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  1. RC and moonpies....did anyone ever put the moonpie in the microwave as a kid to see what would happen? (I'll save you the suspence; i becomes huge and lopsided before eventually exploding). There are restaurants in Knoxville where only RC products are sold. by the liter. I always associate Georgia w/ peaches simply because its impossible not to pass a road-side peach stand in the summer. and of course because they're delicious.
  2. Axe, and ye shall receive... Brooksie's Tomato and Basil Pie It's pretty swell. Addictive, actually. Enjoy. ← Oh that sounds fantastic.
  3. I'm not sure if anyone on the forum is familiar with the regionally famous Grainger County Tomato, but its nearly time for them to start popping up at the stores and roadside produce trucks in East TN. Since I can remember, my family has eaten fresh sliced tomatoes with meals throughout the summer. What are some favorite tomato recipes you have? I for one would love a good tomato pie recipe; I've had excellent tom. pie in the low country (especially in Edisto, SC) but it isn't an East TN thing, really. Other produce I live for in the summer is half-runner beans, silver queen corn, Georgia bells (peaches). What about you folks?
  4. The derby pie I've had is basicallly like a chocolate chip cookie in a pie. If you're ever around Knoxville(tn) there's a good fish market called Shrimp Dock, several locations.
  5. yeah..wasn't he working at Oodles for a minute after his place closed? Or am I thinking of another such chef?
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