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  1. I just bought, as a complete impulse, two lobster tails from the seafood counter. I have never prepared lobster before. These still seem slightly frozen..And I have no idea what to do with them. I google'd a few recipes that say I have to butterfly them. Is that so? Any suggestions on preparation tonight? These are being made in conjunction with a cowboy ribeye
  2. pistolabella


    gnocchi, tossed with a creamy goat cheese, pumpkin, and sage.
  3. My office has no oven, incredibly limited refridgerator space, and an upcoming Thanksgiving potluck. I'm looking for ideas for cold or room-temp side dishes...preferrably with actual, real vegetables involved. (Everyone has signed up for something involving cheese, or chocolate). Deviled eggs are spoken for. If worse comes to worse I can bring a veggie tray, I guess, but I'd love some creative ideas.
  4. The cream cheese crust sounds amazing! And yes, that is the type of pan I have, though mine is dark. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  5. While I fancy myself quite crafty in the kitchen with cooking...I am no baker. I fully admit to being romanced by the "no rule" approach I can take with throwing savory dishes together, and also admit to lacking the patience and dilligence required in baking. However, I have a tart pan I received as a gift that I've yet to remove from the box, and I'm dying to experiment with some great desserts before the holiday season. If anyone can recommend some good, easy & moderate recipes, tips, techiniques, I'd be so appreciative! I'm interested in any type of filling or crust - I seriously have a lot of playing around to do in order to get comfortable with this.
  6. The squash and cheese soup sounds incredible. That's definitely happening this week. The ratatouille last night turned out wonderfully, and I have a little more than half a chicken to deal with tonight. Such a terrible plight, having wonderful excess food to play with.
  7. I'm definitely going to split my ingredients now - i HAVE to make calabicits after reading that recipe! I think the other half of the veggies will become ratatouille. The final dregs of all vegetables and bits of chicken will go on couscous or something. These are all great suggestions! Thanks.
  8. I've never made a ratatouille though I've eaten several. I've found some good looking recipes for roasted vegetable ratatouille. Does anyone have thoughts on whether the leftover roasted veggies from a ratatouille would hold up in a curry or even a minestrone soup later? I have such a large quantity of ingredients and so many options that I am having trouble focusing. If I simply roast the chicken tongiht, i like the idea of using what's left to make a stock to do something with tomorrow WITH whatever is left from the vegetable contraption I end up making.
  9. I have two bags FULL of homegrown squash, zucchini, and tomatoes. I have a medium sized whole chicken. I need to use all of these things, and i've just about "had it" with grilled vegetables. I can always eat a roast chicken. I thought i'd ask here for some ideas...what would you do if you had to make something with these ingredients tonight? I have a variety of herbs & grains at my disposal as well. This is a household of only 2 people so the ability to flex or morph it into lunch and possible additional dinners a plus.
  10. I'll be camping at Huntington Beach over Thanksgiving. While i'm familiar with the area geographically, and the restaurants in Murrells Inlet / Pawleys Island / Georgetown in the summer, i was hoping someone might suggest a dining option for the Holiday in November. i'm up for driving anywhere between Myrtle Beach & Georgetown. I've eaten at some lovely restaurants throughout. Thanks!
  11. I think for chain groceries in the South (speaking from East TN here), Food City has the best options for meat & seafood. Its not outstanding by any means, but they do get good fresh things in, and individual butchers at different locations often choose some interesting good quality things, there's often local lamb or veal at one of the locations near me. Produce is a gamble in all of them. I advise looking online for local farms who sell meat- there are several near me who come into "town" once or twice a week and sell meat. finally, the large hispanic population in East TN has resulted in an abundance of excellent Hispanic grocery stores and farmer's markets.
  12. Hello all! i am going to be in New Orleans on Thanksgiving and am looking for dining suggestions. I have been to the city many times and am familiar with restaurants serving all the quintessential, different types of new orleans cuisine, so what i'm really looking for is a really nice, amazing restaurant for Thanksgiving. My friend and I are prepared to throw down some serious cash if necessary. Any and all suggestions would be very rad and much appreciated! ( and yes I know its only August...I love fawning over possible itineraries for as long as possible)
  13. pistolabella

