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  1. I have searched in vain everwhere I can think of. For christmas I am going to make some different forms of truffles to give to family. For this I think hollow truffle shells would be my best bet. Any idea where I can go to buy less than 500? That seems to be the smallest quantity I can find.
  2. Got a quick ? Is there any way to make chocolates with jam/preserves? I have just bought a wonderful jam and I tried a bite of it with some dark chocolate in my mouth. DIVINE! lol Is there any way to attempt a chocolate? Incorporating it into a ganache or some such thing?
  3. Aaah Yeah I live in Tampa, FL. Never usually as hot as it is there but still pretty sweltering. I will have to see if cold pack is an option when I check out. The price of the chocolate was about 25$ cheaper than anywhere else I had seen. Surfasonline.com sure if anyone else has ordered from them.
  4. I have been lurking and reading for about a week now. This is my first post and I feel silly. I typed melting chocolate into the search to try and find my answer. However it brought up TONS of results. On to the simple question. I am going to buy my first brick of chocolate to attempt my first batch of truffles. I have settled on a 11lb block of Callebaut to start. However understandably on the website it stated that due to the time of year some melting might occur. My question which actually shouldn't have taken so long is, If the bar partially melts in transit would this in any way hurt my efforts? I will of course be melting it and tempering it anyway.
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