to this too! I just feel like trying to manage a load of pizzas without boxes would be a nightmare so had to order some
  8. I certainly will. I think I’ll task oldest offspring with being official photographer - I always get carried away when I’m cooking and forget to take the money shots!
  9. OMG! I could spend hours in there - that guanciale is winking at me… 😂 big pizza day for us on Saturday, it’s our youngest’s third birthday so we have a bit of a party going on. My next door neighbour is bringing his multi fuel ooni and we’ll be turning out maybe 15-20 pies. The weather is looking about 50:50 at the moment though tbh I’m just hoping it cools down a bit, this week has been crazy hot. Our local good pizza place does a “carbonara” pizza - apologies to any Italians reading this, but it was delicious I think I’ll have a try at the weekend. here’s a quick pic of what I’ll try for: white pizza with guanciale, topped with a runny poached egg
  10. Great shop to have on hand! I’ll be really interested how you compare the three. So far I’ve tried the red “cuoco” and blue and prefer the red for the doughs I’ve made. Will see if I can get hold of some of the Nuvola to try. Just looked up on Google translate - nuvola means cloud apparently
  11. great looking pizzas @Duvel! what do you make of the nuvola flour, I’ve not tried it yet?
  12. I should be on commission for them - I frequently bore people with how great the product is 😂 be good to see the pics of yours when you get the lighting sorted
  13. we’re still really happy with our neolith. It’s been great and totally lived up to its billing in terms of indestructibility. And you definitely don’t need to worry about hot things - I’ve been putting red hot pans on it since day one and it hasn’t batted an eyelid.
  14. I picked mine up from a UK company called dentons. The scraper was only about £7 but delivery nearly the same again. Old me would have found enough other things on their website to make the delivery “sensible”, but I’ve turned over a new leaf and promised myself I’d stop buying stuff I don’t need on a whim!
  15. Great advice as always, Scott. That is pretty much my latest iteration to a tee. The only thing I’ve not yet tried is dropping down to 60% hydration. I might do a few balls of this lower water version next weekend…
  16. never had the pleasure of eating them but that look is pretty much what I’m aiming to replicate (eventually…!)
  17. perfect, I’ve just ordered one
  18. I’ve had a couple of korin hi-soft boards for about a year. Really liked using it for that time. The larger one I have has warped slightly but nothing major. I’m more bothered about the surface really, it’s marked up quite badly - scratches and dings which seem to trap food debris. I’ve read that you can sand or smooth out the surface, has anyone done this with theirs? Any tips on how best to do it?
  19. FWIW I’m happy to schlep mine out every time I use it. I keep it in a big dry garden box, the gas tank sits in our shed. the 16” is pretty manoeuvrable on my own but I’ve got quite long arms so some people might find it easier with a lifting partner. I’d love to have space (and climate!) to have a permanent installation but it’s no big deal bringing it out each time. to have the whole shaping, loading, cooking and serving setup in one place I’d probably want about ten linear feet of countertop. That said, I’m a klutz and like to spread out when I cook
  20. thirded. I have a nice big countertop in the kitchen that’s at the right height for me. I make them in there then a quick step outside to launch.
  21. What’s your process since getting the ooni? I’ve found that shaping on the worktop then dragging onto the bamboo launching peel works really well, gives the pie a final stretch then let’s me tinker yo get it as round as possible
  22. they’re looking great 👍🏻 my current method is launch the pizza, wait until the back left edge is just starting to brown a tiny bit (really just before it starts to colour) then turn it 180°. After this I’ll usually do one or two more 90° turns to put any pale patches in the hotter zone. in a couple of weeks I’ve got my youngest kid’s third birthday party so (pandemic permitting) we’ll be serving pizzas to my biggest crowd yet. I’ll be doing probably a dozen or so pretty much back to back. Should be fun! Also I’d be interested if anyone has done a lot in one sitting - how many have you managed before having to reheat the floor?
  23. Not sure I’ve ever gone quite to 16”. But once you get used to turning, 12-14” pizzas are a doddle to cook evenly. I guess whatever size your oven, cooking at the absolute limit is going to pose some challenges. The thing I love about the koda 16 is that making a single normal sized pizza is easy - a lot easier than trying to do a 12” in their smaller ovens. Obviously it would be easier still in a massive wood burning oven, but there are cost and convenience trade offs in that which would put it out of reach for a lot of people. I suppose it comes down to what you’re going to be cooking - if it absolutely has to be 16+” pizzas, or you want to crank out 20+ an hour then you’re going to need something different. But for “normal” sized Neapolitan pizzas I think ooni have really hit the sweet spot here.
  24. when I was younger and had been out drinking we always used to order “half chips, half fried rice, half curry sauce” from our local Chinese takeaway ps - agree about irn bru. Terrible stuff.
  25. Over this side of the pond my current favourite is Basco - they do loads of speciality Spanish meats and charcuterie. Whole suckling pig, milk fed lamb and (at the other end of the age spectrum) 10-12 year old Galician beef from ex-dairy cows: It’s been great being able to get hold of interesting food this last year, despite having eaten out maybe only 2-3 times.
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