    Potato Salad

    I use red potatoes and lots of the following: blue or gorgonzola cheese, bacon, LOTS of fresh dill, and some chopped red onion. I put in just a bit of sour cream. I don't like it super-goopy, but just a touch of sour cream to make things cohesive, if you will. It is really delicious.
  14. pistolabella

    Fried Oysters

    Some people can guess dead oysters in the shell because those oysters are noticeably lighter in weight than live ones. Then when you open the shell, the dead oyster will smell unpleasant--like low tide. Ugh. Throw those ones out. ← Good to know! The fish market where I shop visits their boats in Louisiana a couple times weekly, and everything I've has in the past has been very good. Thanks everyone for the advice; I'm giving it a whirl tonight so wish me luck!
  15. For some reason, preparing seafood at home has always seemed a daunting, if not terrifying task to me. I can cook a piece of fish, but anything beyond that? I'm scared i'll either poison my boyfriend or feed him a repugnant f-up of a concoction. That being said, I've never made anything at home involving oysters. I am going to attempt a recipe for fried oysters with some type of "topping" (I'm still perusing recipes - variants of creme fraiche, caviar, keep appearing). However, I really can't wrap my head around the cooking process. The language in the coupla recipes I've seen vary. One says steam them, then "shuck" them open, then fry them, one says shuck them and fry them. Does anyone have an easy to explain method on fried oysters? Additionally, when buying oysters, is there need to buy extra in preparation for the fact that not all will be usable, (such as with mussels)? If anyone has a good link or any advice, I (and my boyfriend) will be quite grateful.
  16. Blood oranges are usually available in February in East TN, although other varieties of Red Oranges (cara cara reds, for example) turn up in the store in the very late fall. If you are Western NC, and can make it to Asheville, go to earthfare or something- they have a good representation of what's "local" (although they stretch just what that means), and generally are pretty knowledgeable (in Knoxville at least) about what produce is local and seasonal. Also maybe pick up a farmer's almanac? Great list though! I always wonder about this too.
  17. Its always a ridiculous grilled cheese for me, with multiple cheeses, which have no business hanging out together, smashed between over-buttered white bread. Bacon sometimes makes an appearance. I figure if i'm going to eat because of hormones, I might as well go all out.
  18. My favorites are... Bacon, swiss, tomato, and spinach, or Double creme gouda and granny smith apples on grilled sourdough. I also like almond butter & honey grilled on pumpkin bread. yum.
  19. pistolabella


    I roasted a chicken 2 nights ago, and had 7 grain pilaf. Last night I mixed together the leftover chicken & Pilaf, added some black olives, mushrooms, peas, and roasted red peppers. It made a really yummy casserole. I am a huge fan of tostadas, so any leftover meat usually ends up on a tostada with lettuce and tomatoes and salsa, guacamole, etc. In fact there are lots of Mexican dishes that can be assembled almost entirely of leftovers.
  20. My city has plenty to offer in the way of food, and to suggest that nothing is worth staying in town for is quite frankly ludacris.
  21. Yes, Northshore Brasserie is pretty decent. I like also the Butcher Shop, not exactly as updated or "fancy" as some other places, but good, really. and I would pick Orangery over Regas.
  22. Now that i've found a good tomato pie recipe, I was thinking about two more Southern summer staples. squash casserole and cobbler. I have several cobbler recipes that are pretty quick and easy- cuppa cuppa cuppa type things. I don't have a good squash casserole. Anyone have some particularly tasty recipes you turn to for either of these?
  23. My family (in TN) has always just referred to the breadcrumb kind as baked macaroni, as someone else said. In fact, typically my grandma would just make a quicker, goopier (albeit delicious) version atop the stove, and then a slightly more elaborate baked version for bigger dinners or holidays.
  24. I have to say Loveless Cafe. That is if you make it close enough to Nashville to do so. I don't really know where Linden is.
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