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  1. Everytime I've been there has always been some frosty looking ex-headmistress or a old beetroot faced cornel. In the car park once, a old guy, must have been at least 80, was trying to reverse a brand new aston, his wife was banging on the boot "Roger, your going to hit the wall". He could barely see over the steering wheel. Lots of old money there. But I will agree, the new bar is ace, very swish. The rooms look lovely. I'l be going just for lunch for now, turning up in my fiesta!
  2. Congrats are in order, I see The Modern has been nominated for Manchester Best Newcomer in this months Lancashire Life. Fingers crossed for you guys. I don't know how big a deal it is for you? But it's good coverage I guess. They're up against Ithaca and Michael Caines @ Abode. Final is in December.
  3. Just come back from a few days away staying at friends just outside Edinburgh. Didn't get any where high end, but a couple of places worth mentioning. Monday evening we went to Queens Spice indian in South Queensferry, a very good friendly indian. I have been before on previous trips, always good. We had a drink afterwards next door in Orocco Pier, a trendy bar/hotel with a terrace that gives you a excellent view of the two forth bridges. Tuesday, had lunch in the Ship Inn in Elie, accross the water in Fife. The Fife coast is lovely, with lots of pretty fishing villages. Lunch was good, I would not say its a 'Gastropub', but a pub that serves good food, if that makes sense?? In the evening I met up with my cousin and his girlfriend in town and had a meal at Montheiths, on the high street. I had a very tasty pork belly dish and a crumble for afters (not very hot?) A fair priced meal, quirky interiors, I would go back. I did not plan it well, meal on the high street in the middle of the festival! Doh, place was packed! Weds went into town, lunch was had at the dogs, on hanover street. It was excellent, cheapest lunch I've had in Edinburgh. Bread, 2 mains, 2 drinks for me, 1 glass of wine, 1 1/2 giraffe of wine £26. The cooking is very 'homey' I had a sort of sausauge casarole, very tasty, can't remember what the other had? Total blank....will edit if I remember, full of a cold at mo. The Dogs is really good value, the staff were really friendly too. Weds evening we went to Norton House, near the airport as my friends had a voucher to use. Ate in the brasserie. Smart place, I had a chicory salad with mozerella and parma ham (which was brittle??) that was a bit boring, followed by salmon with cous cous, very pleasant. Dessert was treacle tart. Bill came to £200 for 4 of us, so not cheap, Norton House has a fine dining restaurant too, I saw it had 3 rosettes, no main under £20. But its quite corporate, as its close to the airport, lots of air stewards/pilots, lots of blokes in suits with expense accounts. We had good evening though. Then on the way home we passed though Dumfries and Annan, stopped in the local hotel in annan, not worth egulleting! But it filled a hole. But I am keen to try the Linen Room in Dumfries, bit far to go for lunch for me, but what the hell! um, so there you go. I'm off to drown myself in Lemsip.
  4. Thats quite a power chord of places Fisherman, are they all new to you?? You will not be disappointed with Hipping Hall, one of the best places in the north west easily. Punchbowl is more informal, have not eaten there in the evening for quite a while, so do not know if its still as good asit was. Be interested to read your views.
  5. Ummm, I don't know. I don't think they were that busy to warrent staff running up and down stairs, it was a monday so only had a few staff on. I didnt mind eating downstairs, I guess if its busy enough they shove people upstairs too, if you want more a formal do.
  6. Had a very good lunch at Gilpin Lodge on Sunday. THey have just re-furbed their main lounge, and added a bar, all very smart. I had roe deer, then pigeon for main, then an assiette of things, one having a carrot foam, which was quite daring for Gilpin. There was a couple on the table accross from us commenting on how Gilpin was furlongs behind Sharrow Bay, the food is no where near as good and how welcome they are made there and that they go at least 6 times a year. We were honered for them to slum it with us! !! So thumbs up to Gilpin, another privately owned hotel in the lakes not resting on its laurels, every time I go they have spent more money on it. The cooking is quite safe, the clientele is very old money, but everything is first class.
