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  1. Holy crap, I think I need one of those. Do they sell them in the US?
  2. I so need to do something like that for Alex's birthday. He was born on Halloween. Heh. His first birthday...such a huge deal.
  3. I often bake cheese sandwiches in the oven. Same preparation as a grilled cheese. It's how they did them in school for us, too, while I was growing up. Best way to make up a mess of them at one time. Served with tomato soup almost always, and sliced apples or pears in the fall. I, er, buy Kraft slices just for this purpose. Sometimes you just want the old stand-by from your youth. Lately, though, I like unsalted butter and a salty, sharp Cabot cheddar. Very tasty on homemade potato bread. In fact, I could make that tomorrow for lunch...
  4. A sundae is made by the ice cream that goes into it. If the ice cream is below par, the sundae will also be. Personally, if I was going to ask top pastry chefs from around the country to make me a freaking sundae, I'd allow them to use their own ice creams and figure out another way to showcase the Breyers branding. I really take offense to it in an unnecessary way, I suppose. But it's like giving them a prepared cake and telling them to decorate it as a challenge.
  5. But you would have been smarter to assume they'd show whatever drama they had over the cooking skills every single time, that's kind of a given if you've watched the show before. Im just saying you gave more and louder drama, including in the group shots, to the extent that they's have to rename it the Seth show in order to give a balanced portrait of you and show the good. Also it seems you didn't notice or care how badly disruptuve and negative your behaviour was, and that lack of respect towards the entire group/ show itself factored in as much as your health in their decison to let yo
  6. I'm drooling. The Cauliflower Bacon Gratin sounds so good and I don't even really like that particular vegetable! May have to buy one and make a half recipe to see if it gives cauliflower a flavor I actually like. I'm buying this book as soon as I can get funds. Probably ordering next weekend. We need a few new dishes in the stable of recipes to cook now that we're eating more vegetables. Oh man, I'm so hungry now. Guess it's time to get started on the chicken strips, mashed potatoes, and steamed vegetables that seem so blah in comparison now.
  7. I, uh, made brownies. I wasn't really that happy with the recipe I'd been using. I tweaked it, figured out what was wrong, and got it down. This is much better than I've been getting. It's the perfect combination of cakey and fudgey, has great chocolate flavor, and would be quite tasty with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream on top. Haagen Daaz, though, would do in a pinch. They don't look pretty, but looks never really mattered much to me.
  8. I forgot about this thread. I meant to respond ages ago. I prefer pie. Remembering back to my childhood, I asked for a cherry pie for my birthday (and got it) instead of a cake. My grandfather was the same way. I did make exceptions for chocolate-cherry cake with fudge frosting for a couple years, though. I still make that cake, though not the same way I did. Cake mixes don't belong in my house anymore. That said, I love baking cakes. I love frosting cakes. I love making cupcakes and frosting those. I love giving people cake and cupcakes. I love eating cupcakes at 11PM just warm out of the ove
  9. What's your average weekly budget? Do you have a freezer that you can use to take care of things if you buy in bulk occasionally? If you do, you may just want to keep shopping around using the sales circulars for your local grocery stores. I frequently see chicken hind quarters on sale here for under $5 for ten pounds. Whole pork loins frequently go for $1.69-1.89 per pound as long as you buy the whole thing. Both of these are a great way to eat cheaply and can be broken down into smaller amounts and then frozen. I freeze the hindquarters in threes (three thigh-leg portions) and the pork roast
  10. I feel a lot better now because I can do that, too. Both regular and peanut butter Crunch is a real weakness of mine. I don't normally like cold cereal, but that and raisin bran are the only two I can actually stand. One thing that seems to have changed since I was a kid is Barnum's animal crackers. I used to love those and now...not so much. My daughter doesn't like them, either.
  11. The huge jar of pickles I bought while pregnant with my son comes to mind. I ate pickles every day for a week and told the husband that it would probably be much cheaper if we just picked up the big gallon jar at Sam's. Little did I know that they'd disgust me completely the next week. Really, I hadn't had a pickle spear since until I went with my sister to lunch last week and got one with my sandwich. Also, I have a huge amount of canned beans that I keep thinking I'll do something with yet I never do. I did open a can of red beans and a can of black beans recently, but the Great Northern and
  12. Supposed to be breadsticks of the soft and squishy variety, but I didn't get the stuffed shells made that they were supposed to go with and, thus, this particular yeast dough has ended its life as sandwich rolls.
  13. Awesome! Thanks. I guess I'll be replacing the other whisk soon then.
  14. Will the 610 whisk work with the 600?
  15. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Recipe adapted from the Tollhouse recipe. My go-to. Always good, never fail. They seem to come out better when mixed by hand then by machine.
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