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  1. So what are the plans for Roganic? Is he keeping a presence in London, or is this his next thing? Is Mr Rogan going to be one of these chefs that are never in the kitchen as he is either at his bistro/bar/pub/restaurant/tv/whatever.
  2. Jay Rayner liked it. http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/nov/13/jay-rayner-midland-hotel-review
  3. There really is'nt anything in Morecambe/Lancaster that springs to mind. I have this problem constantly, being my home town. If you don't mind a drive, then you are better served. Try the Redwell Inn, Arkholme, or The Sun Inn Kirkby Lonsdale?
  4. 5 star review from AA in the Times today. So there really will be no tables available for ever now. I'll wait till the fuss has died down (I hope it dies down).
  5. The GBM format reminds me a little of this
  6. Details Anyone fancy this. I did. £195pp, yes cheaper than a trip there, poss a tad easier to score a table. I'm sure it would be quite a treat at such a venue. But got stuff on so cant go. Slightly better value than the French Laundry jobby at Harrods.
  7. Put a smile on my face today.
  8. I am going mid-may. Originally booked to go to 41 degrees, but noticed they would only be doing snacks. So booked Tickets through their website about a month ago. They had some spaces in the evening, quite early for Barcelona standards, so will see how busy it will be. Originally I read that 41 would be reservation-free, but now it seems you have to get a reservation even for there!! Dont know if you get access to 41 if you are booked in Tickets as you have to enter tickets to get to 41??
  9. Was this one of the main menus or a lunch time one?? Are they still doing the lunch menu, was around £25 I think?
  10. Yup, dined here too and it was pants. Ask anyone on the street in Edinburgh where they would go for a special meal, they will all coo 'The Witchery' but there are loads of better places in Edinburgh than there.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for apps for the iphone/android jobbies. I have an android phone, and was looking for a decent wine price checker app, but could'nt really find one. Also, any decent restaurant guides out there. I know the good food guide is available on the iphone, but is it going to come onto the android market? Ta peeps.
  12. Yes the bay horse is good. Best pub in town for food is the wagon and horses down by the quay. Bit further out of town towards Kendal, Wheatsheaf at Bentham and Strickland Arms are both good. In and around Lancaster is'nt great for restaurants, the plough at lupton is lloking for staff i believe, not opened yet, just off j36 of the M6, so about 20mins from Lancaster.
  13. Thanks for that, always wondered where Bruno went. Bit of a trek though to get up there, place looks nice. I had lunch on Boxing day at Gilpin Lodge, and had a good time. Ham hock then venison, then a crumble to finish. Service was very good, I really like the place. They're always a bit tight on the amuse frount though. 3 courses will mean 3 courses. Chef Russell is ex Waterside Inn/L'Ortolan. I have not been to Hipping hall for nearly 3 years so can't comment there.
  14. I'm moving house on monday, so kind of tied up for now .But look forward to the reports.
  15. The Connaught has the Cobourg Bar, which is alright, their other I did'nt get to but looks worth a punt if you are passing.
  16. Had another ace meal last night, on the Concepts menu. Highlights were sea bass with textures of beetroot, a tomato ice lollie in the shape of a pair of lips, that was described as a virgin mary, but came with a small spray of vodka so you could turn it into a bloody mary!! My descriptions do not do it justice, Marc feel free to interject. As usual, food easily the best in the north west, service via Gemma and co spot on. And managed to park right outside too. Look forward to your future developments Marc.
  17. Did you get the milk from the cow shaped milk jug served in little paper cups? I think it was favoured with porridge and ??? (like you I dont make notes) but thought it was a cute idea. I found the soup course more of an amuse really. I really enjoyed my meal there, and would like to go back sometime, but I am still to do Martin Wishart, so thats next when I am in Edinburgh.
  18. Wow, cheers guys!! I will be having a couple of more Mornings in Mancs later on as well as I will be hitting the Warehouse Project a couple of times. I did see Trof mentioned elsewhere, so I may try there and get back to you. Like I said, I'm not one really for cooked breakfasts, but wanted to try somewhere different, get some poached eggs maybe. mmmm. Spoilt for choice now!
  19. Hi Guys. I'll be in Manchester for a night out at the end of September. I got a good deal at the City Inn, room only. I am wondering, where's best in Mancs city center for breakfast?? Anything decent in the Northern Quarter?? I'm not a massive eater at breakfast, cereal, toast, maybe a croissant, so I dont want to have to pay £15 for the privilege for a rather lack luster one I got last time at City Inn. Thanks.
  20. Just a bit of goss fo you. The Punchbowl at Crosthwaite/Drunken Duck people have bought The Plough at Lupton, just off J36 M6 heading towards Kirkby Londale. It has been shut for the last few months, hasnt really done anything in the last few years. Its a good site as its only about 3 mins off the m6. Nice bit of competition for the highwayman.
  21. Yup, you have to be quite dedicated to get photos on here!!! Are you still opening for lunch just on Fri/Sats at the moment marc?? Are the pics for the website?
  22. Bit of a write up in the scotsman about Paul Kitchin's new gaff. http://www.scotsman.com/latestnews/Micheli...t-of.5174806.jp I thought he was'nt bovverd about stars, but he wants to be the first in Edinburgh to have 2. Fair enough. BTW, crap name for a restaurant.
  23. Cheers fro the ideas. I am using Green and blacks cocoa. I find it mixes well and I can make it as strong or sweet as I like, so am happy with that for now. Will try melting real chocolate and see how I get on. Cheers peeps
  24. Not on the door step, but if venture south to Morpeth, there is Henri's Brasserie, run by the same people who had the Black Door in Newcastle and still have the Black Door brasserie in Newcastle. Not tried it, so could not comment. Morpeth is a nice market town worth a look round if passing.
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