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  1. from opentable, 1000 points = $13. neither restaurant or opentable has told me who reduced party from 3 to 2. i certainly did not. opentable showed 2 in app at the time (now removed). there must be an audit trail of changes. is this a creative way of insuring a full four top on a busy night? the only positive was being able to get a table at another bistro across street where all 3 of us had an excellent meal. the restaurant's offer of a glass of wine is beyond disappointing.
  2. No explanation from Opentable, just 1000 points. Restaurant just emailed and offered a free glass of wine if i came again. Not possible to rate on opentable system (as all traces of the reservation are removed), but i can do here, tripadvisor, yelp, urbanspoon etc.
  3. Visited Montreal last weekend and booked a table for 3 several weeks before. It was at a very popular bistro for 630pm. Arrived at the appointed time and the maitre d' advised I had booked a table for 2 and they could not seat my party. We left and went elsewhere. I did not bother to print the confirming email for 3 and take it with me (the Opentable app showed the "current" 2). Forwarded the confirming email to Opentable and they acknowledged the error and would investigate. Received a token points credit. I suspect the restaurant just want the revenue from a full table of 4 rather than 3. Is this happening in other areas, just Montreal or just to out of towners? I am not posting the restaurant's name at this point, awaiting some explanation from them via Opentable.
  4. On recent visit to Vancouver, visited Three Lions Cafe on East Broadway (1-1 East Broadway). Its a "gastropub" Had the Eggs Benny, their take on the usual. Came with large salad. Noted they serve "Full English Breakfast". Excellent service - drink and coffee refils prompt. Small patio away from the main street for enjoying the summer. It was warm and sunny so we sat there. For soccer fans, this is an active place to watch and cheer. I would defintely go back. Did not see the dinner menu but heard they serve bangers and mash!
  5. I was really hoping for a nice new place. The LPQ had such a great reputation and I ventured there yesterday for lunch. Nice atmosphere. Lots of cheerful happy staff. But and its a big "but" - average food at sky high prices. Curried chicken salad open faced sandwich - of average quality and small quantity $11.75. That's only $8.75 in NYC based on my googling today. But a six ounce bottle of Diet Coke $3.95. That's hotel minibar prices. Only $1.75 in NYC. With the usual taxes and tip, that's over $20 for an unsatisfying lunch. Like the Belgian financial guy says "save your money". Give this place a pass.
  6. South St Burgers in the Home Depot/Best Buy box plaza in Leaside makes a surprisingly good burger. Its another brand of a chain (NY Fries). Limited menu shows attention to burgers. Wide variety of standard and "gourmet" toppings. After 2 visits, I will return.
  7. I have been going to Allen's on the Danforth for years. The patio at the back is a cool oasis with plenty of tree shade. Food tends to be good but somewhat expensive. The bbq menu has yet to disappoint. The beer list is outstanding. Have taken many out-of-town visitors there.
  8. Last August we had another family event at the Wick. Private dining room. For son's Bar Mitzvah celebration. A long distance Bar Mitzvah indeed with service at Western Wall in Jerusalem a month before. As previously had inlaw's 50th anniversary dinner in same room several years back, the Wick again did not disappoint. Good food and wine. 40 people. And "Tofino" (Chris) was our "official photographer", taking great pictures too. Further update on Pacific Sands - their new "villas" are outstanding. Great accomodation and terrific views of the coast. Very large and spacious. A far cry from the old Pacific Sands which was getting shabby. But villas are expensive. Way more private than Long Beach Lodge but PS continues to lack any dining facilities or bar. Not even breakfast. In the 13 years of going in August (since marrying into a large family that has been going there for 30 years), Tofino has grown up and offers a range of diining and accomodation that improves every year. Of note was the appearance of several freelance chefs who would prepare dinner at your accomodations (like the full kitchen in Pacific Sands' villas). An interesting service I might consider if there were fewer of us (30+ each year). And one other tip. Buy a cheap ($35 cdn) wetsuit at Costco if you are considering entering the water. Otherwise the water is way too cold. I am looking forward to our August visit, wetsuit in hand.
  9. Puck's in Niagara Falls is a nice place with more than adequate food. The Chinese Chicken Salad is one of my favorites. Pizza was good. Had found it equal to other Puck's. We even had one in outer Toronto for a while but the location closed. Planning to go back next week too so that might be considered an endorsement.
  10. canadian-eh

    Kraft Dinner

    I follow my "family secret receipe": - prepare as per the standard directions - pour into pyrex dish, cover top with 2-3 slices of Kraft "plastic" cheese slices - bake in 400 degree oven for 15 minutes or more. I grew up on this method and am now preparing it to the disgust of my wife and the enjoyment of my teenage son.
  11. Tried it several years ago and was a good introduction to the restaurant but portions too small to satisfy. Have been back several times since.
  12. Found Tough City Sushi very kid friendly and with its toy collection, kid interesting. However, last year, I found they were not open for lunch.
  13. According to the Thursday edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail, the sushi ban is history. Dr Basrur admits there were only 3 cases of sickness in the past decade in this province. And perhaps the sushi chefs were not consulted due to their "limited grasp of English". But I think part of reason for the ban is this "secret society", its actions and those specifically of Malcolm. Indeed, I even got a letter from McGuinty acknowledging my protesting email and promising further study. Anyways, I will order sushi takeout tonight!
  14. It wasn't Jamie that got it done it was a group effort. A. ← Sorry, I did see the group effort. And would have liked to be there. But how exactly do we contact AB or his "people" to arrange?
  15. I would attend if something was organized. And help as needed. Perhaps we could get some clues from Jamie Maw of how he got AB to attend. Or is he taken with some Heather Reisman event after the signing? The Vancouver evening set a very high standard despite not being center (centre)of the universe. We will have to work hard.
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