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    Pork Belly

    David, Yeah, not so good. I only cooked a small section of it, so really more gained in knowledge than lost in product. The meat portion of it cooked up wonderfully, but the fat portion just needs more time and care that is just not offered with the PC. I did use Dr. Pepper as my cooking medium and it was quite tasty. Texture was all wrong though. Thanks for the advice. -Mike
  2. I am with you on the cooking temp=core temp approach. It's the only method that I have ever used. I have not had undesirable results yet. OK, besides vegetables. Not overcooking the protein has to be the biggest reason that I started dabbling in SV.
  3. chefjerky

    Pork Belly

    OK, so I've read all of the posts in this thread and unless I missed it, nobody has mentioned using a pressure cooker for their pork belly. Is this a crazy idea? I will be getting some Kurobuta pork belly tomorrow and I plan on trying it. If I'm looking for trouble, somebody let me know.
  4. I collect Saveur, Cook's Illustrated, & Art Culinaire. I too have pack rat syndrome and cannot part with them. They used to be in stacks, constantly falling off of my bookshelves. To remedy that, I purchased a heavy duty three hole punch from an office supply catalog and organized them in large, three ring binders by the year. Of course the Art Culinaires are hard bound already so they are not an issue. I find my self looking at them a lot more now then ever.
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