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  1. Nearest I could find was on Caterersearch: http://www.caterersearch.com/Articles/2008...e-district.html
  2. There was a good article about L'Enclume in this weeks Westmorland Gazette. It was more based on Simon Rogan, on how he has scrapped plans to open in Henley-on-Thames, and is opening a new place in Cartmel called Rogan & Co. The restaurant has also had a bit of a make over. No tablecloths, a bit of a trend in places at the mo! If I can find it online, I will post here. Makes me want to go even more now!!
  3. I came accross this place from sugarvine http://www.gourmet-spot.co.uk/ Looks interesting. But you know when a restaurant just craves for a star, and try really hard. I am not saying it is a bad thing, coz if this place was nearer me, I'd go. I get a bit fed up with Michelin stars being the be all and end all, there is more to restaraunt life. But at those prices, I'd want to sit in a dining room a bit more welcoming. However, I'm keen to see if anyone has been, as the north east has few top places to eat. There was a place up the road from me, the Linen Room in Dumfries which was a similar place, the chef has left now, don't know where he has gone, but that little place looked promising too. I'm sure there are quite a few places like this all over the country, they just need a bit more recognition. The horse and trumpet near my perents is another one http://www.horseandtrumpet.com/ Any other worthy wannabe's?? Or "Rising stars" Bloody michelin!
  4. Mmmmmmmm, Ukranian haute cusine. Why are'nt there more of these places?....
  5. Found it!!! http://www.monteithsbar.co.uk/ Woop! also have a look at http://www.thenewbell.com/
  6. Yo. If your looking central Edinburgh, Centotre on George Street is worth a look, modern italian/deli, nice milkshakes there! Also along similar lines is the Valvona and Crolla cafe down the side of Harvey Nics is good too. For posh nosh, Leith is best bet, about 1.5 miles out of town. Regular bus service from Princess Street. You have Martin Wisharts and The Kitchin, both Michelin starred. The balmoral Hotel at the end of pricess street has Hadrians Brasserie, not sure what it is like, looks expensive, and their Number One restaurant has one of those star thingys too! Though I don't think they are open for lunch?? One place to steer clear of is The Witchery. Total pants. Its a tourist trap. Everyone will tell you its THE restaurant to go to, but service and food is poor, and if going lunchtime, lacking in atmosphere. Plus total ripp off. The Tower, owned by same group, is better, though I have not been for a few years, and has had a couple of mixed review recently. If you can travel further afield, the Glasshouse at Eskmills is worth the trip. There was a good looking restraunt reviewed in the scotland on sunday the other week, got a really good review, it was in the old town, off the royal mile, but for the life of me I cant remember what its called!! Thats helpfull, I'll see if I can find out and post back!! Hope this helps. Oliver
  7. That place looks ace!! Michelin star, and those prices?? Brilliant! Is it really that good value?? I am loving these more informal smart pubs cropping up. I had a very good lunch at The Sparling today. Chef is Warrick Dodds, former Northcote Manor/Stanley House. http://www.wyrevalleyinns.co.uk/ No where near each other geographical, but hey, thought I'd let you know. I feel the home counties are getting a bit spoilt! But I guess thats where the money is.
  8. Doh! It better not be London, thats just what London needs, another ace chef!!!
  9. Sorry if my post mis-reads. It is not I that has a prob with the prices, I'd go tommorrow, its my usual dining partners, I can't find anyone to go with. I don't really want to go on my own, I have been before last january. Its a bit much to expect some friends to fork out £70 if all they are use to is local pub grub (nowt wrong with that either). So if anyone in the NW is in a similar psition, I was just saying hi, if they want someone to go with, then I ddont need much persuading. Failing that I'll put a pout on and drag them there on my birthday in October!! Regards Oliver
  10. If anyone is planning to go to L'Enclume in te next few months, could you give me a heads up as its been over a year since I first went and would like to go again. So if someone does not mind me gatecrashing, or just wants a good meal out, PM me, I live in Morecambe so just over an hour from L'Enclume. Cheers big ears. As per, friends are like "Its a bit pricey", and my partner thinks its pretentious (Which it is i guess, but thats good, sometimes!!) And it's not somewhere you can go on your own, but I guess it beats a chinese!! I wonder if L'Enclume delivers?? Oliver
  11. The grass is always greener!! I would love to go to Le Champignon Sauvage, and many others, bit of a trek for me though. But I know I have a few places near me people dawn sarff would love to visit too!! I'm thinking of starting taking trips out to places though. I would like to visit Purnells in Birmingham, I'm just under 2 hrs from Birmingham, so can easily get there for lunch. I just need to have a look for train times to Cheltnenham now!!!
  12. I could never make up my mind if reading at the table was the done thing. I'll remember to take my copy of the Daily Sport with me next time.
  13. I was just wondering what peoples experiences of this are? I myself dine out on my own occasionally, because friends are busy, or I just so happen to find myself in a area where there is a local restaurant worth trying, and there is just me, so I go!! I am perfectly happy with my own company, though you do feel like a bit of a stiff sat there on your own with waiters buzzing round you. It is advisable to find somewhere good where you can people watch and see the world go by, and there is a bit of an atmosphere. Last summer I went for lunch up to The Samling near Ambleside as they had a good offer on for lunch. It was a lovely day, and sat in the lounge which is comfy (although looking a bit tired these days!) with a cold coke and reading the papers, you can imagine yourself as lord of the manor!! I had a very nice afternoon, with tea and petit fours on the terrace afterwards, as you do!! It would have been nice to have someone to share it with, but I still had a nice time. I sound like some old spinster!! I do have friends who I go out with, though its a ballache organising them sometimes! What are peoples rituals/advice for dining alone??
  14. I went to The Modern last Monday when I was in town buying a suit. I had previously been to same site when it was Le Mont. When I last went, I was the only one dining!! Felt like a bit of a nerd, but when I go shopping, I like to get myself a nice lunch. Le Mont was expensive, and a bit up its own arse. The modern is better, a lot less formal. Again though, I was the only one there. Admitadly, it was a cold january Monday, but once up the lift, and to the bar, your committed really!! The menu a guess is modern british, nothing mega cutting edge. I went for the set lunch menu, 3 courses, £15.95 I think, I can't remember. The entrance to the building is really understated, I understand they are to yet do a full launch, they will need maybe an A board or something to let people know, because you could walk past it everyday and not know it is there!! I had corn beef hash with fried egg to start, yummy (A dish that is creeping up again everywhere) and Chicken breast for main. I cant remember the description, I am totally rubish for remembering exact dishes. I enjoying eating out, but I am not going to start over analysing things and taking notes!! It was a fair size portion though, I could not finish it, but I had space for a marmalade sponge pudding!!! With 2 cokes the bill came to under £20, which is fine for what I was looking for. Somewhere in Mancs that you can go for a quality lunch without all the pomp of some places. I quite like going to Harve Nics as that is guarteed to be a bit busy, restraunt side can be a bit pricey for lunch, but is a safe bet. I am still to try City Cafe and Lounge 10. Any feedback for that?? I don't want to turn this into a general disscussion, but anyone been to Linen at the casino??? Very intrigued into Elliotts as well from paul heathcote when that opens!!! Wooop, first post!! Hello everyone by the way. Regards Oliver
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