  7. Went to Rogan and Co for lunch today. Thought about putting this in the "Whats the most you have paid for dinner" thread, my bill came to a whopping..........£12! Eggs benedicts and a caramalised pineapple tart with gingerbread ice cream, plus 2 cokes. Excellent value. I can see myself going more often now! Whether or not prices will stay low I don't know? I ate downstairs today, a couple of other people in. Had lunch yesterday at the Dining Room in Rawtenstall, which was good too! Just thought I'd add that, not really worth its own thread (I mean that in the nicest way!) Still looking forawrd to returning to yours Marc soon! But must also try L'Enclume again too.
  8. Glad you liked Linthwaite, it's one of the unsung places in the lakes, their lunch is excellent value, and food always superb, never tried it at night, £48 a head, but they do BOGOFs, so to speak occasionally in the local press. The place is smart, they always seem to be throwing money at it, new wing being finished to add some more rooms. I think DB&B is about £240 upwards a night, per room. All prices on their website are pppn. I cant't reccommend it highly enough. Lots less chintzy then most places in the lakes.
  9. Finally made it to Fraiche today for lunch. I was made very welcome by Marc and his team. I won't go into details as its been covered on here before. I was spoilt by about 14 courses of brilliant cooking and flavours. Hats of to you Marc! One of the best chefs around at the mo, I'm chuffed to have him in the north west! I will try to get back soon. Anyone who could make it there, you should def make the effort, you will not be dissapointed. Big up!
  10. Cafe 21 gets a good name for itself. I hear McCoys at the baltic is a bit hit and miss. Fishermans Lodge (Close to above mentioned jesmond dene hotel) was good when I went a year or two ago. Or you could try Henrys in Tynemouth?? The Black Door has closed, one of newcastles finest, though the team has now re-located to their sister place Brasserie Black Door. It was good when I went, not brilliant, if your based in town, it will be a taxi ride away as its in Jesmond rather than the center, only be 5 mins or so. Hope this kinda helps. Let us know how you get on.
  11. Just past Kirkby towards Skipton, about 10mins down road. I've never had a bad experience there, faultless service, beautiful food, lovely surroundings. It deserves/wants a star no more or less then a few places I can think of. As far as I know, they only do a Sunday Lunch.
  12. One of my personal faves is Hipping Hall. I save going back there for a treat, saying that its been a while now. I really like the Brown horse at Winster for somewhere less formal. I remember having a good meal at Haldanes in Edinburgh about 5 years ago, not so much food or service, just had a really good time. Sigh, seems ages ago now.
  13. I would totally second the Brown Horse. A fantastic pub serving great food. Also try Linthwaite House for lunch, prob the best value lunch in the area, excellent food and lovely surroundings. I can also recommend Rogan and co, see my previous thread!
  14. I have been once, prob about a year and a half ago. We were taking some friends kids out for the day around the lakes. I can't remember much about the menu or anything, think we just had a sarnie each. Its on the top floor of the Lakeland shop, very nice it is too. We were given a buzzer that would tell us when our table would be ready, which was a good idea (So we could carry on buying stuff from downstairs they hoped). There are TV screens above the urinals. Funny what you remember. It didnt strike me as a 'destination'. But Windermere and Bo'Ness are ill served, so it is a good place for lunch. There's Jerichos in Windermere as well, which is alright.
  15. Interesting you should compare it to the Drunken Duck/Punch Bowl. I find both way to £££££ for what you get, espcially the Drunken Duck. I am always a bit confused by them. Are they gastro pubs, restaurants, pub, bar, hotel, restaurant with rooms?? I prefer the Punchbowl of the two. Rogans is more a restaurant, its more focused. I look forward to returning there.
  16. It reminds me of a couple of albums I own, if they just got rid of track 3, 5 and 11, it would have been perfect. I saw that they have taken the old chairs from L'Enclume and put them into Rogans, and stripped the restaurant down so no table cloths, modern wooden seats (that don't look too comfy if I was going to be there for 6 hours). I walked past whilst I was there and noticed some people dining. I thought they were stopping lunch there? Unless they were honoring bookings? When I went, about a year ago, they were still doing ALC, so ended up with 5 courses with amuses, that was spot on (and cheaper ) But asked for a G&T and got a pint of lager
  17. Well, we got the desserts knocked off the price, so was OK in the end I guess. Do you mean my avatar pic?? Do you think it looks a bit forlorn? Shall I find a more springier springer?
  18. You do very well with family meals out. The ones I go to mainly have wacky warehouses attached! Looks typical Northcote. I am sure it was all very tasty, but never any real fireworks. But who cares when it is soooo tasty?? Do your family not mind you snapping pics of their food??
  19. Went today after reschuduling the booking 3 times. Everytime I thought I had a free weekend, something came up! Always the way. I nearly changed the date again as it was Cartmel race weekend, but luckily, the races are only on Sat, Mon and Weds. So arrived and managed to park in the central square of the very picturesque village. Wandered over to near by antiques shop, very smart, lovely stuff in, saw a very nice dresser/bureau, mere snip at £18,000!! Quickly exited. Had quick drink in kings arms, then onto Rogans. This is situated where smart antique shop used to be, they obviously have spent a bit of cash on the place. Wine bar downstairs, with tables that you can eat at as well. View form bar: Downstairs there is the main area, plus one room of to the side with a few more tables in, plus loos. The bar is at the back of the building. Himself had a white wine, I opted for a pineapple juice. Took a seat, then was shown upstairs. This is where the restaurant is, so to speak. There is a smaller bar and small lounge area, then towards the frount, main dining area, and again to the side a smaller room with more covers. Upstairs, probably 40 covers?? I did take a pic, but it came out crap, sorry. So, food. There was 1 menu on. I don't know if this was a lunch menu, or if this was literally it. I think it was 7/7/7 choices, starters £5.25 - £6.25, mains £12 - £18.50. I opted for Roast veal sweetbreads, compote of red onion and truffle viniagrette. This was really tasty, quite liked this actually! Main, I went for Herb crusted halibut, anchovy fritter, asparagus, herb risotto. Again, nice, simple but tasty dish. Came with little pan of risotto. Himself, went for roast beef. They had beef or pork on, for £9.95. Beef was nice and rare. Came with little pan of veg. He didnt fancy any of the starters?! For my dessert, Warm chocolate mousse, with pistachio ice cream and caramel. It was like a melting middle choc pud!! Very gooey in the middle, quite rich. The ice cream was spot on too. His lordship had a cherry and lemon triffle. The food was lovely, the place really smart, it was the service which needs work. There were a few young waitresses, all wearing jeans and rogan and co polo shirts, when we commented that himselfs pudding came out on its own, we watched as his sorbet slowly melted, then 5 mins later my dessert came out, one just said "I do apologise" ie "I couldn't give a badgers ass". Why didnt they send them out together?? There was no frount of house manager or anything. Thats what it needs. Someone to oversee everything, the pacing was a bit slow. But the food was spot on. I was expecting more bistro type affair, but this place holds it own. Def worth checking out if in area. Total bill was around £60 (With 1 bottle of red minus 1 dessert as we mentioned the wait!) It's early days for it though, I for one will be going back soon!
  20. *Also waves* £14.50 for some starters Grazing menu looks interesting.
  21. Blimey, finally opened!! I'll wait for some feed back first, I can picture the type of people propping up the bar. But thumbs up for a new place in town to try. Any feed back from Michael Cains @ abode? (Manchester one!)
  22. Top report! It all looks fab. Its def on my list this year, if possible. Must drop hints to my sister and see if I get a similar treat. Or a Woolworths voucher?
  23. Thanks Erica, I'm not alone! We drove through Fromby and parked up, had a look around since it was a nice day and had a pot of tea in a place called The Gallery Restaurant and grill. It was quite smart inside, menu was pasta/pizza/grills things, not going to set world alight, but if you struggle in area again, check it out, its right in the middle of Formby. Went to the beach with the dogs as well, had it to ourselves, was ace! It is a bit of a desert around those parts.
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